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This is just one page, of our huge Best Buy guide... We select very carefully the finest products of great value, in almost every category. And we include any really good alternatives, explain normally why our recommendation is the best choice and give some vital advice.
A word to the Companies - It is a great honour, to become a Best Buy in this guide... That mean normally, that your product is superior and give a higher value, than hundreds of your competitors and that's great promotion...
You are also very welcome to send finer pictures, of the models we write about... Plus information (or a review sample) on products we should grade as Best Buy and we respect NDA dates!

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I must first give a very serious WARNING to anyone who plan to buy a car, with a diesel or petrol engine and that include naturally any hybrids... It may actually be illegal to use a classic ICE car (with an Internal Combustion Engine) in a area close to you and especially a diesel car - now, very soon or within max ten years... So if you fall in love with a classic car, may it soon become a very unhappy love affair, because ICE cars may soon be worthless... If no genius begin to design, produce and sell smart adaptable conversions - which "simply" update classic ICE cars to perfect electric cars... That idea was written down by me 2017 and in December 2018 did at least Aston Martin begin to offer electric conversions to some of their classic cars!
That does also mean, that I can't really recommend anyone to buy a classic ICE car and that you should focus on the excellent electric cars I sincerely recommend below!
Then must I also explain that I am not updating this section directly, when a new promising car come out - partly because you get normally the best value, from a car that is one to three years old and is in a "practically new" condition... So you should not buy a brand new car, anyhow. And I mainly use that fact, to collect more deep reviews and check out new cars more carefully, before I recommend them. And the great value on "practically new" cars, is also why I still recommend some excellent models, that not are made anymore!
Then do I recommend the finest choice, of each type and in each price segment, plus any really good alternatives - that has some clear advantage, normally are very good looking and in addition has been tested with fine to excellent results... Plus sometimes a very promising new model, that not yet are tested... The lengths and other measurements, is in the metric system, that is the most common in Europe... And I write in first hand about the extra good qualities / advantages, that make it the Best Buy and point finally out any bad points... So the other aspects are normally average, for that class and you can easy find more specifications in other sites!
One strange problem since 2001 is that many new models had a "new strange design" with several ugly details, as very strange headlights and crazy lines and I almost only recommend good looking models (with max one really ugly part, according to common taste) which now are rather hard to find... But cars with extra fine design, use to be extra fine in almost every other aspect too and we have not yet seen any ugly car, that is a better alternative technically... I suspect that this "new strange design" with ugly details, is a sad result of limited imagination (creativity) and the natural fact, that some very fine looking models, can only become worse - if they absolutely want to change the design, to get a "new" result!!
Click here and email me... If you have NEWS about finer worldwide alternatives, any important information (as extra good qualities or bad points) on the products I recommend and naturally, any finer pictures... You may also click here to see exactly how we work...

Micro Cars Strangely enough can I not find any fine two seats mini car, except Smart and that interesting machine costs almost the same as the next class of cars, that are dramatically more roomy... The cute Smart ForTwo made until 2013 is the result of an unique project between Mercedes and Swatch, that was expected to be a cheap micro with a superior "clock work" engine, but it became too expensive, very slow (first from 18.3sec) and not really revolutionary... The second generation ForTwo model did costs from 110tsek 2013 (slow 15.5sec 0-100 61hp just 4.7litre/100km) 116tsek (ok 13.3sec 71hp 4.7litre/100km) to expensive 142tsek (speedy 10.9sec 84hp 4.9litre/100km) and 2014 got the design rather strange, as almost all Mercedes today... So Kia Picanto or the new or "old" Seat Ibiza below, is a clearly better alternative - even if this car was a bit more fancy... Yes, until 2013 was it still a very sexy micro, great for two and take 150-550 litre luggage!

The fine Mitsubishi Colt, from 2009 version... Click any thumb, to see the big pix!

Mini Cars One of the best options was Mitsubishi Colt made until 2012 that offer modern aggressive exterior lines (from the 2009 version) four roomy seats, almost sport car class performance and a nice clever drivers place, at 123tsek 2012 (speedy 10.4sec 95hp 5.1 litre/100km) and other small cars, use to offer clearly worse performance and a very boring (or rather ugly) drivers place, even at a much higher price...
Then is the finest new mini car, that in addition offer some advantages and even is very sporty Mini One and Cooper that especially is a bit more luxurious and fun, with excellent road handling "like a go cart" and truly sporty performance, from Mini One 160tsek made until 2016 (9.9sec 102hp 4.6litre/100km) or the rather expensive Mini Cooper 194tsek (very sporty 8sec 136hp 4.5litre/100km) and it has also four seats, but the back seats are not made for tall people and the 160 litre boot is tiny, so you may normally use the back seats instead... You find also the CAB in the sport car section. below... Then is the first version, that was made until 2006 and the second made until 2013 almost as fine.
And if you especially want a good looking car at a fine price, is Seat Ibiza that came 2017 simply the best buy, from 148tsek
And the best new alternative, with a rather roomy back seat was Audi A1 from 2011 to 2018 with a delicious modern design, four doors and a nice dashboard, but they are also rather expensive from 169tsek 2016 with the smallest (fine 11.1sec 95hp 4.2 litre/100km) engine... But I don't like the new silly agressive design for 2019 model...
And if you don't mind a bigger car, offer the almost midsize Mazda 3 Axela even more room in the backseat, four doors and wild sharp clean lines, at only 172tsek and you can read more about that car below...
The finest new budget alternative was KIA Picanto from 2011 to 2017 which look clearly better than most small cars (except the more expensive alternatives above) offer a nice backseat for teenagers, has an ok dashboard, a 200 litre boot (or 870 litre if you fold down the backseats) and modest performance (14.4sec 69hp 4.1litre/100km) at 110tsek 2016
And if you prefer a very fine 3 doors Four Wheel Drive car, will you find a Suzuki Vitara made until 2014 below, in the Sporty Luxury SUV section, from only 170tsek 2013... And there was also an even finer 5 door version...
And if you especially want exceptional performance in a very convenient car, is BMW 1-serie M coupe made from 2008 to 2012 the finest alternative, with a truly delicious design and down to 4.9sec (almost ultra sport car class) acceleration with 340hp (straight 6 cylinders, 3 litre turbo, just 9.6 litre/100km) at 495tsek 2012 and every motor journalist that review one, did love this masterpiece in every way - but BMW seem to think it was too wild, or cannibalising too much on their other sport cars, so they did stop making this extreme version... But 2014 did they release 2-serie that offer the same performance, but less elegant design... 1-serie M coupe offer in addition a rather tiny back seat, a roomy boot (compared with other super sport cars) and the most sexy front lights I ever seen... And from 2008 was there also a 135i version that did cost much less, with 306hp and almost the same extreme performance.
And the "old" Seat Ibiza (from spring 2002 to 2008) is still a masterpiece in this class, with every quality of the very nice version it did replace... And it became both very sporty and elegant, at the same time (click the picture to see two BIG ones) and it has also a nice driving place... I could also adjust the driver seat for my 186cm and then sit right "behind myself" in the back seat, with several possible leg positions, so it's rather roomy... And it got good result in EuroNCAP crash test with 26 points... At only 114tsek 2008 (fine 11.9sec 85hp 6.4litre/100km) or 155tsek 2008 (truly sporty 8.4sec 1.8FR 150hp) and this model of Ibiza is actually a sporty Volkswagen Polo / Skoda Fabia (almost every technical part is made in German) with finer design, more luxury equipment and a stronger engine, at a clearly lower price... This smart sporty car, got also "Best car of the year" from British What Car, even if we recommend it first... And the cute "micro" Fiat 500 is a lot more expensive and not more potent... But the Seat Ibiza version that came 2009 had slightly strange exterior lines and an even worse dashboard / instrument panel, so if you want a brand new small car, then is the cars above clearly more interesting...
The sublime Rover 214 which was made until 1998 is possibly the most delicious (you can click the picture to see a BIG one) small car ever built (sporty 9.8sec 109hp 6.7litre/100km) but it has a tighter back seat, than most... And Rover had to close it's factory 2005 because of incredible incompetent new owners, so it can be problem to get service for this model... And the last version Rover 25 that came 1999 has a clearly less elegant drivers place / dashboard and rather ugly front design.

