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This is the most accurate and complete Best Buy guide, anywhere. We select very carefully the finest products of great value, in almost every category... And we include any really good alternatives, explain why our recommendation is the best choice and give some vital advice.
And we have also a very advanced HiFi school, where we explain everything you may need to know, to get a truly natural sound...
A word to the Companies - It is a great honour, to become a Best Buy in this guide. That mean normally, that your product is superior and give a higher value, than hundreds of your competitors and that's great promotion. You are also very welcome to send finer pictures, of the models we write about. Plus information (or a review sample) on products we should grade as Best Buy and we respect NDA dates!

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The advanced HIFI school, that explains everything...
And the finest music I could find, anywhere!
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Welcome to our great Best Buy guide!

How we work... It's not easy, to give really good advice and often very complicated, to select the best value... And our final advice, will naturally not fit everyone, because people have different taste and want different functions... But we are very careful, research deep, investigate any promising alternatives, have a talent for "systematic analyse" and write only about categories we really know, so I you will normally find the best advice here...
We do not work like paper magazines, who mainly report about every "new" product and only compare a few models (once or twice a year) in each category and then give a "best buy" to the best choice... We investigate instead every new promising product, in each category and replace then our "old" recommendation - if the new product is clearly better, in at least one deep review... Or if the old product is both rare and sold out in Sweden... And if the new product not is better - but almost as good and has some fine advantages, will we show it as a nice alternative...
And we have sadly not the money (or time) to review everything, so we normally find out what's best from the finest reviews we can find and tell you clearly, when we have first hand experience...
Remember that we only recommend "really fine products" of great value - that actually give you very high quality, at a rather nice price and NEVER the little cheaper budget versions, with clearly lower quality or some vital missing features... And we recommend also some more expensive alternatives, if they really are clearly better... Then will we also adjust our recommendations, if we find new facts in professional reviews or consumer reports... And most of our Best Buy recommendations are both tested with very high grades, by the finest review sites / magazines and carefully evaluated (normally not tested) by myself...
Sometimes can naturally one brand dominate a category, as Panasonic did with 6 superior digital cameras 2008 but we are not blind "fans" of any brand, even if we naturally admire those brands that normally produce extra high quality products and we never guess... So we are sincerely happy if any brand actually make a truly great product... And when we report about a completely NEW product, that might become a Best Buy, does we only call it "promising" until we seen very high grades in fine reviews...
And we don't write complete reviews... We "simply" select the Best Buy and any really fine alternatives... Then does we normally explain the advantages, that make it the best choice and point out any negative sides... And we give often some vital advice and explain what's extra important... And you can naturally use this guide, as a starting point or reference and then try to find something better... Or a good alternative, that have some special quality you love!
Please click here and email me... If you have any important information (as extra good or bad qualities) about a Best Buy, news about finer worldwide alternatives and finer pictures... But we don't have time to answer questions... And I am naturally very proud over the fact, that nobody have found any bad advice (yet) even if we can miss some details... We have "only" got grateful emails and interesting feedback, from happy buyers and other experts, which is a big extra inspiration ;-)
This guide is normally adjusted, two three times every month... Click here to see some of the greatest news... The prices (in Swedish sek) was the lowest I found in Swedish sites (including 25% tax) when it's not written as the "max" price... I decided to not show all prices in US dollars and instead use that time, to give better advice... But when I anyhow write an usd price, is that without tax... You may click here and see (in an extra window) how much "Sek, Swedish krona" is in Your money... This guide is written from a Swedish perspective and some products may be more (or less) expensive, in your country and you may naturally find some fine local alternatives, in some countries!

Audio equipment & music

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Subwoofers Headphones AV Receivers Equalizers
CD players Music recording - Lossless, MP3 and MiniDisc... Plus why not DAT,
CDr or a Cassette recorder
Mini Systems Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!


There are over 1000 different makers of loudspeakers (!) and every one try naturally to make very fine loudspeakers...
But creating excellent loudspeakers, seem to be extremely difficult and some companies invest millions of Pounds, without producing any really fine loudspeaker, at a nice and competitive price...
And that fact may be the main reason that - different loudspeakers, sound VERY different and there is also a HUGE variation on the sound quality... Especially if you compare with any other rather fine HiFi equipment, that sound almost exactly the same...
And there was suddenly many new promising models 2024 so it was naturally very complicated to find out the best alternatives...
But we have anyhow manage to select over 22 excellent loudspeakers, that sound from great to magical and cost from 7000 sek/pair (about 650usd 2024) to 60.000sek (about 5500usd) brand new...
Yes, really fine loudspeakers are normally VERY expensive... Most really fine cost actually from 3000 usd and some cost several millions sek... But the extra fine speakers I recommend sound normally dramatically finer, than other speakers at that price and you can also find some of them second hand, at around half the new price.

And there are also a lot of unique models in different countries, which naturally make any comparisons even more complicated...
So I will mainly recommend the finest "international" floor standing full register speakers, that normally work superb with any kind of music and not must have a separate subwoofer - even if most of them will sound even better with a good sub, for the deepest bass...
And then can you simply use this recommendations as references, when you go out and compare, until you find your dream... Maybe with help of my listening advice, in the first part of my HiFi school.
But OBSERVE that I mainly recommend alternatives that offer a very open, natural and clear sound... So you will hear a lot more details than normally and that mean that any bad recording or bad equipment, will also sound clearly worse than normally... So if you prefer a smooth sound, that especially mask / hide faults and any distortion from your equipment, should you look elsewhere... But don't worry, this speakers don't create any additional annoying effects to the treble and if the recordings and equipment are clean or fine, will you get a perfectly soft and ultra clear sound!!

I begin with the best options, that cost under 6000 usd and then will you find lower cost speakers... And my grading of the possible sound quality is in percent of my own speakers, who is 100% and A means very good locking, in my eyes B means fine C ok and E rather ugly!

And after the floor standing speakers, will you find the best SUBWOOFERS under 15000sek or 1400usd...

And the finest floor standing alternative is possible... The excellent Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL 95-110 A be even better, but they cost little more... They are elegant electrostat speakers (owners love) with 8" bass, which "give sublime treble and voices" & "Swedish HiFi & music wrote - The dream speakers you can afford.. They sound amazingly good and you will get surprised how much information you will discover from your old CD records.. A lot more expensive speakers offer not the same transparency or rich details, except the other electrostat's from Martin Logan.. Everything sound delicate and lovely.. And this speaker can play louder than you imagine, making you feel that you are sitting right in front of the orchestra... ElectroMotion is not just a bargain, they are maybe the best speakers at this price in 20 years" 42-22000hz (so they need a sub) 6ohm, 91dbWm max300w hwd 134x23x42cm plus need to be 50cm from wall 21kg new 36tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 24tsek2024

Click the picture, to see the big one!

