The first two pictures are of my first delicious CriCat, that I had to sell... But I found another one late 2017
that my best friend bought and I am luxury renovating (see pix 3 to 4) and my friend bought finally a
great Mercury Pro XS so late 2020 may it actually become the finest power boat in the world!

Yes, the extreme Corona pandemi - will unfortunately delay the renovation...

CriCat is a very fast and extremely stable racer catamaran, with a smart coupe... My unique interior design
give 8 roomy seats, or 2 seats and a generous double bed... And the sharp, 240cm wide and extremely
efficient hull - fly actually low on a great cushion of air and cut through waves like a dream...

The completely renovated drivers place and behind that
have we two 150cm wide sofas, or a 150x200cm bed!

The tiny speaker give an open and natural HiFi sound, with delicious
details and magnificent deep bass and the Pad is just for sea charts...

The new engine, a Mercury PRO XS 115 that give minimum 40 knots, probably 44 och possible 48 knots at top speed

And some fine stuff my friend bought to our delicious CriCat...
Yes, the classic stearing wheel is not bigger than a sport cars!

And a delicious China carpet, between the two sofas...

And to guarantee surprisingly high sound quality...

Four extra photos of my first CriCat...

And this is the constructors private dark red CriCat...
Flying low and ultra stable, in about 60 knots!

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