The elegant and sporty Seat Toledo... Click any thumb, to see the Big pictures!

Midsize Cars The finest choice since 2016 is Mazda 3 Axela that came 2014 and offer sexy wild design, great road handling, four doors, a smart hatchback boot of 364 to 1250 litre and rather generous 270cm wheelbase for a nice back seat, at just 170tsek with 120hp or 202tsek (165hp 8.2sec 0.58l/10km)
The finest choice made until 2015 was Seat Toledo that came 2112 as a 2013 model and this sporty sedan offer a rather roomy backseat, four doors, a huge 550 litre boot / trunk which open with the back window and discreetly elegant sharp clean lines, at only 135tsek 2015 (nice 11.9sec 85hp turbocharged) or 160tsek 2015 (sporty 10.3sec 105hp turbocharged 5 litre/100km) five star safety in Euro NCAP and 260cm wheelbase - but this excellent model cost suddenly 170tsek 2016 so Mazda 3 above became a better alternative and the nice dashboard could look even better (especially the all grey version sold in uk, that look ugly) if you compare with dramatically more expensive cars...
Most people think rightly, that you have to pay almost twice as much for a brand new car in this class and an Audi A3 sedan (with its vulgar grill) cost actually from 233tsek 2015... Then has Audi A4 slighly more room in the back seat, but an ugly dashboard and cost from 299tsek 2015... Seat is actually a division of Volkswagen (just as Audi) with more delicious Spanish design, mainly German made mechanical parts and this model is actually built by Skoda, so its an excellent example of perfect European collaboration!

And if you want a clearly more roomy backseat, is Mazda 6 from 2013 the best alternative - with a both wild and elegant design, some smart technology improvements, very generous 283cm wheelbase, a good looking dashboard, precise six-speed manual transmission and excellent road handling in several tests... And from truly sporty to very sporty performance, from 271tsek (2.0 165hp petrol) to 318tsek (7.9sec 2.5 194hp 6.3litre/100km) One review wrote "the brilliant new engines are now in BMW and Audi class" and you get fine smooth ride quality on 17-inch alloy rims (except in one review, who grade it a bit too bumpy and firm - but then can you naturally upgrade the shock absorbers, to whatever you want) and it get as always clearly worse with 19 inch rims. The front seats are very comfortable, according to several reviews and everyone agree that the backseat is very roomy, including an excellent head room - which may surprise considering the sloping roofline... It's also much quieter than before and the road experience is now of "premium" class, just as the feel in controls and interior materials. This car got also five star safety in Euro NCAP - but the steering feels slightly less exact at centre and the 489 litre big boot don't open with the back window, as the "hidden hatchback" in Seat Toledo above... And the slightly more expensive Tesla model 3 is totally superior.
But early 2015 did Ford finally present a totally new version of Ford Mondeo with very elegant lines, clearly "inspired" by Aston Martin, including an almost exact copy of the front and the sexy behind... The first reviews celebrate the smooth drive and excellent road handling, a combination Mondeo already was famous for, but they did improve these important qualities and even if this latest version is a rather big car, is it really fun to drive... They report also that it's very quiet, with barely any wind or road noise at speed... And this new version have in addition a good looking drivers place (many look worse and only a few luxury cars look better) with a 10 inch screen and Sony stereo, very comfortable seats, a very roomy back seat, 285cm wheelbase and it cost from 292tsek with 165hp (9.2sec 5.8litre/100km) petrol engine, so this brand new Mondeo is a truly excellent "family car" (together with Mazda 6 above and the even more elegant Jaguar XE below) and also one of the most elegant four doors sedan, ever made... It is also voted "Best Family Car" in 2015 UK Car of the Year Awards. And this lovely car is also slightly more roomy than Honda Accord and Toyota Carmy, both inside and in the 550 litre boot / trunk, which even open together with the back window... And it's also available as a roomy station, at only 7500 sek more... Then can you also buy this Mondeo with four wheels drive, which only cost 13t sek extra... And they began to sell a twin version of this car 2013 in USA as Ford Fusion (!) that already is a big success and did work as a real life "test bench" for Mondeo. But the wild Mazda 6 above cost little less, the slightly smaller Jaguar XE below is even more elegant from 340t sek and the slightly more expensive Tesla model 3 is totally superior.
Yes, I live for the beauty in life and Aston Martin's own four doors sedan - Rapide - look rather strange at the back doors and have not generous leg room at the rear seats... So Im very happy that someone else use this unique style of design (that many love) and finally made it almost perfect... But the front lights on Jaguar XE look even finer... And I hope Mercedes (that gone crazy lately) will try to make an even better masterpiece - because the most elegant four doors cars, was their speciality... But now look Mazda 6 above, just as Mercedes should look!
Then was the 2007 to 2010 version of VW Passat (truly sporty 9.4sec 2.0 litre 150hp) at 250tsek 2010 a very good looking alternative, that is exceptional big inside with 6cm in front of my knees in the back seat... But the dashboard / instrument panel are a bit boring... And this car was also available as a roomy station, at only 8tsek more...