The sublime electrostst speakers from Martin Logan

Then have we the extremely promising Arendal 1723 THX ultra certified Towers 85-110 A/B in piano black OR grey front, with black elements and otherwise dark grey enclosure. Designed in Norway (many extremely happy owners, say with different words - They are the clearly best high-end or audiophile floor speakers, at this low prise) unique 1.1" soft dome tweeter with neodymium magnet deep in a BIG aluminium horn, 4x 8" woofers with an extra big rubber ring, a huge magnet and elegant aluminium basket, very high quality crossover circuit, give 92db2.83v1m BUT norm 4ohm, max 500w peak, the THX ultra certification demand also fine 105db peak at 12 feet / 3.66m distance (mine AT100 give 115db at 4m) have 3 ports at back, need minimum 20-30cm from the wall and 50 hours break in, is 115cm high 28cm wide 40cm deep 50.6kg each
"AVS forum wrote - An excellent mix between precision and pleasure" & "eCoustics.com - Sound clearly better than Martin Logan Motion XT F100 at half the price" & "One owner - The treble sounds nicer with strings and piano, but are anyhow slightly more revealing and the excellent bass goes down to 25hz, so I don't need my two subwoofers.. And no harshness at higher levels.. He had JBL studio 590 and was also strongly considering Klipsch RF-7 III before he finally bought these" & "They are a lot better than the expensive B&W I had before" & "The best speakers I ever had.. my Yamaha NS-1000M get sometimes more harsh" & "iiWi reviews - They sound very open.. Airy at top and very open in the midrange, with deep authoritative bass.. Detail retrieval is fantastic, without any annoying sharpness or extra sweet romantic warmth.. They give a really big soundstage and they do not demand one exact listening position.. They did also sound big, energetic and detailed at low levels, which most speakers don't" and at Trust Pilot did 94% of 1952 people give the company Arendal Sound 5 stars, they came 2016 with a 10 year warranty and 60 days trial, new 39tsek/pair2024 and I seen used white from 26tsek2024

Then have we the slightly smaller Arendal 1723 S THX ultra certified Towers 85-105 A in piano black - which is same as above except they are slightly smaller 4x 6.5" woofers, spec & test 89db2.83v1m BUT norm 4ohm, max 400w peak 98x25x32cm 31.3kg "Audioholic wrote - They sound rich and detailed.. The soundstage and imaging are excellent and offer crystal clarity.. They sound terrific, better than my headphones.. more quiet moments were also painted with realism and subtlety.. Treble smoothness, imaging, dynamic range, value and build quality 5 stars.. Powerful bass down to 35hz, that is easy to adjust to 30hz and it's hard to think that a subwoofer can make it better.. The dynamic range of these speakers is tremendous.. And the only drawback is the included bass port plugs, because people should simply not use them" new 2850usd/pair2024

Martin Logan Motion XT F100 90-110 A (owners LOVE them) with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter 6,5" kevlar cone mid 3x6,5" alu cone bass with aluminium basket "HomeTeatherHifi.com and owners wrote - is not just an update, but a complete redesign that sounds amazing and looks stylish.. With eyes closed, the overall sound and spatial effects were magical.. Wide and precise imaging.. Excellent bass extension.. Balanced and musical.. I loved them.. They deliver fantastic performance, for far less than the competition" 31hz25khz so they may NOT need a sub and they are bottom ported, so they can stand close to back wall 92db2.83v1m 4ohm 20-450w 121x32x38cm 34.2kg/each new 60tsek/pair2024

Click the picture, to see the big one!

Home cinema speakers from Klipsch, with the monumental RF-7iii
as front speakers... But I prefer darker mahogny or black wood!

And if you want to play very loud, may the finest alternative be... Klipsch Reference RF-7 III 90-105 A (owners love, but some say RP-280F sound even better on voices) 2x10" bass 32-25khz so they may NOT need a sub, test 92.8db/w/m (or 100dbWm in room) 8ohm, cont 250w peak 1000w 125x35x46cm 44kg, new 60tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 1500euro2024

Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ 90-105 C (owners LOVE and many 5* reviews, that say it partly is better than three times as expensive alternatives) "AV Nirvana wrote - They become invisible.. They will enhance practically any home cinema or listening room and delight the most particular listener" AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter 2x8" woven fibre bass 5.25" woven fibre midrange 35hz28khz. test 37hz so they may need a sub (just as the more expensive T3+) and the middle bass sound even cleaner with a sub 91db2.83v1m, max -45db dist at 86db1m & 50hz10khz, 200W continuous 400W peak *OBS 4 ohm, give max 102db fine sound at 4m and need minimum 40cm from back wall, 107x27x31cm 26kg/each came 2021 999usd/pair2022

Three NEW and very promising speakers that might be
Great, but I must first find some good reviews...

Emotiva Airmotiv XT3 88-106 B (dark grey Martin Logan copies, made to replace T2+) with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter and 2x5.25" mid in MTM configuration, plus 3x8" bass for 30hz27khz, min 100w rec 300W continuous 600W peak 91db2.83v1m, 4-8ohm 1999usd/pair2024
SVS Ultra Evolution Titan 80-100 A piano black MTM configuration with 1" Diamond Coated Tweeter (with Organic Cell Lattice Diffuser for airy, unveiled highs and pristine clarity) 4x 6.5" bass, but port at back so it need min 30cm to wall 4tusd/pair2024
SVS Ultra Evolution Tower 75-100 A piano black MTM configuration with 1" Diamond Coated Tweeter (with Organic Cell Lattice Diffuser for airy, unveiled highs and pristine clarity) 4x 5.25" bass, but port at back so it need min 30cm to wall 3tusd/pair2024

Click the picture, to see the big one!

SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle - the slightly bigger version
of the alternatives above - with the same elegant design...

Martin Logan Motion 60XT and 60XTi 80-104 A with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter 35hz25khz (test 22hz at -3db) so they may need a sub, 94db2.83V/m (test 88db2.83V/m) 91db/w/m 2x8" 203mm bass with aluminium cage 6,5" mid 20-400 watt and they look delicious in redwood *OBS 4ohm and they need to stand 50-70cm out from the back wall... Many owners that have listen to many other expensive speakers, simply say these are the best under 6000 usd and they truly LOVE them... BUT some say that the electrostatics from Martin Logan sound clearly better, but those are a lot more sensitive to the room... "The Absolute Sound review - 60XT offer phenomenal, magnificent and startlingly realistic presence.. A transparent, deep and exact soundstage.. The matching of the drivers and crossover was excellent, resulting in a very live and lifelike performance.. They absolutely rocked, but the pure clean deep bass could be slightly deeper.. So completing the otherwise superb sound, with a matching subwoofer, makes these speakers outstanding performers, regardless of cost.. And they sound best nude, without grilles and need a 72 hour break in" & "What HiFi - 60XTi give magical detail and soundstaging" & "Excellent imaging and soundstage.. Strong bass response.. Engaging and exciting sound reproduction.. No dynamic limitations" & "Sounstage - Included in our list of Recommended Reference Components" 122x29x37cm 30kg new 45tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 2000 euro 2024

And if you want to play rather loud, is the finest alternative... Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F II 80-100 A (owners LOVE them and many 5* reviews, that say its better than most twice as expensive alternatives) "Sound extra dynamic, detailed and open at low volume" they have 2x8" bass 32-25khz so they may not need a sub, test 92.2db/w/m (or 98dbwm in room) 8ohm (down to 4ohm) max -45db dist at 86db1m & 45-150hz -50db 150hz10khz, handle 150-600w 110x28x45cm 28kg new 18tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 8tsek2024

