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Gallery - Sublime Art and objects of great beauty
Gallery - Fine architecture and lovely view's
The rare principles, behind excellent architecture
Gallery - Sweet cat's and other animals
Gallery - Some interesting or funny pics
Gallery - Stockholm, the great capitol of Sweden
Imagine, a very nice card game
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Sublime Art and objects of great beauty

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Gryphon King - by Matt Harpold * Art by Palmqvist * Ancient Beauty * The swing, by Fragonard

Romantic visions of great beauty... By Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, living 1836-1912

More visions, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema * Antique Juggling Girl, by Lord Frederick Leighton

Arab ladies.. by Rudolf Ernst * Lady Godiva, by John Collier * Girl in yellow.. by Godward

The lovely sensual art by Alphonse Maria Mucha, living 1860-1939

The four seasons 1896 by Alphonse Maria Mucha, living 1860-1939

Water Lilies, by Mønsted * The Shore of the Turquoise Sea * A wooded path in autumn

Waiting by the fountain - The new kitten - The wounded puppy - by Corcos * Vanity, by Cowper

The mirror, by Dicksee * Florinda, by Franz Xavier Winterhalter * The Lion Hunt, by Vernet

October - Spring - by Tissot * The cave of the storm nymphs * Oriental silk

Venus presenting arms to Aeneas - A great masterpiece, I had to sell and still miss...

Mythical dreamy Art by Meilin Wong - Ash Wing * Figure Bow * Jabber * Dragon Snake

Mythical dreamy Art by Meilin Wong - See no * She * Desiree * Jabberwock

The Shore of the Turquoise Sea, by Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902

Fine architecture and lovely view's
You find also delicate views from Stockholm, below...

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

Paradise * FallingWater... * Italian painting * Gate of beauty

A magnificent royal sign * Göta Kanal * Masterwork from Rom, Italy

A splendid view from Thailand * A cute (old style) Swedish house

The rare principles, behind excellent architecture

The first angle, of private architecture Any home, is the basic for shelter and security... A good home, will also give you relaxation and can be a fine base for exploration of the world, or raising a family... A great home, may also raise your status... A truly excellent home, will especially offer you a lot more "cozy factors" satisfy your delicate needs of beauty and harmony, connect directly to your personality and finally inspire a greater life... My own designs, naturally include all this and more, but I don't have time to scan them and show anything for you!
The second angle, include the aspect of personal taste Mainly the elements of design... Which is logistic function with a maximum of "cozy factors" and that is simply everything that make you feel better, as space and intimacy, an impressive or discreet attitude, the delicate use of relative size and the element of nature, offer of privacy and naturally, the selection of materials and colours.
This analyse is copyrighted 2000 by BB the creator of Vantage Tech Magazine and may not be published, without clear mention of the source...
I don't have time to write more about this, at this moment, but you are naturally very welcome to write reportage with pictures, about exclusive and excellent homes... Click here to email me... Any pictures, must be official public domain, with permission to publish in this magazine or originals, made by you!

Sweet cat's and fine animals

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

A cute little kitten * Kitten in the sunshine * Another cute kitten, hunting

Miau! * Cosy Cat * A magnificent Tiger * House Cat

My neighbour's magnificent curious Cat

White Magic * Roaring Leopard

My big Swan gallery, of the spring party in Stockholm... Okay, I don't
really love this birds, but many does and I got lovely pictures of them!

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

And some interesting or funny pics!

A unique fruit * That was a wild winter!

Stockholm, the great capitol of Sweden
This will be the first city I write about... But Helsingborg is even more lovely
and Las Palmas on Cran Canaria, is another lovely city with many qualities...

Stockholm is the royal capitol of Sweden and especially famous for it's great beauty... The buildings look mostly like them in London, but we have over 20 lovely parks, magnificent hills and generous waterways... Some say, that Stockholm is the Venice of the north and the nine parts of Stockholm is surrounded by crystal clear water, who actually is fine to drink and we have several lovely beaches, inside the city limits...
Sweden is a very long country, just north of Germany... With a lovely spring, delicious warm summer and a rather short cold winter... So the weather is very similar to Copenhagen in Denmark and Hamburg in Germany... And almost like New York, but with 50% less rain and Canada is colder...