Luxury Cars, with four doors Begin with the completely new "mid size" masterpiece Jaguar XE that came early 2015 with a very elegant sharp muscular design, rather similar to Tesla Model S below, but even finer... At least six big car magazines did test drive pre production prototypes January 28 and they did write (with different words) that Jaguar give both a lovely comfortable ride, even on rough roads and offer an excellent road handling, which they grade as slightly to clearly superior to BMW 3-series, which Jaguar XE actually is build to outshine in every vital way... And it is the best looking four doors sedan ever made, according to my taste and many test drivers (some wrote it look even better in real life) even if I personally want some fine wood inside... The light weight and exceptional strong body is built to 75% of high grade aluminium... And this luxury sedan has a generous 284cm wheelbase (which give a rather roomy back seat) rear wheel drive and engines from 200hp petrol at 361tsek, to 380hp (5sec) at 554tsek... So you get both a more luxurious and sophisticated car, in many ways - if you compare with BMW 3 series or Audi A4 and Jaguar XE cost anyhow about the same, with the same equipment... But the 450 litre trunk is slightly smaller (30 less than BMW 3 series) and Tesla model 3 does naturally kill this lovely car, with its superior electric technology and about the same price, for the different versions!

Click any thumb, to see the really big pictures...

The finest pictures I could find anywhere (!) of the elegant and sporty Jaguar X-type

Before Jaguar XE was the amazing Jaguar X-type the finest "mid size" alternative and this excellent machine, was made 2002 to 2009 with a very elegant design and truly superior road handling (better than BMW with very exact steering and fine 4w drive, which drive 60% at rear) according to several reviews... And even the sport model is very comfortable on the road... Partly because X-type was partly based on Ford Mondeo's celebrated chassis, which then was refined in many ways... This dream car has in addition a sexy engine sound, superb manual gearbox, 452 litres big boot, the back seat is rather roomy with some space in front of my knees (even when I set the driver seat for my 186cm) and it offer also excellent value, from 345tsek 2009 (truly sporty 8.3sec 4wd 194hp 2.5 V6) to 413tsek 2009 (almost super sport 7.0sec 4wd 231hp 3.0 V6) and it was also available as a roomy and very elegant station, at just 17tsek more... Compare that with the ugly BMW 523i (same room 8.5sec 2wd) at 341tsek 2009 with just basic equipment, or the partly ugly Mercedes C 350 (6.4sec 4wd) at 489tsek 2009 with some basic equippment...

Click any thumb, to see the really big pictures...

The last and first version of the delicious "retro style" Jaguar S-type

Then is the glorious Jaguar S-type (made 1998 to 2007) slightly bigger than X-type, even in the very comfortable back seat and has a delicious retro design, that was updated in many ways for the 2002 model, from 466tsek 2007 (very sporty 7.6sec 243hp 3.0 V6) to 544tsek 2007 (super sport class 5.6sec 395hp 4.2 V8) and this is my favourite four doors saloon, together with X-type...
And you can now buy this delicious masterpiece or X-type, even in perfect "as new" condition, at amazingly low prices - because people think that a second hand Jaguar would cost too much, so they simply don't look and the sellers have to set crazy low prices!!
And the very good looking "replacement" Jaguar XF which came 2007 had first crazy much raw aluminium in the dashboard / instrument panel (according to my taste) which was made better 2015 even if it don't offer wood and the second generation offer also a very generous 296cm wheelbase, from 398tsek to 670tsek with 380hp, so XF is from 2015 a great alternative to Jaguar XE at almost the same price!
And finally was the finest classic version of Jaguar XJ a great evolution, made 2003 to 2009 with aluminium body and even more generous leg space in the back seat (almost as Bentley below) from 626tsek 2009 (very sporty 8.1sec 243hp 3.0 V6) to 727tsek 2009 (super sport class 5.3sec 395hp 4.2 V8) and you could also get this model 12.5cm longer and totally 522cm, at 1034tsek 2009... The perfect choice for a discreet and successful businessman, who prefer a driver...
And the very different version of XJ that came 2010 could look even better - if it not was for the amazingly ugly rear lights, the less luxurios drivers place and the strange windshield, that simply disqualify that version!
Jaguar has also higher quality, since S-type and later (with clearly less problems, according to the owners) than both BMW and Mercedes.

Click any thumb, to see the Big pictures...

Tesla Model S

And finally came Tesla Model S and become the most amazing luxury car ever made, with a great margin... Okay, the smart dashboard / instrument panel has some strange aluminium decor frames and does not look very elegant - but everything else is state of the art, with this superior masterpiece of innovative technology...

Then came the four doors "buget" sedan Tesla model 3 which actually has some clear advantages, are also very luxurious and is only 6% shorter... But you have more luxury options for Model S and you can read more about Model 3 in next part...