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F 80-100 A is a newer version of RP-280F below (owners love) 2x8" bass 32-25khz test 92.1db/w/m (or 98dbwm in room) 8ohm handle 150-600w 110x28x45cm 28kg came 2019 new 13tsek/pair2024

And if you want to play rather loud, is the next finest alternative... Klipsch RP 280F 80-100 A (owners love) which offer high sensitivity of 93db/w/m in test (or 98dbwm in room) "sound excellent and dynamic even at low volume" 2x8" bass give very dynamic deep bass from 32hz and they have especially a new smoother tweeter, with sublime clarity and more delicious treble details up to 25000hz, than most speakers, according to many reviews and this 110cm high speakers look also very sexy and are only 25 cm wide... But they need 100-200 hours play in time, before they sound lovely and they have the same revealing treble as RP 260F below, so you should first listen with high quality recordings and be sure you like the sound, before you choose this alternative... 8ohm handle 150-600w 110x25x47cm 29kg came 2017 new 13tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 6tsek2024

And for a more elegant sound have we... Martin Logan Motion 40 / 40i 75-100 A with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter 2x6,5" bass 5,5" midrange 40hz25khz 92dbWm, norm 6ohm, min 4ohm, handle max300w and give a "great and especially detailed sound, with a dynamic bass" *But they may anyhow need a sub... 108x19x33cm 22.2kg And in a review of model 40 "Dynamic sensation.. Fast, precision, power & control.. Colourful, clean and amazing sound.. Must be heard" and about the new 40i "everything connect great and tight... with precision, microscopic details and a dynamic bass" new 33tsek/pair2023 and I seen used from 14tsek2024

Click the picture, to see the big one!

Magnat Transpuls 1500 - funny smart photo!

Another POWER alternative... Magnat Transpuls 1500 60-95 B (many great & some bad reviews) 4-8ohm 15" bass, delicate double treble 16hz-35khz 95db/w/m handle 250w cont 500w peak 100x52x39cm 37kg/each new 1200euro 16tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 9500sek2024

Another POWER alternative... Eltax Vintage PWR 1959 60-90 B (some great & one bad reviews) 6-8ohm 15" bass, delicate double treble 30hz-22khz 96db/w/m handle 250w 90x52x39cm 34kg/piece new 1200euro/pair2023 and I seen used from 4tsek2024

Elac FS 137 Jet 88 B in black or red wood (just B look because i don't like the "silver" cones) that was made until 2012 and they give especially more details than most speakers, with help of the exclusive AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter and secondly sound exceptional on voices, maybe because of the MTM configuration, which make all sound come from one point... It has also very happy owners and a very dynamic bass, that is greater than the rather slim speaker cabinet suggest (just 23 cm wide) - But FS 137 goes "only" down to 35hz, so you need sometimes a fine little subwoofer for the deepest fundamental bass and this one need a lot more power than some other speakers (give only 89db/m/w) and is rated for 4 ohm... And some people feel finally that the very smooth treble actually is too clear and should be less revealing (which hide faults in the music, as I explain above) so you should maybe listen with high quality recordings, before you choose this alternative! 95x23x32cm 16kg did cost 10tkr2008 8tkr2014 and I seen used from 4500sek2024

The lovely FS 137 Jet above was "replaced" by the more expensive... Elac FS 197 80-88 A black beauties with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter "A Swedish HiFi magazine wrote - Lovely deep bass and a fantastic treble" 88,5dbWm 36hz50khz and the bass port is down, so you can place it close to the back wall * BUT it need a subwoofer and is 4 ohm 98x21x29cm 15kg new 12tsek/pair2013 and I seen used from 2tsek (!!) 2024

Even more elegant is... Elac FS 208.2 80-88 A in cherry wood (not in silver & black) with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter 2x7" bass 32hz50khz 90db BUT only 4ohm 160w max200w 103x20x29cm 28kg new ?tsek/pair and I not seen any used 2024

Wharfedale EVO 4.4 75-80 B smart ultra version of their 55tkr Elysian flagship model, with AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter and "clear, big, detailed, lively, dynamic, controlled, natural and warm sound, with excellent deep bass" & "Vocals are sublime" & "What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022 & 2023 winner" & "lovely for long time listening" & "their sweet-spot is anywhere" 2x 6,5" kevlar cone bass, 2" midrange 44hz-22khz (people say they don't need a sub) 89dbWm max200w peak107db norm 8ohm (min4ohm) hwd 106x25x35cm 25,6kg/each best 20cm to wall * but "work best in large rooms" new 17tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 928usd at HiFiShark 2024

And if you want a less expensive alternative to RP-280F sound the slimmer Klipsch RP-260F 70-80 A almost the same... They have also very happy owners and offer sublime clarity, with more delicious treble details (up to 25000hz) than most speakers, 2x6,5" woofers give deep dynamic bass from 34hz (so you might need a subwoofer) and extra high sensitivity of 92db/w/m (or 97dbwm in room) 8ohm, handle 125w max500w... They are also 101cm tall 23cmextra slim (but 45cm deep) so the design match flat screens... But some people feel that Klipsch treble is too revealing, so you should first listen with high quality recordings and be sure you like the sound, before you choose this alternative... 22,5kg new 8tsek/pair 2021 and I seen used from 2tsek (!!) 2024

Klipsch Reference R-28F 60-80 A 2x8" bass 35-24khz 93db/w/m (or 98dbwm in room) 8ohm handle 150-600w 107x24x40cm 26kg came maybe 2015 and I seen used from 5tsek2024

Another POWER alternative... Vestlyd V15C 60-80 B (many great reviews BUT the treble can become eSSig sometimes) 36-22khz extremely detailed 15" bass with a 1" tweeter in the middle 95dbWm and max 122db with 500w 4-8ohm HBD 74x46x42cm and can stand at the back wall 35kg new 20tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 18tsek2024

And in Sweden (and from some Swedish web shops) can you also buy the amazing Dynavoice Definition DF-8 40-80 B which many owners truly love (grade higher than any other speaker) 2x8" give very deep 23hz bass, so they don't need a subwoofer and a AMT (Oscar Heil style Air Motion Transformer) tweeter, that goes up to 32000hz... 6,5" midrange, handle 200w (peak 280w) and they are also very sensitive with 94db/watt/m but 6 ohm and even if they are 110cm tall, are they only 24cm slim and 38cm deep, so the impressive design match big flat screens... 28kg New 7tsek/pair2024 and I seen used from 4500sek2024

Click the picture, to see the big one!