Click a picture, to see the BIG one!

The romantic town hall in Stockholm

Smedsudds badet * An early warm summer day... * Cute Stockholm ship

A rather huge PANORAMA of Kungsholmen, one of the five main parts of Stockholm

BMW z3 and Chevrolet Corvette, in the summer Stockholm...

And the Swan gallery above, is also from the city of Stockholm...

Stockholm have also a quick subway system, that connect everything and a very nice amusement park... The big city have one big intensive shopping area, with 6 smaller around and over 1000 restaurants... About 33% of the city shops, are connected as galleries, so they are warm even in the winter... And you can always walk from shop to shop, in light clothes... Then have we over six big luxurious cruise ships, that always offer extremely cheap one and two day tours (only 8-60 usd) like "micro holidays" to Finland...
Sweden is also a super safe country... As example, every big European city have dangerous streets, except Stockholm... We have a very low crime rate, no wars or terrorists, no heavy yearly rains or any other catastrophes of nature, as earthquakes, hurricanes or volcanoes... And a high living standard and complete social security, for everyone!
Click here for links to sites about Stockholm and Sweden!

Imagine - a thrilling strategy card game

This is a very easy to learn strategy card game, which I invented 1977 and the main inspiration, was that ordinary games use to be rather boring OR very "complex" without any good reason... And to "simply" keep the most interesting aspects, of the most interesting games and to also add some new qualities...
My design has 4 great advantages, which also include two unique factors... Imagine offer you first more options and ways to play, which make it possible, to use a higher level of strategic thinking... Then is this game anyhow very easy to learn, play and remember... And the combination of those advantages are totally unique... The third advantage is the unique automatic equalisation, which balance the luck, in two major ways... First must a very lucky player soon give away some really fine cards, which the following player can pick up... And then will you also play trough the deck of cards about two to three times faster, than in most other card games, which naturally give you a two to tree times higher possibility to get really fine cards, at the same time you only can play one hand with other card games... And finally did I also keep the most interesting aspects, with strategic games like poker... And those four advantages mean that a really smart player, can easy win more in this game, than in any other card game and especially if you happen to be unlucky!
Yes, this game is very easy to learn and remember, but is still very advanced and have even more nice qualities... As you very soon will see, if you dare to try it!

1 You can be two to four players, with one deck of cards... And simply play as several groups, if you are more... Mix the cards first, until all players are happy and give then six cards, to each player... And if you only are two players, must you also give six cards to the "ghost" who get an extra hidden pile, to create a vital element of uncertainty... Because it would otherwise be too easy to calculate the end result... And let finally the rest of the cards, create a special hidden "picking pile" of lucky cards, which naturally only show the backside of the cards...
You can also start to bet (money or stuff) if everyone agree, when everyone got their first hand of six cards and the game (action) pause then, until everyone have bet the same amount... And if you don't want to bet any more, must you simply give up that hand and very carefully put your hand on the "picking pile" without showing anyone any card... The betting may then continue anytime and in the same way, until a game is over... And the winner takes always everything, except if some winners get the same points and they simply have to split the money!

2 The game is over, when the picking pile is empty OR if everyone are completely "happy" with their hand and at that point must everyone naturally stop to throw down or pick up any cards... And finally win, the highest hand or hands...
Esse (A) counts as 14 points, joker as 0 so those cards just make things slightly more interesting and REMEMBER that when the game finally is over, COUNTS ONLY PAIRS or more and 4 cards of the same value, give you also 10 points extra... So any single cards (even a king, esse or queen) is finally worth nothing... Except that you can use some really high single cards to block other players, but if you do that can you get max 66 points and someone else can easy get more, as you can see below!
But you can actually win with only three queens and three knights (69p) as long as no one else have three kings and three tens (also 69p) even if someone have four esse's (66p) and two worthless cards, type the last king and one queen... And the easy way to count your hand, without a calculator, is to just add the points above ten, any extra ten for 4 cards and ten for each valuable card... And the best hand (92p) is naturally four esse's and two kings!
And a game take normally 6 minutes, but can take from just 3 to 12 minutes... Yes, some like to play it ultra fast and some, like to think a lot... One of three games, use to be rather interesting, another boring and one get normally very thrilling!

