Test pictures from the excellent Panasonic MX8 miniDV video camera

I did NOT adjust the colour (in the test pics) or reduced any noise... I did only adjust the
contrast slightly, reduce the size and add little sharpness, to compensate the smaller size...
And why do I adjust the pics? I do that just because any serious photographer will
do that... And the twice as big originals, will look even sharper in fine print!

My reference teddy dog, is rather special... With the extremely high contrast
(great exposure test) the white show any hint of wrong white balance, it have almost
perfect skin colour (people are slightly less yellow) a very deep red ribbon and the
ultra fine hairy details.... And I can naturally use him, in any future comparisons!

This pix was shot with 1280x960 picture setting, normal quality and just one 60 watt
wide spotlight, on 2 meters distance, plus hand held with the optical stabilizer...

The first half is with "Economy" quality and the second half, with "Fine" setting... And you can
also select the "Normal" quality, as I first did with my other pictures... But I have now tested
deeper, using a tripod, remote control and photographing several extra sensitive object...
And I didn't find any "jpeg" noise (even when I view at 200% size) with any setting...
So I use only "Economy" now and get 120 pix, on a 32mb MMC card!!

This picture was made with 1280x960 and standard quality setting, one 60 watt light
on 2 meters distance plus roof, 4x zoom and hand hold, with the optical stabilizer...
And the stuff that may look like noise or picture distortion, is just reflections.

This show the amazing VIDEO quality, you get directly (without any adjustment)
from the miniDV recording... With only one 40watt wide spot, 2 meters away!!

Click the watch, if you like to read little about it...

This extreme MACRO picture, was made with 1280x960 and standard quality setting, under one
25 watt bulb plus roof light, 2x zoom and hand hold, with the optical stabilizer... This part of
my watch, is only 32mm wide... And Minolta Dimage 7 cover for example 55mm!!

This pix was made with 1280x960 picture setting, in just 40watt wide spotlight on 2 meters
distance, with 8x zoom and also hand held, with the optical stabilizer!!

Thumbs of other pictures (not only for testing) that I made with MX8
All of them is hand hold, with optical stabilizer and most in soft low light, as you can
see on the fine shadows... But they are naturally optimized, even if I normally
only have to adjust the light and add some sharpness, after the resizing!

The Breitling Crosswind was in a VERY dark cabinet, without any display lights...

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

My first Casio.. * World time by Citizen * A glittering Tissot * Breitling Crosswind

BMW z3 and Chevrolet Corvette, in the summer Stockholm... Six of 1697 pix, in 4 months!

My neighbour's magnificent curious Cat

Oriental silk * Italian painting * Masterwork from Rom, Italy

The left one, of my cute loudspeakers

Nice picture of my amazing Panasonic FZ2 surrounded with some size reference objects!
This two pictures was shot with one 40 watt wide spotlight, at f2.0, 1/25 sec...
Then only reduced, sharpen and slightly rotated.

My compact Panasonic FZ2 together with my fine old Pentax, which was one of the most
compact 35mm SLR cameras in the world and here with a "ultra compact" 135mm tele lens!

My big Swan gallery, of the spring party in Stockholm... Okay, I don't
really love this birds, but many does and I got lovely pictures of them!

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

Plus thumbs of MX8 pictures, captured from my old dia positive slide pics
(that was shown on a screen) as an free alternative to a dia scanner!

I had to adjust them more, because of the flickering projector lamp...

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

A nice car & great monitor test * My old hifi equipment * A nice little ship

A cute little kitten * Kitten in the sunshine * A splendid view from Thailand

A rather elegant tech style Citizen * That was a wild winter!

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