Marshall Kilburn - the first original version

And if you want to spend almost nothing?!? May you simply buy a second hand Marshall Kilburn (the first original version) connect it (with Bluetooth or 3.5mm signal cable) to your smartphone or something else and enjoy a truly nice HiFi sound... As I do in my power catamaran and office... Version one goes actually down to 40hz in the bass (tested with a test record form Ortofon, even if the official specification say 55hz) and they sound very often magnificent, even if you close your eyes... It get it's power directly from the net, or trough it's 4x Li-ion batteries, that give up to 20 hours play time and the 4" woofer seem to be digitally controlled... More data: 2x tweeters, 30 watt, only 14x24x14cm/hwd and 3kg... But you should turn up the treble to max and bass to 9-12 a clock... And they are completely constructed by Zound Industries International in Stockholm, Sweden and then made in China, just as iPhone and many other quality products!
The first original Kilburn version, was mainly a finer answer / upgrade on the famous portable mini speakers from Audio Pro, which also are from Sweden.... With several vital advantages... 1) Audio Pro have no tone controls, which often are handy... 2) Audio Pro have a very impressive deep bass for it's tiny size - But Kilburn have more details in the bass and goes actually down to 40hz, as I wrote above... They sound otherwise extremely similar, which is great because the little portable Audio Pro is famous for it's clean high quality sound... 3) Audio Pro play just 15 hours on one charge... 4) I don't know the weight of Audio Pro, but the first Kilburn weight 3kg and that is a lot for a rather tiny portable speaker... And weight use to be a sign of a solid high class construction. So Marshall Kilburn (v1) is possible the best easy portable speaker, if you want a surprisingly high quality sound
I bought the first one new for 1690sek and two more used for only 1tsek/ each... And the second version, Marshall Kilburn II, look rather plastic, but it still goes down to 45hz (officially 55hz) even if it is slightly smaller!

Studio Monitors

KRK systems, make small exclusive monitors - with an incredible big, accurate and clear sound (mainly from 4400 to 16000 sek) which is very popular in the finest music studios, with famous artists (as Bryan Ferry, Paul Simon and Yello) and in Hollywood... Click here to visit KRK!

My dream speakers

My humble dream budget speakers is anyhow a smarter 5.1 system, because the following kind of cabinets would be much cheaper to build... With two very slim symmetric front towers (15cm wide 25cm deep and 110cm high, with rounded front edges and 20x25x3cm stone feet's) that has two very efficient and ultra exact 5 inch midrange elements, at both sides of a truly excellent dome horn tweeter (for minimum 96db at 1m and 1 watt) with front bass ports... So the main sound come from one point and they get easy to place... Plus a 110cm wide centre speaker, so it sound exactly the same... And then a very dynamic active subwoofer (with the centre of the membrane placed on the same distance as the midrange) that "only" work from 25 hertz and up to 90 hertz (at -3db) so you can't directly hear where the low bass sound come from... And two fine dome horn tweeters and midrange elements, directed in a wide angle and not direct, for the back speakers...
Or exactly the same towers as in front (at a slightly higher cost) for the back... Then should there be an alternative at same price - with fine ribbon tweeters (in every speaker and then only towers, in the back) for slightly more delicate details and still with rather good efficiency at minimum 90db/m/w... Plus a more expensive subwoofer alternative, with very detailed bass from 20 hertz...
And finally two premium alternatives with either sublime ribbon tweeters, that give minimum 93db/w/meters efficiency... Or truly excellent dome horn tweeter, with at least 99db/w/meter efficiency, at same price... Plus the deep digging alternative subwoofer... But this delicious sound candy - that should be rather cheap to build and should look very elegant together with flat screens - does strangely not exist at a moderate price!!

My strange old classic speakers

Then does my old Cerwin-Vega AT100 sound extremely good, if they are placed right... They have especially a lot more open and clear sound than any other speaker, even at a whispering low volume (when almost any other speakers sound muddy) and they are in addition extremely sensitive / efficient, normally producing 101db/w/m and over 114db ultra clear music (illegal at a disco) with just a 20 watt amplifier... But, they must first be placed about 40-50cm (from the edge of the bass element) above the floor, which otherwise give bad reflections and a badly bloated bass...

Click a picture, to see the big one!

I have three pair of Cerwin-Vega AT100 which was the finest model they made and these excellent speakers give deep detailed bass from 28 hz and a delicious treble up to 28000 hz, that is both ultra detailed and silky soft... And they are also extremely effective with 101db (from 1 watt, at 1 meter) give less then 0.5% distortion at 96db handle 400 watt continuously, so they can actually produce 127db ultra clear music... And each one weight 45kg... But the mid range doesn't sound better (or worse) compared with the best of the competition... CerwinVega are nowadays marketed for people who want "great disco sound" but most of the old models from 1982 to 1993 with 15 inch bass, are actually incredible accurate and sound clearly better that most "high end" speakers I have listen to... Even if I sometimes compare with help of some other "reference" speakers that did sound very close... Friends have also visit me, with over 40 other speakers since 1981 when I discover and bough the now iconic Cerwin-Vega H15 nicknamed "the safe" and some speakers was over 10 times more expensive, but everyone prefer anyhow my slightly modified speakers.
Even if they actually have three problems with the cabinet... First stand these huge speakers (they are 85 to 110cm high) almost on the floor, orginally and most models (some new have the bass element a bit higher up) must be placed a lot higher up, as you can see in my pictures, to not get bad reflections from the floor and a slightly "boxy" bloated bass... Secondly doesn't the midrange and treble (originally) come from the same point... Even if I did fix that on my AT-100 speakers, which have two midrange element, so I could simply change place on the top midrange and the treble element... And finally could they have a smaller front area, which otherwise may produce some bad reflections...
Some people say that the main secret with the old classic Cerwin-Vega is the patented magnet system (1) that work more like an industrial electromagnet and simply lock the cone directly to the signal, from extremely low sound levels (2) and in addition work the bass element exceptional smoothly, without the usual "magnetic turbulence" and then can most of the big old Cerwin-Vega home speakers, even handle 400 watt continuously (for many hours) and give an unique 127 db of delicious clear music... Okay, the last part is only valuable if you want to play extremely loud, for the neighbours - but that also means, that the old Cerwin-Vega has almost no limitations!
They started with making superior elements (with the unique patent for the magnet flow) continued producing legendary professional speakers and finally did they release home speakers 1979 with 15" bass... But since 1994 has the home speakers become slightly worse & worse, with each new model... You are very welcome to mail me if YOU know anything more about CerwinVega! Click here to visit Cerwin-Vega

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Headphones AV Receivers Equalizers CD players
Music recording - Lossless, MP3 and MiniDisc... Plus why not DAT, CDr
or a Cassette recorder
Mini Systems Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!


Really fine subwoofers seem to be more easy to create, than really fine floor standing loudspeakers... But most of them are anyhow crazy expensive and I only recommend those who cost max 1400 usd... And fortunately cost the best alternatives, about half of that!

Mini HiFi school Remember that subwoofers work rather DIFFERENT than ordinary loudspeakers and the final result / output is a result of 5 to 10 aspects - Mainly how LONG the woofer move, the size of the woofer, the technology of the woofer, how big the box is and the power that drive the woofer... But sometimes also if the box is bass reflex, how the bass reflex work, how good the amplifier are, how strong the box is made and if they done some quality mistakes!

Then is it a sad fact that most inexpensive "subwoofers" don't even go below 30hz and if you have a quality speaker, that normally go down to 35hz is just 5hz deeper bass, absolutely NOT enough!!
And too many low price "subs" blurt out a very soft fluffy "boomy" bass, that can become very ANNOYING to listen to!