Following is a compact list of Tesla Model S main advantages...
Tesla Model S is completely electric and even the least expensive version (with 75kWh batteries, that last 417 km) has both a longer range / reach and offer higher performance (clearly super sport class 4.4sec or 0-60mph in 4.2sec) than any other alternative in the world... And they have also a 296cm long wheelbase, which guarantee a roomy back seat, that most other electric cars don't have.
Model S with the strongest 85kWh battery year 2016 did officially last 306 miles or 480 km or exceptionally 405 miles, driven in a normal way by a dad and his son.
And the slowest version, Tesla Model S 75D accelerates 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds or 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) in 4.2 seconds... Under 10 sec is truly sport car class, under 6 sec consider to be super sport and under 4 sec is what I call "ultra sport class" performance... So it's clearly faster than BMW 5 M550d xdrive with 2cm longer wheelbase (but BMW has longer hood and less interior space) which costs 803.000 sek 2019 without any normal extras and go 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds!
The first roadster, Tesla model S and X use a very advanced type of electric motor, called 4 pole 3 phase AC induction motor - which is 83% efficient, extremely reliable and actually was invented 1889 by the famous Nikola Tesla... This almost unique kind of electric motor has no magnets, but they can anyhow create very strong magnetic fields... And no other car maker, did use this kind of electric motor 2016 but that may naturally change in the future... But for Tesla model 3 did they anyhow change to a fine new version of a "classic" electric motor with tiny permanent magnets, they call "Three phase, Six pole, Internal Partial Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor" or shortly "PMSRM" based on the "switched reluctance" principle that was invented 1838 but first now got dramatically refined by Tesla, with some smaller thin permanent magnets in the stator (not the rotor, as normal electric motors) and extra sophisticated electronic controls... And the result is a totally unique smaller motor, which cost less to build, are extremely reliable and especially is 89% efficient, in the complete drivetrain.
And the drivetrain in all Tesla cars, are actually made to last over 1 million miles (1 609 344 km) and they did show pictures of the perfect test result 2018 with no visible wear.
Tesla Model S has also a very low centre of gravity, of only 17.5 inches above ground. Which compete with the finest super sport cars and give superior road handling in it's class. That create also much less "tilt" in corners and a more comfortable experience for the passengers.
The active air suspension (which cost extra in Model 3) creates in addition a more comfortable ride.
Then has Model S a near 50-50 weight distribution and rear wheel drive, which is ideal for high performance road handling.
You could first charge it for free, at Tesla super charging stations and even when you pay for the electricity, is the "fuel cost" 75 to 66 percent lower than any other type of car.
And you don't have to worry about replacing the main battery, they have first a very generous 8 years guarantee and they will normally last much longer... The guarantee is also with unlimited miles, except for Model 3 that have 8 years or max 200.000 km... And in August 2016 did the taxi company Tesloop report 194.000 miles on the first battery, with only 6% reduced range and they did then continue to drive that Model S 90D over 440.000 miles... And in December 2018 did the private driver Hansjörg Gemmingen pass 466.030 miles or 750.000 km with a Model S P85 and in June 2018 did a Model X pass 300.000 miles (!) or 483.000 km using the original battery, which lost 12% range the first 9 months and after that did it only go down to 12.6% in lost capacity... Then did another X also reach 300.000 miles and that one lost only 10% range... You can also view - Tesla High Mileage Leaderboard - but note that only a few high mileage owner report there... There are for example several taxi companies in Stockholm Sweden that mainly use Tesla cars... But you could anyhow see that in January 2019 was it at least six Tesla cars that run over 300.000 miles which actually is over 30 years of 10.000 miles or 16.100 km driving... And that at least 13 Tesla run over 200.000 miles (or 322.000 km) which also is the normal life span for a premium ICE car...
And about the future price of the battery pack... Four different insiders did report 2018 that a battery pack cost now from 11.000 usd (according to Tesla 2017 for 60kWh in Model 3) to 23.000 usd for 100kWh... So the biggest battery cost clearly less today, than a new high performance BMW M5 petrol engine, that normally need replacement after 200.000 to 300.000 miles and did cost 25.000 usd... But note that the battery pack become clearly cheaper, each year and a performance engine, will naturally be more expensive 20 years from now... Yes, one battery should last just as long and will especially cost a lot less, compared with a new high performance engine and the very expensive renovating, you need for an old ICE car... Or cost dramatically less, than a completely new car... Because if you want to keep and maintain a fine ICE car after the ordinary 15 to 25 years lifespan, must you also begin to replace many rusty body parts, many other worn out parts (which only was made to last 20 years) and finally the very expensive transmission after 600.000 miles... And you must naturally consider all costs on both sides, if you compare fairly.
And Tesla have naturally regenerative breaking, which simply use the electric motors as very effective generators and charge the main battery, everytime you slow down... So you almost never have to use the classic brakes and the brake pads don't need to be replaced every year.
Then have Tesla Model S only 10% as many mechanical parts... And the few consumable / replacement parts (except the tires) are also selected or specially made to last dramatically longer than in other cars... Some parts that normally last just 5 to 10 years, are simply made of different materials and last then over 50 years... And some last practically forever...
And the most amazing fact, is that every Tesla is actually carefully constructed to last a lifetime or 100 years (!) except the tires and some extra long life consumables, as the battery pack... Yes, Musk said both a lifetime and 100 years at different times... And it's only Tesla who have this very special ambition, to both save the natural resources and be as friendly to the environment as possible... This unique concept is also one of the main reasons why Tesla build cars and so natural for everyone who work at Tesla, that I guess they simply got "home blind" and forget to inform people about this extremely valuable fact, even if most sellers (including most sellers of other cars) know about this construction concept...
And the most strange result, is that most Tesla owners don't know this... But Elon Musk use to say something about this unique great green principle, every time he presents a new model... And this concept is also the reason why the very elegant design, actually are very discreet (without the ordinary trendy decoration details) so the car will be max "timeless" and why the exceptional safe body of Model S and X are made of aluminium... And why model 3 mainly is made of extra protected steel, plus a lot of aluminium... And why the drivetrain (which naturally take the most intense abuse) really are built and tested to last over one MILLION miles (or over 1.610.000 km) to make it last as long as the main car... Yes, some private Tesla has already been driven over 450.000 miles and many taxi Tesla has been driven 300.000 miles on the original battery... You can compare that with a BMW M5 engine that cost more and use to die at 200-300k miles, as I wrote more about above...
Tesla did also offer some customers to buy a lifetime insurance and maintenance package, at the time of purchase... Like a one time investment... And that would absolutely NOT be possible, without unique lifetime or 100 years construction concept... "We've been doing it quietly" was Tesla President of Global Sales and Service Jonathan McNeill explaining in an earning call 2017 and in Asia was a majority of Tesla cars sold with this package... And they did plan to offer this to every customer, sometime in the future.
But the worst effect of Tesla's "home blind" silence, is that many will buy nice looking electric cars from other companies, that really seem to be good alternatives - but they are only built to last about 20 years (with very careful and expensive maintenance) just as today's cars, according to honest tech people I personally talked with at VW, Audi, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes... And Jaguar don't mention anything else, so I guess they simply do the same, just as all the Asian car makers... That construction principle has even a business name - planned obsolescence - and is the only reason you always have to change light bulbs... They simply want you to buy a new car, as soon as possible and when all other car makers (except Tesla) make cars that normally last 15 to 25 years, why not do the same and possible sell more cars? So they absolutely don't want to compete with Tesla, in that vital way and hope they can continue to sell cars, that die extra fast... But that is naturally a false logic, because Tesla can simply sell a lot more "lifetime cars" to different people and make a lot more money that way... And at the same time, make many more go electric... And after 80 to 100 years, can they also begin to sell new cars to many millions of extremely satisfied customers.
Another BIG problem with this, is that many owners think that a Tesla has a rather normal lifespan and believe that the car will begin to break down, like other cars, after about 200.000 miles or 20 years and because of that major misunderstanding, sell their Tesla too cheap!
But you know this now, more and more people will discover this, especially when they see how fresh "incredible old" Tesla cars are and Tesla's super long lifespan is ONLY GOOD for you... The main benefit is that the first 20 years (a normal cars life) will only cost you about 40% of the price and the next 20 years, cost you about 15% of the initial investment and then will it continue like that... You can also sell the amazingly fresh car, at an extra high price (compared to any other maker) after 10 or 30 or 60 years IF you really want another Tesla... Yes, Tesla and many other companies will naturally offer more and more delicious updates, for your car... So you can very easily keep your lovely Tesla ultra modern and super fresh, almost forever... And that may cost you from almost nothing to 22% if you for example want both a new computer system and new first class seats, compared with buying a completely new Tesla... Because you surely NOT want another brand, that dies just after 15 to 25 years!
Now have many Tesla owner NOT discover those facts, yet... But Tesla Model S keep anyhow it's value better than any other premium cars, according to Autolist USA study in November 2018 with only 27% lost on average at 50k miles and 46% at 100k miles... And Mercedes S class, Panamera, Lexus LS 460, Audi A7 BMW 7 and Jaguar XJ lost 34% to 45% after 50k miles and 53% to 69% at 100k miles... And Tesla model X lost only 23% at 50k while BMW X5 lost 37% at 50k miles.
Tesla Model S was also the safest car ever produced (until Model 3 came) with 5 stars rating of every aspect, plus four extra stars... Model S is actually so structurally sound, that the NHTSA's roof crush resistance testing machine broke when they tried to test the Model S under it. Model S's roof crush resistance is over twice the requirement by the NHTSA.
And since 2016 got Model S a new advanced Autopilot functionality and even with the first version that came 2014, was it clearly safer to let the autopilot drive the car and just adjust the route... The autopilot has since then become a lot more advanced and 2019 was it almost twice as safe (even in early winter weather) with one accident first after 2.91 million miles, compared with after 1.58 million miles at manual driving... Then is autopilot naturally even safer in fog and darkness... And the overall average (of all cars including Tesla) is one accident every 436,000 miles... So a Tesla has 6 times less accidents on autopilot and 4 times less driven manually, probably because of Teslas excellent road handling.
The elegant four door sedan, has a 196cm long wheelbase and generous room for five adults, plus two optional extra seats for kids.
Model S has also the most cargo space (up to 31.6 cubic feet or 745-1645 litre in the back) of any car in its class... And the 60 or 150 litre front trunk can fit a whole person or two big golf bags. The car can also fit a bike, one 55" screen TV and a surfboard inside, all at once.
The very advanced infotainment system is very intuitive / easy to use and get often updated by air, with finer functions. The generous size of the 17 inch screen (another biggest) make naturally everything more easy to read, find and handle.
And Tesla Model S is also a truly elegant car, with a very rare "timeless" design (without trendy decor details) clearly inspired by Aston Martin.
It had also the lowest drag coefficient (wind resistance) at 0.24 of any production car, until Model 3 came.
And the largest panoramic sunroof of any production car.
Tesla Model S was the first electric vehicle to ever receive Motortrend's Car of the Year Award - one of the most desirable in the automobile industry. Tesla Model S also got the Autocar Car of the Year Award, the Yahoo! Auto award and a consistent string of positive reviews.
The Tesla Model S made even more dramatic headlines when Consumer Reports, America's leading consumer ratings magazine, announced that the Model S they had scored 99 out of a possible 100 points, the best score in the magazine's 80-year history. When the magazine upgraded to a P85D, the new car broke both the record and the scoring system with an unprecedented 103 points.
But despite the high rating, did Consumer Reports refuse to give the Model S a "recommended" rating because of inital reliability problems... They surveyed 1,400 Tesla owners and found reports of frequent issues ranging from bad drive motors to leaky sunroofs, enough to rate its reliability as "worse than average" even if many owners also noted that Tesla was very quick to repair or fix everything... And despite the temporary first generation problems, did 97% of the owners declare that they will buy another Tesla next time.
But a Tesla model S 75D with all this excellence costs 937tsek (awd 4,4sec max 417km) the 6% shorter Model 3 cost from only 400tsek (see more about that version below) 100D cost 1211tsek (awd 3,8sec max 536km) and P100D cost 1560tsek (awd 2,4sec max 536km) with Ludicrous plus mode activated, which naturally look expensive...
But you should then remember that every Tesla actually are carefully constructed to last 100 years (as I explain above) while other makers normally have a 20 years goal (with exact and expensive maintenance) so one Tesla should last as 3 to five normal cars... And you will naturally be able to buy even finer updates, of the technology and any part that not look pristine anymore, both directly from Tesla and other makers, so your Tesla can always stay ultra modern and very fresh... And even if you don't want to keep a Tesla for 100 years, will the second hand value be extremely high... So you can simply divide the high first / initial price with 3 to five... And note also that other premium cars, with the same wheelbase (size segment) the normal extra equipment and almost the same performance, costs from clearly more (as Teslas first cost) to dramatically more...
And when Motor Trend did test a standrad P100D did it only need 2,28 seconds and it does the drag racing quarter mile (404 meters) on amazingly low 10.5 seconds... That is actually faster than ANY other mass production car (including street legal ultra sport cars) according to Motor Trend...
But the smart dashboard / instrument panel of model S has some strange aluminium decor frames (since the first version) and does not look very elegant, as I wrote in the beginning... So Tesla Model 3 below, the older Jaguar X-type or S-type above and especially the Bentley below, have a clear advantage in that minor to very important (depending on your personal taste) aspect of design!