3 You declare first your lowest card and the player who are lucky to have the lowest card, throw then that card open (with the value visible) six centimetres beside the "picking pile" and that create the throw pile... He take then the hidden top card, from the picking pile... Next lowest player (and you play then in that direction) can then either throw any card open, on the "throw pile" and take a hidden card form the "picking pile" OR instead buy the open top card, from the throw pile... But you may never try to look on cards, deeper down in the "throw pile" and anyone may adjust a wide ugly "throw pile" so the old cards really are hidden, under the top card...
If you want to buy a card from the throw pile, do you simply throw any of your cards open (visible) on top of the "picking pile" and take then the top card, from the throw pile... And then may you continue to buy (even with the card you just bought or any other card in your hand) until you are satisfied OR the "throw pile" are gone... And then let next player continue... But you must always throw one of your card, before you pick another (!!) and you may naturally not take a hidden card from the "picking pile" if you buy a card...
Next player may then first move any of the open "pay cards" one by one, from the "picking pile" to the "throw pile" before he continue to play as above... And if you want one of the pay cards, do you first move that card to the "throw pile" and then can you buy that card, just as written above...
That system almost eliminate the element of crazy good or very bad luck... But if you not buy any card, may you naturally ONLY throw ONE card on the "throw pile" and then pick ONE possible fantastic hidden card, from the "picking pile" and finally let next player continue... Or use the next rule...

4 And if you get completely happy with your hand, may you simply declare that you are "happy" and from that moment stop to throw down, buy or pick up any cards, until the game is completely over and the hands are counted... So you can NOT change your mind and continue to play, if you declare that you are happy... And that was every rule, including some extra tips!

That's may sound super simple and it really is, but you will soon hesitate about which card to throw and really wonder what the other players have, after the first fast phase when you just build up a fine hand... You can then play safe, or take huge risks and you can often imagine (or guess completely wrong) what your opponents have... Yes, you will naturally see, if the other players get very good hands, because they must then begin to throw away very valuable cards... But they may also be stupid and collect four too low cards (which only give them ten points extra) and leave you free, to get four of a higher value... And the ghost may finally have some golden key cards!

The finest final hands (with X for 10) down to 72 points and the five first * marked hands are totally unbeatable... *AAAAKK (92p) *AAAAQQ *KKKKAA (90) *AAAAJJ (88) *AAAAXX KKKKQQ QQQQAA (86) AAAA99 KKKKJJ QQQQKK (84) AAAA88 KKKKXX JJJJAA (82) AAAKKK (81) AAAA77 KKKK99 QQQQJJ JJJJKK (80) AAAA66 AAAQQQ AAKKQQ KKKK88 QQQQXX JJJJQQ XXXXAA (78) AAAA55 AAKKJJ KKKK77 QQQQ99 XXXXKK (76) KKKQQQ AAAJJJ (75) AAAA44 AAKKXX AAQQJJ KKKK66 QQQQ88 JJJJXX XXXXQQ (74) AAAA33 AAKK99 AAQQXX KKKK55 KKKJJJ KKQQJJ QQQQ77 JJJJ99 XXXXJJ (72)
And remember that some hands and single cards, block many alternatives and make them impossible... And some actual winning points was 74, 82, 88, 90, 90, 92 with two players and the ghost 48, 66, 68, 68, 90, 90 with three players and only 40, 52, 58, 60, 68, 72 with four players!

This card game is copyright from 1977 by BB the creator of Vantage Tech Magazine and may only be copied, with clear mention of the source... Updated 2019 and I can also translate my "memory terror" game, if you ask nice and write something interesting for the magazine!!

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