Following recommendations goes minimum down to 23hz (at -6db) and are especially known to produce a very dynamic and fast / tight bass, so they should really be good for both films and music... And they cost max 15tsek, which is about 1440usd 2024

The smartest alternative, for most, is the amazing... XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge 95-120 AA (which owners LOVE) that is extra sexy in piano black (even if you can select white) and this masterpiece produce a monumental, rock hard and ultra dynamic bass, that is perfect to both film and music... With help of a 12" front woofer, driven by 700 watt/rms amp, controlled by a 3-band parametric equalizer, smart servo electronic and two big front ports... And this little monster goes down to 18hz (!) and up 180hz, from a relatively little 51x40x40cm/hwd box, with rounded edges... And the even smaller XTZ 10.17 Edge you find below, sound almost as great... Then are there even smaller subs from other brands, but they sound clearly worse or have not as deep bass... "The very serious Swedish HomeCinema mag wrote - The price & performance King.. Rock hard bass.. Best to close the right port, for deepest bass" & Max 127db SPL at 20hz (!!) in a group test and it was clearly best in the group, beating mostly twice as expensive subs & "The best subwoofer under £1000" & "The bass is tight, actually ultra dynamic and great for music" 25.9kg, are innovated in Sweden and made in China, came 2018 and cost new 7790sek 2024 and I seen used (probably because of angry neighbours) from only 4500sek

Click the picture, to see the big one!

XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge - but it are actually rather small, in real life!

XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge - the control panel on back

Then have we, the old price king... XTZ SUB 12.17 95-117 AA which is practically the same as EDGE above, except 500w/rms power (that owners also LOVE) in sexy piano black (if you not prefer white) with a 12" woofer that goes down to 18hz (!) up 180hz, 50x40x40cm/hwd... And the even smaller XTZ 10.17 Edge you find below, sound almost exactly as great...500w/rms "AV forum review - The overall performance was excellent and the XTZ delivered deep powerful bass that was fast, controlled and precise.. A very effective and great performer, with both film soundtracks and two channel music.. And excellent build quality, without any audible distortion at very high volume" 25.9kg are innovated in Sweden, made in China and came 2016

The first Edge subwoofer... XTZ Cinema SUB 1X12 Edge 95-116 A (owners Love) in black with a 12" woofer, goes also down to 18hz (in test -6db) up 40-160hz and sound as Magnificent as XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge above... With help of a 12" front woofer, driven by 700 watt/rms amp, controlled by a 3-band parametric equalizer and smart servo electronic... But is slightly bigger 51x45x48cm/hwd and have a long slit at the bottom instead of two big ports... "Swedish HomeCinema mag wrote - Tighter than SVS PB-2000 pro" 24kg, Test HB 2021 nr5 are innovated in Sweden and made in China, came 2015 and was 10tsek 2021 new 10390sek 2024

And the almost identical... XTZ Cinema SUB 1X12 95-115 A (owners Love) have a 500w/rms amp instead and goes "only" down to 19hz... "Tighter than SVS PC12" 24kg, are innovated in Sweden, made in China and came 2015

The monumental... Arendal 1961 Sub 1V 95-115 B (owners Love) in matte black (or white) with the black bass element on the right side and the 12.2" bass with stamped steel basket, goes down to 14/16hz (-6db in 2 tests) but "only" max 106db/spl at 20hz & 1m with 17% dist (experts say that's good for a large room) up to 30-300hz, 55x39x50cm/hwd. the wide port is on the back, 550w/rms and a 3-band parametric equalizer, with a 1.8" colour display "Play heavy and musically.. Blend perfect with the front speakers, without any audible distortion at very high volume" & "Tight, heavy and dominating" But one owner could hear a low buzzzz from the transformer, when he not play any music... 36.1kg test HB 2021 nr5, are innovated in Norway and made in China, was 999euro2019 (and Arendal 1723 1V cost 160% but give the same result)

The cute and still great... Arendal 1961 Sub 1S 95-114 B (owners Love) in matte black (or white) with the black bass element on the right side and the 12.2" bass with stamped steel basket, goes down to 20hz (-6db in test) max 104db/spl at 20hz & 1m with 16% dist (good for a medium room) up to 30-200hz, only 42x32x42cm/hwd, its sealed, 550w/rms and a 3-band parametric equalizer, with a 1.8" colour display "This smaller version sound very similar to 1V above, even with DEEP organ music.. Blend perfect with the front speakers" & "Tight, heavy and dominating" 21.4kg test HB 2021 nr5, are innovated in Norway and made in China, was 799euro2019

The relatively tiny Monster... XTZ SUB 10.17 Edge 90-111 AA (which owners LOVE) in sexy piano black (if you not prefer white) and produce a truly magnificent, ultra fast and musical bass... And this relatively tiny 43x32x38cm/hwd masterpiece goes all the way down to 20hz up 180hz... With help of a 10" front woofer with a big neodym magnet, driven by a 700 watt/rms amp, controlled by a 3-band parametric equalizer, smart servo electronic and two big front ports... Then are there even smaller subs from other brands, but they sound clearly worse or have not as deep bass... "Very dynamic, very loud and goes very deep" & "You get clean, articulate chest crushing bass from these little monsters" 19.5kg, but they need 50 hours playing to "open" up, are innovated in Sweden and made in China, came 2019 new 6tkr2024 and I seen used (probably because of angry neighbours) from only 3000sek

And the very similar... XTZ SUB 10.17 85-109 AA are practically the same as the amazing 10.17 Edge above, except 500w/rms (that the owners also LOVE) and this version goes just as deep... "Swedish HiFi and Music mag wrote - Clearly better, compared with (the twice as expensive) SVS SB-2000 & REL T/7i or (at same price) Dynavoice Thunder T-12" but they need 50 hours playing to "open" up, are innovated in Sweden and made in China, came 2017 new 6tkr2024 and I seen used from 1800sek

Monolith by Monoprice M-12 v2 12in THX certified Ultra 500 90-106 B (many Love) in black with facet edges, have a 12" woofer that goes down to 20hz (test at -6db) up 200hz, dist only 1% at 20-100hz, 58x43x60cm/hwd (so it is one of the biggest) 500w/rms "high calibre performance" 44.7kg Came 2017 new 800usd2024
** BUT the amazing XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge cost even less, plus have smarter controls, a stronger amp and a clearly more sexy look...

SVS BP-1000 Pro 95-102 B (owners Love) in black, have a 12" and 10" woofer, that goes down to 17hz (!!) up 270hz 48x38x51cm/hwd 325w/rms "Fantastic" 19.3kg came at 7500sek2021 was 8200sek2022 new 10990sek2024


I do not like in ear headphones or wireless headphones, you have to charge... So this recommendations is ONLY for headphones you connect to something, instead of loudspeakers...
Then is it suddenly very few shops that sell those, so you can try and listen to different alternatives, even if it is very easy to buy them on line... But I manage to listen very carefully to the 20 most promising models under 200usd last year, with help of my special test MiniDisc and a portable MD player...
There are also a few models, especially from Sennheiser, AKG, Philips and Koss Porta Pro - that have a clearly less "boxy, cave like or hollow" sound... Which otherwise make the music sound, as the studio was a bathroom...