Then came the even more amazing four doors luxury sedan Tesla Model 3 which Tesla did present in 31 Mars 2016 and that delicious masterpiece will only cost from 35.000 usd or about 400tsek (with 346km range and before any government rebate) when the USA delivery of the basic model 3 start in 2019... Before that magic moment, can you buy the medium (slightly more expensive) long range and performance versions of model 3 in USA and they did finally deliver the first car 2017 in USA and Model 3 will come 2019 to many other countries... They got 180.000 reservations (with 1000 usd deposit) the first day... And over 373.000 in 3 weeks... Which both are wold records... The building of the car and battery factories, did then go faster than plan and Tesla hope to deliver more than 500.000 cars every year from 2019... They began building more prototypes, to test the manufacturing processes, in early February 2017 and they did build some early "release candidates" in late Mars, which actually are complete pre-production cars, of way higher quality than the first model S and they was almost entirely built with final production tooling...
Model 3 offer especially a dramatically lower price and anyhow a long range battery, of 215 miles or 346km and most of the luxurious Model S advantages, including basically the same delicate timeless design style and a huge sunroof... Yes, Model 3 is only 6 percent shorter (!) than Model S which are 498cm or 196 inch long... And Model 3 is actually 469cm or 184.8 inch long...
And even the luxurious budget version will have close to super sport performance, going from 0-100 in 5,6sec and 0-60mph under explosive 6 sec... And some owner report ultra sporty 4.4 sec, with the 4 wheel drive version...
Then will Model 3 also have a very generous 288cm wheelbase (model S offer 296cm) and actually exactly the same length of the seating area as model S which mean you get slightly better space than in BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Mercedes E class - at a clearly lower price, when you compare models with the same high performance and equipment... But the direct cargo space is instead smaller and totally 15 cubic feet (maybe without folding) with 425 litre in the back and 85 litre in the front... Model S offer 31.6 cubic feet, but Audi A4 and BMW M3 offer only 13 cubic feet... The trunk opening is also bigger than Volvo 60, BMW M3 and Audi A4 with 106x47cm... And the divided back seats, can also be folded flat and have then room for a bicycle or two 200cm long men.
Remember also that other cars are made to last about 20 years (with very careful and expensive maintenance) and all Tesla cars are "made to last a lifetime" or 100 years, except the tires and a few extra long life consumable / replacement parts...
But otherwise can you already find up to 11 electric alternatives, that will "come soon" with about the same price and range - but then must you accept a clearly less elegant to plain ugly car, that normally is much smaller, have bad to moderate "performance" and die after 20 years... I present also some of the alternative below...
Then have Model 3 also an even lower drag coefficient (wind resistance) at 0.21 than Model S which offer 0.24 and that was the lowest of any production car... The first cars got "only" two wheels drive at back, but now can you select optional All Wheels Drive, which then will cost very little extra and in addition offer even higher performance... And then can you also get air suspension, if you pay extra, with dynamic ride height adjustment... You can also begin with a basic version and activate the autopilot functionality later... Then will this model mainly be built in fine corrosion protected steel (not mainly aluminium as Model S are) but Elon Musk did promise that model 3 anyhow should last over 100 years... And the name could sadly not be Model E as they first plan, because Ford own that as a trademark for cars... Yes, the original idea was actually to have the model names S, E and X and they did even secure Y for a future SUV version of model 3 which will be Teslas next model... But they did actually write 3 with three lines, just as they write E in tesla and get the vision of S E X Y anyhow *hehe*
BBC Top Gear wrote in Mars 2018 that Model 3 "never feels anything less than enthusiastically fast" close to BMW M3 and that the middle setting for the steering (with zero slack) feels best... Plus "the whole car feels tight, alert and moves as one solid unit.. ..a whole league nimbler than the Model S" and "The sensation is firmness, but well damped firmness" and "Drop the back seats and a double blow up mattress slots in perfectly" and "A few more superchargers (there was 2016 over 8500 chargers in 1100 locations globally) and it could realistically be your only car" and they wrote finally "it's a triumph, if only they could figure out how to build them quicker and that's because beyond the hype is a truly well-engineered car, with a frisson of excitement inside and outside the car"
And in September 2018 did Tesla deliver over twice as many model 3 in USA than any other brand, in the premium to luxury sedan car class... 24.040 compared with 11,131 of Mercedes C/CLA/CLS/E class 10.889 of BMW 2+3+4+4 series 7713 of Lexus ES/GS/IS/RC and 7578 of Audi A3+4+5+6... And Tesla did actually deliver more Model 3 in USA than any other car models of any class, except Honda Civic and the 2 family cars Honda Accord and Toyota Camry... And 15 November 2018 was it a half million Tesla cars globally, which been driving 10 billion electric miles and they continue to drive about 20 million miles, every day... And the last tree months of 2018 did they deliver 63.150 model 3 and totally 90.700 cars.
Then came the exciting "Tesla model 3 Performance" version at 69tsek (0-60mph 3.5sec) and November 8th 2018 a "track Mode" effectively that turn Tesla model 3 Performance to a killer machine, with faster lap times than BMW M3 that cost from 739tsek (without extra equipment) and especially the legendary Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio (the fastest street legal 4 doors car around Nürburgring since 2015 with 7min 32sec) that also cost from 739tsek!!
And at the Global Time Attack Super Lap event at Buttonwillow raceway (a lap time race for street legal cars) 11 November 2018 did a Tesla Model 3 Performance (with track mode) first get the fastest lap time of 1:59.1 and then came the official driver on second place... But the another driver (of a heavily modified Subaru) protested that "electricity is not listed as an approved fuel" and the almost winning Tesla driver got disqualified, said the epic words "You can't stop the future" and was then taken down from the winners podium!
And 13 November 2018 did Elon Musk reveal that Tesla manage to clearly improve the design of the battery cells, so they will especially get "lighter, better, cheaper" and they will probably reach volume production at the beginning of 2019

