My six last Not Digital pictures, of my excellent Panasonic MX8

This is the 6 best of the last 48 pictures, that I ever will take with my fine Pentax SLR camera and Kodak film...
I get actually a finer result, with my amazing MX8 and over half of the Kodak photos, was rather bad in some way...
Type slightly strange colours, extra much noise, little too light, too short depth of field or too dark... And I could
not know any of this, before I have the photos in my hand... Some of this photos, needed 3 hours editing!!

My MX8 give directly an outstanding exact result, that normally is perfect and I can anyhow adjust
anything, before I take the picture... And I don't even need a tripod, in the same very low light!!

This is original Vantage Technology Magazine pictures, see more info below...

And this is one example, of the superior DIGITAL quality I get directly, with
the amazing Panasonic MX8 above... Click here for more examples...

This picture was made with 1280x960 and standard quality setting, one 60 watt light
plus roof, 4x zoom and hand hold, with the optical stabilizer... And the stuff
that may look like noise or picture distortion, is just reflections.

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