And the best value I found...
Are the ultra low cost "over ear" home headphones Philips SHP2000 which are an amazing bargain, with 98% perfect sound quality... They have 40mm big drivers, for 10hz to 23khz and sound especially very clear - with massive bass, delicate treble and are totally free from the too common "boxy, tube like or hollow" tint... Then are they black and 237g light, with big comfy ear covers and a double 2m cable... Finally give they 98db/mW and handle 50mW so they can play 115db but need more power than most, at incredible 149sek 2018... But they are suddenly impossible to find anywhere, so you have to buy the silver version Philips SHP2500 that have two 5 meters looong cables (so you can use them with a TV set) and did only cost 193sek 2024
Then are Sennheiser HD 300 pro strong closed studio "over ear" headphones, that offer 96% perfect sound quality, with 6hz to 25khz and almost no "boxy" sound, some extra bass, they reduce external sound with 32db, have a sensitivity of 108db/mW and can play max 123db, are 62ohm, weight 297g, have one removable 150cm cable and did cost from 1889sek 2024
And Sennheiser HD 560S are open ventilated "over ear" headphones, that owners LOVE and they offer 93% perfect sound quality, with 6hz to 38khz, very little "boxy" sound and the strong 40mm drivers are angled to sound more like loudspeakers, they are 110db/mW sensitive and 120ohm, weight 240g, have one removable 300cm looong cable and did cost from 1795sek 2024

Then have we a BIG problem, because the following headphones is actually slightly better and they was anyhow dramatically cheaper (!!) but they was removed from the market and are now very very hard to find...
Sennheiser PX-100 II which was a new version of the classic "on ear" PX100 with a finer black (or white) design and the same exceptional clean, open and very natural sound... That especially sound less "boxy, tube like or hollow" than most headphones from Japan... You get also deep strong bass and silky clean high treble (15-27.000hz) with every detail and totally about 99% perfect sound quality... Because they could sound a bit wider, but headphones with even higher sound quality are extremely expensive... They sound actually very similar to the 88% Koss Porta Pro and offer especially cleaner treble... Yes, many happy owner did also compare with Porta Pro and love the clearly finer sound, plus the fact that PX100 not get stuck in the hair... They are in addition very comfortable, foldable and very sensitive, at 114db/mW and 32 ohm... But they offer also little more bass, than the earlier PX100 that I have and that might be too much bass for some... And if you happen to pull the cable hard, may it also break more easy... Then are this headphones open, so you will hear a lot more of any surrounding noise AND vital traffic sounds... But you don't have to worry about other people, they will actually NOT hear your music or even some "tss tss" as long as you not play dangerous loud... And they did only costs 390sek 2013 - but they are now almost impossible to find... Except on eBay for over 1000sek 2024 - but they are actually worth that!

But you should AVOID following popular headphones... Sennheiser HD 25 and ii - which sound metallic Audio Technica ATH-M50 that also sound metallic Beyerdynamics DT 770 that sound too "boxy" Grado SR60e that sound just 88% good Grado SR80x that also sound just 88% good

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Subwoofers Headphones Equalizers CD players
Music recording - Lossless, MP3 and MiniDisc... Plus why not DAT, CDr or
a Cassette recorder
Mini Systems Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!

Click a picture, to see the big one!

My magnificent Yamaha RX-A1030 Aventage AV receiver - with the most detailed natural sound,
in test after test and a lovely 7 band manual (or auto) digital parametisk equalizer

Home Cinema Receivers

AV Receivers We recommend only receivers with excellent sound quality, for both cinema and music... With Dolby Digital, DTS and normally over 5x80 watt at 8ohm or 5x110 w at 4ohm, see more about watt measurements below... They have also ProLogic IIx that can "play" old stereo as fine surround.
About the best makers / brands of AV Receivers...Yamaha make the finest and most reliable alternatives (in every price segment) since 2013 and they give mainly a more open natural sound, with finer details... Marantz come second, but the most expensive Denon receivers are exactly the same inside as Marantz, at a lover cost and yes, they have the same owner... But the budget Denon models have cheaper components, get often very warm and are less reliable... Then is Onkyo / Integra very powerful and the finest models have about the same sound quality as Marantz / Denon, but they are also the most unreliable... Many owners had big problems with them... And Pioneer is simply not of the same class, anymore and they have also the same owner as Onkyo... And finally cost Anthem a lot more than they offer.
So the best home cinema receivers, from a very low price up to rather expensive...
Are made by Yamaha and they are mainly famous for their very natural and high quality sound, with more details... Even in their budget receivers and especially the more expensive models... They does not always win a group test, but serious experts write almost always that Yamaha have the best sound quality, with more details or a clearly more open / natural sound... Year after year, since 2013
And a fine receiver must also have a fine digital equalizer, that you can adjust manually, for a perfect natural sound at home... Because a few "budget" models have now an excellent digital equalizer, for every channel and sometimes even fine bass and treble controls, that you can use in surround mode. And a fine equalizer is extremely valuable, because it can give you a dramatically more open natural sound and especially remove the ordinary "boxy" cave like sound effect, you still find in most CD and vinyl recordings (but almost never in modern films, maybe because movies should sound life like and realistic) if you only set the EQ right... And even if you have speakers, that give a very natural and "box free" sound, can you adjust any bad room acoustic or optimize the bass, with a fine equalizer... Click here to read about the advantages with an equalizer, in a new window...
And then has some badly construct receivers a fan, that can become noisy... See more what's extra important, just under my recommendations...
I will also list some older models here (as long they sound just as good as the last ones) because you can find finer Yamaha models at extremely low prices second hand and some shop might suddenly sell one at an extra low price, making that one the best choice... As long as it have Atmos - but even older models can naturally be excellent, if you simply don't want to put speakers in the roof (?!?) so you really can use Atmos... I absolutely not want that, for example... And yes, a fine reciever that many only use for a home cinema, once or twice a week, can actually be as new and a truly excellent second hand bargin...
Remember finally that a fine basic Cinema Receiver, costs now about the same as a fine amplifier (partly because stereo amplifers got very expensive) and that is actually amazing, when you get many more fine amplifiers and a lot of extra functions, plus a radio / tuner!

Click the picture, to see the big one!

My magnificent Yamaha RX-A1050 Aventage AV receiver
Another masterpiece with the most detailed natural sound

And the smartest way you can buy a great AV receiver now, year 2024 and the next 10 years, is to find one of the classic Yamaha Aventage AV receiver's - at a very low second hand price... Compared with the astronomic price, for a just as excellent and powerful brand new AV receiver... And you find these classic models, just below...
All of the following Aventage models have 4 smart scene keys (which make it very easy to select the source) lovely sound quality and a truly excellent 7 band digital parametric equalizer, which you can adjust manually or use automatically...
You must naturally check first, that a used receiver NOT have been working many hours every day... So just remember to check the remote, that normally show any heavy use... But then can you rather easy get Ultra Quality sound for only 15to 33% if you compare with the new dramatically higher price (!!) just as I did with my RX-A1030, A1050 and A30303 Aventage...
Yes, I did only pay 10tsek (about 950usd 2024) for those THREE amazing machines and only ONE new (of this high class) cost from 14tsek, for the same as A1030 to over 40tsek, for practically the same as the "monster receiver" A3030 *hehe*
The huge RX-A20xx and RX-A30xx models are both "monster receivers" with minimum 140 to 150 watt power and are very similar, but the slightly bigger A30xx version use more electricity and get warmer - so I value them the same... But you can naturally value RX-A30xx models higher!
And even the first masterpiece on the list - Yamaha RX-A830 is a magnificent and very powerful receiver, as you can see below... So the models you should look for is practically any of the following masterpieces and the "from" price is simply the lowest price I seen some times... Which naturally is a fantastic bargain price, for a very little used Aventage and the "worth" price is a very fair price...