The only real electric competition comes from the sexy Jaguar i-Pace (awd 4,8sec 377km or 234 miles epa range) that cost from 850tsek and have a generous 299cm wheelbase, so Tesla model 3 is maybe little less roomy inside... But an i-Pace cost over twice as much than model 3, then is it only 91% as effective as Tesla Model X and there are practically no Jaguar super charger stations...
And there are no real alternatives, because the rather cute 4 meters short BMW i3 (nice 6,9sec) has only 247cm wheelbase and cost anyhow from 419tsek, with batteries that last max 345km... The slightly bigger Renault Zoe are slow (11,4sec) look only ok, has 259cm wheelbase, cost 350tsek and last about 300km... Then will the fine looking mini car Chevrolet Bolt cost about 37.500 usd late 2016 and have a range of 200 miles... Yes, it is naturally smart to build small (and especially light) electric cars, but the cars above are higher instead and weight then about the same... Finally last Hyundai Ioniq electric only 200km, have just a 270cm wheelbase , not great looks and cost 398tsek... And Tesla manage mysteriously to create true masterpieces, that kill the competition - with great range, very roomy delicious design and amazing performance, at relatively low prices!

Click any thumb, to see the really Big pictures..

The magnificent dashboard and centre console, of the first Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur - Photos by Linus Pröjtz / Teknikens Värld

Then has the first generation of Bentley Continental Flying Spur made until 2012 a few very special qualities, like the most impressive centre console I ever seen and state of the art brakes... This magnificent four doors saloon, that is 531cm long and has very generous leg room in the back seat, offer almost performance like a super sport car and excellent road handling, even in very difficult conditions, with help of a sophisticated four wheels drive and air suspension... Then does the fastest sedan in the world (at least 2005-2007) include almost every possible luxury as standard equipment - as seven choices of wood veneer, memory for three drivers and four climate zones... And even if I prefer the clearly more elegant Jaguar's above, mainly because the head and tail lights look rather strange, has the "old" Flying Spur almost finer lines than the clumsy but very impressive Rolls Royce Phantom (0-100 in super sport class 5.2sec, top speed 312 to 325km/h, 560hp 6 litre V12 twin turbo) at 1871tsek 2011...
And that price was amazingly low, if you compare with about the double for Rolls Royce Phantom or the amazingly ugly Maybach 57 which both are clearly slower - but this Bentley became anyhow very old, rather ugly and too expensive, when we compare with the masterpiece from Tesla above...
And we would possible replace this recomendation with Porsche Panamera (which also look a bit strange, like a sleeping panther) but Tesla is totally superiour in the class of truly luxurious cars, with four doors and ultra performance, even if it cost clearly less (at the same total performance) even if Panamera was the fastest four door sedan around Nürburgring Nordschleife 2008 to 2014 with a time of 7 minutes and 56 seconds... Until the new sexy Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio for 739tsek (ultra sport 3.9sec 510hp 1524kg) become the fastest mass produced four door sedan 2015 with amazing 7 minutes 32 seconds, as it latest record... But a standard Tesla model S 85kw offer first superior acceleration and have done Nürburgring is 8 minute 50 seconds (by a private driver nd in heavy trafic) even if the active speed reduction (to save the battery from any possible damage) did slow it down after 4 minutes... And that is also is in super sport class!