Yamaha RX-A830 (was my main receiver for 8 years... And A830 is celebrated by expert magazines and loved by many owners for it's brilliant sound quality... Offer minimum 100w8ohm 20hz-20khz at 0.09% dist, 140wDyn8ohm 160w4ohm at 0.9%, 180wDyn6ohm 210wDyn4ohm 250wDyn2ohm, only 0.06% dist at 50w, S/N aux 100db, damping factor for more exact bass 100, have 8st HDMI (that support 4K Ultra HD Pass-through and upscaling) and 2 HDMI out, Phono / turntable amplifier, 2 usb contacts, zone 2, AirPlay, 7.2 channels pre out, all channels are equipped with 192 kHz 24-bit Burr Brown DAC, 435x171x369mm, it never get hot and weight 10.5kg) came year 2013 seen from 2tsek worth over 4tsek
Yamaha A840 year 2014 seen from 2500sek worth over 4500sek
Yamaha A1030 (my main receiver - that offer 7.2 channels 110w8ohm stereo 20-20khz at max 0.06%, 135wDyn8ohm 165wDyn6ohm 170w4ohm 210wDyn4ohm 280wDyn2ohm, only 0.04% dist at 70w, max 0.0038% at 5w (!!) damping factor for more exact bass 150 (and 168 in test) 0.02% dist phono, S/N phono 81/86db aux 100db, 70db 0,5% stereo radio, has 192kHz/24-bit DAC by ESS SABRE Premier (ES9006) HDMI in 8 out 2, Analogue To HDMI up conversion, Phono, Audio in: 4 rca 1 coax 1 opt, AV in: 4 rca 4 S-Video 2 aux 2 opt, AV out: 1 rca 1 Svideo 1 opt, Zone 2, 2 usb, Lan network, 435x182x432mm 15.1kg) came year 2013 seen from 2500sek worth over 4500sek
Yamaha A850 year 2015 seen from 3tsek worth over 5tsek
Yamaha A1040 year 2014 seen from 3tsek worth over 5tsek
Yamaha A2030/A3030 (and I have one RX-A3030 as reserve - which offer 9.2 channels and give 2x150w8ohm 20-20khz, 0.06%, 2x165w8ohm 0.9% FTC, 230wDyn8ohm 230w4ohm 0.9% 295wDyn4ohm and 410wDyn2ohm, only 0.04% dist at 70w and 0.0038% dist at 5w, S/N 86db/phono 100db/aux, 192kHz/24-bit dac by ESS SABRE32 Ultra (ES9016) + ESS SABRE Premier (ES9006) Have time Domain Jitter Eliminator in SABRE32 and Ultra low jitter PLL circuitry in SABRE, 150 damping factor (test say 168) HDMI in: 8 out 2, Phono, Audio in: 4 rca 1 coax 1 opt, AV in: 4 rca 4 S-Video 2, Analogue to HDMI up conversion, Aux: 2 opt, AV out: 1 rca 1 Svideo 1 opt, Two Zone, 2 usb, Lan network, 435x192x467mm 18.2kg) came year 2013 seen used from 4tsek worth over 5tsek
Yamaha A860 (have Atmos) year 2016 seen from 3500sek worth over 5500sek
Yamaha A1050 (first with Atmos, one of mine... minimum 7x110w8ohm 20Hz-20kHz 0.06%, 120w6ohm, 170w4ohm, 135wDyn8ohm 165wDyn6ohm 210wDyn4ohm 280wDyn2ohm, only 0.04% dist at 55w, 150 damping factor, has everything A1030 have plus only 110db S/N aux and 95db MM, 435x182x439mm 14.9kg) year 2015 seen from 3500sek worth over 5500sek
Yamaha A2040/A3040 (9x150w8ohm, test 208w Dyn8ohm 348w Dyn4ohm 480w Dyn2ohm 20kg) year 2014 seen from 4500sek worth over 5500sek
Yamaha A1060 year 2016 seen from 4tsek worth over 6tsek
Yamaha A2050/A3050 year 2015 seen from 5tsek worth over 6tsek
Yamaha A870 (first with dab+ and offer 7x100w8ohm/rms 130wDyn8ohm 195wDyn4ohm 240wDyn2ohm & in test 172wDyn8ohm 260wDyn4ohm 291wDyn2ohm, 110db/aux 96db/mm 0.06% DAB+ FM bluetooth 10.5kg) year 2017 seen from 4500sek worth over 6500sek
Yamaha A2060/A3060 year 2016 seen from 5500sek worth over 6500sek
Yamaha A880 (offer 7x100w8ohm/rms 130wDyn8ohm 195wDyn4ohm 240wDyn2ohm, 110db/aux 96db/mm at 0.06% DAB+ FM tuner 11kg) year 2018 seen from 5tsek worth over 7tsek
Yamaha A1070 (7 channels 110w8ohm & in test 187wDyn8ohm 297wDyn4ohm 355wDyn2ohm 15kg) year 2017 seen from 5tsek worth over 7tsek
Yamaha A1080 (7 channels 110w8ohm/rms) year 2018 seen from 5500sek worth over 7500sek
Yamaha A2070/A3070 (9x150w8ohm/rms) year 2017 seen from 6500sek worth over 7500sek
Yamaha A2080 (9x140w8ohm & in test 230wDyn8ohm 368wDyn4ohm 468wDyn2ohm!! 17kg Offer slightly more detailed sound than both Denon AVR-X4500H och ONKYO TX-RZ1100) year 2018 seen from 7tsek worth over 9tsek
Yamaha A3080 (ultra quality sound, offer 9x150w at 8ohm & in test 219wDynamic8ohm 368wDun 4ohm 511wDyn 2ohm, 20kg) year 2018 seen from 8tsek worth over 9500sek ** Observe that the latest Yamaha (the ugly black box RX-A8A) with the same 150 watt and no advantage (except 2 extra channels) cost today over 42tsek!!