Midsize Family Vans Volkswagen Touran TSI 150 look nice, has a rather nice dashboard / instrument panel, offer fine road handling and truly sporty performance, at 259tsek 2015 (8.9sec 150hp 5.4litre100km) so it was possible the best alternative, but they have only diesel engines 2018...
Then look Ford C-Max also very nice, offers fine road handling and sporty performance (about 10sec 150hp petrol) at 252tsek - but the last versions dashboard / instrument panel look rather silly and that make this car a bit hard to recommend, even if it otherwise may be great in this class...

Big Family Vans Ford Galaxy Costs little more, than the very similar S-Max - but are even bigger and offer a very impressive dashboard / instrument panel and rather elegant design, especialy for a family van... What Car and other magazines grade this model, as clearly the best in it's class... And it costs "only" 303tsek (9,9sec 160hp petrol) with AC and captains chairs!
Then is the "old" Citroen Evasion (replaced with the C8 model, with a strange space inspired dashboard / instrument panel) smart and elegant, with truly sporty performance (10.1sec 150hp) and more roomy inside than the bigger alternatives, at only 180tsek for the last 2002 model... My friend bought two, on my recommendation and he was completely satisfied... Especially with the elegant modern style, fine quality and delicate road handling... You could also buy the sister model Peugeot 806 which is more expensive, or the slower Fiat Elysse...

Sporty Luxury SUV of midsize The finest buget alternative seem to be Seat Arona with elegant modern lines and 257cm wheelbase, from 170tsek (90hp petrol) or 185tsek (115hp) or the slightly bigger Seat Ateca which also have elegant modern lines, but 263cm wheelbase, from 215tsek (115hp petrol) or 310tsek (awd 7,4sec 190hp)

The very elegant Suzuki Grand Vitara 5 door... Click any pix, for more and bigger pictures!

And before that was the elegant Suzuki Grand Vitara 5 door made since 2006 to 2014 the finest alternative with a delicious design, including the elegant drivers place, an excellent 4w drive system (in USA could you get 2w drive, or simple to advanced 4w drive) and it got top results, by many fine car magazines... It is also the most reliable modern SUV and have the lowest repair costs, according to a study made 2011 by insurance company WarrantyDirect... The 264cm wheelbase give you also generous leg room in the back seat (with a convenient 60/40 split) it take 398 to 1386 litre luggage and the car is 430cm long (only 51cm shorter with 5 seats, than Volvo XC90 with 7 seats) at only 220tsek 2014 (fine 11.7sec 2.4 litre 166hp 8.8mix/litre/100km) with CD radio, speed and ACC climate control, plus more... Then has this masterpiece extra rigid structural components, formed and welded directly to the body, which give the same strength as a classic "truck frame" at a much lower weight... It has also independent suspension, for comfortable handling and is built to handle the 185hp V6 you normally get in USA - but the other engines are slightly more raw and noisy than avarage, according to one car magazine and the bigger Volvo XC90 is even more luxurious inside, at a dramatically higher price...
Then was that great version, replaced 2015 with Suzuki Vitara 5 door 4x4 that have a slightly strange design, with more plastic details and just 250cm wheelbase, at rather expensive 210tsek (ok 12sec 1,6 litre 120hp 5.6mix/litre/100km) so it got clearly less fuel consumption, because of it's smaller size and much lower weight... But Seat Arone above, seem to be a better alternative.

The elegant and sporty Suzuki Grand Vitara 3 door... Click any pix, for bigger pictures!

Then is the sporty Suzuki Grand Vitara 3 door made until 2014 a 43cm shorter alternative, with mainly the same design and ok leg room in the back seat (that fold with 50/50 split) plus 184 to 964 litre storage, from only 170tsek 2013 (ok 14.4sec 1,6 litre 106hp 8.2mix/litre/100km) to 200tsek (fine 11.2sec 2.4 litre 166hp 8.8mix/litre/100km) with CD radio and ACC climate control.

The big, smart and luxurious Volvo XC90 Click any pix, for more and bigger pictures!

Big Sporty Luxury SUV The big and luxurious Volvo XC90 D5 AWD made until 2014 from 429tsek 2013 (sporty 10.3sec 2.4litre 200hp Diesel) was completely superior, in almost every aspect and especially the excellent road handling... But you can not get this car with very sporty performance, anymore... You can anyhow get 2 more and totally 7 comfortable seats, for 15tsek more... Then is the driving place both smart and very elegant... And the "old" XC90 was the safest alternative, with many unique advantages, both when you drive and if you have an accident... But some other, has even better off road qualities and this masterpiece was rather expensive, even if it's smarter...
Then came an even finer version 2015 that unfortunately happen to be very expensive (from 598tsek 2015) costing dramatically more than the clearly finer Jaguar F-Pace below and almost the same as Range Rover Sport (which also are too expensive, but more classy) so following alternatives are slightly smarter...
So Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI was a finer alternative, until Jaguar F-Pace below came... Tuareg was originally based on the same chassis as Porsche Cayenne and did look really fine until 2010 - but the new model look also rather fine, even if I don't like the leaning head lights and it has a very good looking dashboard / instrument panel, at 530tsek 2015 (very sporty 7.3sec 262hp V6 diesel) But the first version did handle many off road situations much worse than the competition (according to a deep Swedish test) and had a less elegant dashboard / instrument panel than Volvo and the last version that came 2018 look a bit silly...
Then was Jaguar F-pace that came 2016 simply the most delicious luxury SUV ever made (and actually made by the same company that make Range Rover) with the same sexy back lights as F-type (as Jaguar XE should got) a very nice drivers place, generous 287 wheelbase, smart 4+20+40 back seat and actually more performance than you need, from only 472tsek (awd clearly sporty 8.7sec 180hp diesel mix 5.2litre/100km) and 564tsek (awd almost super sport 6.2sec 300hp petrol) and the first five test drivers, from different magazines LOVE it's road handling and everything else... They did naturally compare this masterpiece with the success Porsche Macan, but this one is superior and Jaguar did actually design F-Pace to beat Macan in every way.
But Alfa Romeo Stelvio that came 2017 look slightly more sporty, with very musclar lines, generous 282cm wheelbase and cost less, from 439tsek (awd 200hk petrol) or are even faster at 830tsek (awd ultra sporty 3,8sec 520hk v6 and only 7m52s at Nüburgring, a world record for any SUV) with 282 wheelbase!
And even Land Rover Discovery Sport that came 2016 is rather roomy with 274cm wheelbase and a very elegant luxury suv alternative, at a slightly lower cost from 436tsek (awd about 7,5sec 240hk petrol)

The cute Mini Cabrio / Convertible... The last pix is the first "old" version... Click any pix bigger!

Sport Cars The finest low cost alternative (with a back seat) is the cute Mini Cabrio / Convertible that is very luxurious, offer excellent road handling "like a go-kart" many delicious design details and 4 real seats, including a very comfortable drivers seat and two back seats, which are fine for short friends... Okay, one tall friend can naturally sit behind a short and if both are tall in the front seats, can one more tall simply sit a bit sideways in the back seat... Then have most other sport cars, no back seats at all and a few have just enough room for tiny kids... And the "One" model did only costs from 190tsek 2015 (fine 11.3sec 98hp mix5.7litre/100km) and the current "Cooper" version costs from 253tsek (truly sporty 8.8sec 136hp 5.1 litre/100km) so they are actually true luxury cars, at a very low cost... Then is the fabric hood / roof with a rear window of glass, very well made and especially the second version that came 2009 - so it's practically free from extra wind noise (we recommend anyhow a good test drive before you buy) look also very good closed (just as before) fold down electro-hydraulic and fully automatic, after a smart open "sunroof" pause and it just reduce the 160 litre boot to 125 litre... And you can naturally use the back seats, instead of the tiny luggage compartment... And finally did the boot grow to 195 litre 2016
But then came 2015 the amazing new Mazda MX-5 Miata which is a real open sport car in every way - with 2 seats and a completely new, rather wild and truly delicious design by Masashi Nakayama... Yes, the older MX-5 versions did look mainly cute - but the new 2015 version look actually amazing (with some vital lines stolen from the ultra sexy Jaguar F-type, which cost three times more) and offer many sophisticated advantages, so it is suddenly the smartest sport car ever made, from just 247tsek (0-100 very sporty 8,3sec 132hp) to 266tsek (almost super sporty 6,5sec 185hp) plus a sport version with some wilder equipment... And I have read three tests done in Spain and Road & Track wrote for example "it's entirely superiour to nearly every other sporting viehicle on the market" so they simply did LOVE this mastepiece road handling and delicate design... And yes, this great little sport car is mainly a modern version (with wilder design and a clearly lower price) of next alternative!
The slim line Honda S2000 which was made until 2009 did give you open modern elegance, excellent road handling and almost super sport class performance (6.2sec 241hp) at "only" 348tsek 2009 and you can even fit a pair of golf bags in the trunk... Standard features include air conditioning, cruise control, leather seats and more comfy equipment... But you could only get S2000 with a 6 speed manual transmission, the power soft top with heated glass rear window is thin (a removable aluminium hardtop was also available) you should not be much longer than 186cm and I don't love the dashboards rather ugly control satellites, or the digital speed meter...

Click a picture, to see the really BIG one..

BMW Z3 * Plus five pictures of the fifth excellent version of Chevrolet Corvette

My "budget" true sport car favourite, was the delicious retro style BMW Z3 made until 2002 at 299tsek (7.9sec 170hp) 358tsek (6.0sec 3.0 litre 231hp) or the brutal M roadster (super sport class 5.4sec 321hp) at 523tsek... BMW made also a delicious series 1 coupe, with 340hp and 4.9sec (almost ultra sport car performace) from 2008 to 2012 as you can read more about, in the small car section above...
Then is Chevrolet Corvette C6 that was made 2004 to 2013 dramatically improved, in many vital aspects and even more delicious, with perfect powerful lines... Even compared with the last excellent "C5" version that came 1997 with airplane technology, a fine drivers place and almost twice as big trunk... The amazing C6 offer a completely new engine (almost ultra sporty 4.3sec 437hp 6.2 litre V8) new smooth transmissions, new sophisticated suspension, huge new brakes, new interior and many extensive refinements, as clearly more "delicate" road handling and even more grip in tight curves... It's also very easy to control and more forgiving, when driven hard... The standard suspension is actually great for everything from cruising to racing, up to 0.92g in curves... The Z51 package handle up to 0.98g and is anyhow rather comfortable at bumpy roads... And the slightly more expensive F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control, give you both options at your fingertip and offer simply the best of both worlds... Then comes C6 also with comfy things like six way power leather seats, a sporty but smooth automatic gear box (or a very fine exact six speed manual, if you prefer that) climate control with a pollen filter and cruise control, as standard equipment... So this masterpiece was superior to most of the finest from Europe (including some of the following alternatives) at very low 623tsek 2012 for the smart targa roof cupe, 729tsek for the cab / convertible or 1300tsek for the ZR1 cupe which offer true ultra sport performance (3.6sec 647hp) with help of aluminum chassis, magnesium and carbon fiber parts... But 2013 came a new Corvette Stingray with more edgy lines, that I personally think look slightly too dramatic and vulgar...
And the impressive new Jaguar F-Type that came 2013 give you ultra sexy lines, especially from behind and true super sport performance from 748tsek (5.7sec 340hp V6 mix 9.8 litre/100km) to F-type V8 SVR at 1524tsek (ultra sport class under 4.2sec 575hp V8) so it might be one of the finest sport cars ever made - even if the boot almost only have room for the spare wheel!
But Aston Martin DB9 coupe made from 2004 to 2016 gave you an even more sophisticated combination of extremely elegant lines, comfortable English luxury and truly super sport performance (4.6sec 517hp V12) with delicate wood veneer, a body in aluminium and two extra (rather tiny) rear seats, from 1790tsek 2016
Then may Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 made to 2015 be the finest mid engine sport car ever built, with wild elegant Italian design, aluminium body, truly ultra sport perfomance (3.7sec 560hp V10 4w drive) and German quality in every detail, at 1735tsek 2015 with E gear box... And this delicious masterpiece, manifest the initial goal for Lamborghini, to make finer sport cars than Ferrari... But this model has only room for a few small bags and you should not be longer than 195cm...
And the very elegant Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce made to 2011 offer more than ultra class performance (3.2sec 670hp 660Nm V12, 4w drive) and both a clearly finer drivers place and much better road handling, compared to the legendary Lamborghini Diablo (which Murciélago did replace) at 4000tsek 2011 and then got this icon replaced with...
The wild Lamborghini Aventador SVJ made from the spring 2011 which offer a very aggressive design (actually inspired by fighter planes and almost over dramatic) even better road handling and amazing ultra wild performance (2.8sec 770hp 720Nm V12, 4w drive) and the fastest time ever for a street legal car round Nurburgring, with 6:44,97 at "only" 4510tsek - but the drivers place does not look as elegant anymore and other magazines agree...
Finally does I simply not like the design of most other models, even if some people love them... Especially the older Alfa spider, Lotus kit car style, some small Mercedes that simply look as toys, the even more silly looking Mercedes SLR with it's vulgar decor lines and the dangerous rear engine Porsche 911 (or boxter) which actually is strange versions of the first Volkswagen Beetle!

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