Then have we a "secret" list with the finest V models, which are practically the same as the exclusive Aventage models, when they have the same first two digits and year... V1077 year 14 is for example practically the same as A1040 and share even the same users manual... So you may also look for...
Yamaha V1077 year 2014 worth over 2500sek
Yamaha V2077/V3077 year 2014 worth over 3tsek
Yamaha V1079 year 2015 (same as A1050) worth over 3tsek
Yamaha V2079/V3079 year 2015 worth over 3500sek
Yamaha V1081 year 2016 (same as A1060) worth over 3500sek
Yamaha V2081/V3081 year 2016 worth over 4tsek
Yamaha V783 year 2017(dab) worth over 4tsek
Yamaha V1083 year 2017 (same as A1070) worth over 4500sek
Yamaha V2083/V3083 year 2017 worth over 5tsek
Yamaha V785 year 2018 worth over 4500sek
Yamaha V1085 year 2018 worth over 5tsek
Yamaha V2085/V3085 year 2018 worth over 5500 and 6tkr

Yamaha and quality... Very few owners (in percent) have any problems with their Yamaha receivers... But Yamaha have sold tons of these masterpieces and they are very complicated machines, so there are anyhow many that must be repaired and after 20 years, must some even be renovated...
And when you move a Yamaha AV receiver from cold to warm, may it refuse to start the first 10 to 30 minutes, to avoid that condense damage the machine... And you should NEVER place any HiFi equipment outdoors, or in a cold damp cellar!

And late 2013 was following the finest basic alternatives and you can now buy them (and similar 2014 to 2018 models) at extremely low second hand prices... 2014Yamaha RX-V375 that only costs 1900sek2013 and anyhow offer very high sound quality, a real manual adjustable 7 band equalizer (+/-6db in 0.5db steps at 63, 160, 400hz, 1, 2.5, 6.3, 16 khz - for each channel) which they name "GEQ" in the owners manual (and you normally need for a perfect natural sound at home) plenty of power for most (2x70w at 8ohm 20hz to 20khz 0.09% thd) four HDMI inputs (version 1.4) lipsync audio delay (0-250ms) automatic room calibration and it look even good in black... But it has "only" 5.1 channels and no video upscaling...
Then is Denon AVR-X1000 a slightly greater alternative - with a more advanced 9 band manual adjustable equalizer from Audyssey (the MultEQ version, with 63, 125, 250, 500hz plus 1, 2, 4, 8, 16hz adjustabe -20 to +6db) and very happy owners, that love the very high sound quality... So it may be the best compromise, at 3000sek2013... Then has this 5.1 receiver 5x120 watt at 6 ohm, four HDMI v1.4a inputs, but just 6db bass and treble controls - in addition to the extra fine equalizer... And the newer Denon AVR-X1100W that came 2014 seem to be basically the same, with slightly less power (min 80w 2channels 8ohm) for 7.1 speakers...
And for a very good price, was the best alternative... The magnificent Onkyo TX-NR616 that offer a truly delicate and impressive sound, actually like sublime separate stereo amplifiers (according to many happy owners) plus 3D support and 8 hdmi 1.4a inputs, at only 3333sek 2013... Other improvements include 7.2 channel power, 7x160w at 6ohm (or 210w at 4ohm) and THX Select2 Plus certification... Plus Faroudja video upscaling to 1080p or 4k (!) and the Audyssey DSX soundstage expansion. Then has it also a 5 band Audyssey 2EQ equalizer (+-6db at 63, 250hz, 1, 4, and 16 khz) for every channel, that you can adjust manually (which you need for perfect sound at home and the lower cost models from Onkyo has NOT this manual option) or first set automatically before you fine adjust and it has in addition fine bass & treble controls (+-10db at around 50hz and 20khz) for the "main" front speakers, that also work in surround mode...
BUT remember that the following two models 626 and 636 did NOT seem to have any manually adjustable equalizer!

How to select the BEST receiver, but first why is Yamaha is the best alternative?!?
Yamaha offer simply a more detailed, open and natural sound - according to many deep reviews and the very happy owners... A few models from other brands can sound as fine, especially from Denon and Onkyo - but they don't use to sound finer, at the same price and some don't offer a manually adjustable digital equalizer, so you can't erase the last tinny / boxy "effect" in the sound... Or make exact adjustments, if you don't have perfect loudspeakers (with a very "boxy" free sound) and a perfect room, that fit perfect together...
Harman/Kardon are normally slightly too expensive and especially Marantz, who actually is exactly the same inside as Denon models... They have the same owner and are built in the same factories, but Marantz cost anyhow a lot more... Panasonic (who make Technics) Pioneer and JVC are never as good as the above, at same price... Even if some of the more expensive Pioneer receivers are rather fine... Rotel make very fine receivers, except some strange details, as the fact that they don't have any Headphone connector on most models!
Warning! Some models turn also off the basic tone controls, when you select home cinema and that can be a BIG problem, if you want to temporarily want to adjust the bass or treble... And if you sometimes have a "dull" hearing in the morning, is it also good tho have a treble control (as Yamaha Aventage has) you easy can adjust...
You should also check... That your next receiver (or extra amplifier) has every connections you may need... For the digital TV box, DVD, BluRay, DAB tuner and old HiFi video... Plus maybe old record player, CD, MD recorder and DV camera... Some have actually very few inputs... Then is it a lot more convenient with buttons / keys (only a few have) to select the input / source, especially if you have the equipment right beside you... But most have at least 4 "scene buttons" and you can fix more keys and stereo inputs - with an extra old fine preamplifier or amplifier, that have input keys and then connect any anlouge stereo source to that one, as I do!
And it is also nice, if the receiver (or extra amplifier) can drive two pair of front speaker, so you can have as good sound in the bedroom or why not fine "mono" sound, in two extra rooms!!
A real loudness function, is also very good to have... Like the "Audyssey Dynamic EQ" some models I recommend above has... Yes, you hear a lot less bass and treble, at low volumes and with a real loudness, don't you need to adjust the tone controls, as soon you change the volume... Audiophiles don't like loudness because they believe you always should enjoy the music at the same high level it was recorded (their neighbour may NOT agree) and then may you not need loudness... But then must you live in a villa, with a rather big garden, or have very friendly neighbours. Click here to read even more about loudness, in the HiFi school...

And how much power in watt, do you actually need?!
A truly MAGNIFICENT orchestral crescendo, produce only 84db even if you sit at only 20 meters distance and you need only 2 watt (!) even if your speakers have the low sensitivity of 87db at 1 watt at 1 meter, to play 84db loud at 3.2 meters distance (which indoors reduce max -6db from 1 meter) at your home!
And the sound volume in a disco (close to the dance floor) are in average 98db... And fine sensitive speakers (which give 92db with 1 watt at 1 meter) give actually 99db with only 20 watt on 3.2 meters distance... My ultra sensitive 101dbWm speakers give also 99db with less than 3 watt... And low sensitive 88dbWm speakers give also 99db with only 50 watt...
And if you want to play a little bit louder than that, which is 3db more on music, do you need twice as many watt and if you want to play twice as loud, which is 10db higher, do you need 10 times as many watt... And you can read a lot more about Decibel in my deep HiFi school...
Note also that the watt numbers above, was in 20-20khz FTC and the watt numbers should be almost double as high, if they are measured as Dynamic Watt.

Then is it very important to remember that (almost) any amplifier can kill your loudspeakers, if you simply turn up the volume too high... And that is why you can lock the max volume, with some smart receivers and amplifiers...
If the amplifier / receiver is specified lower than the speakers, will a too high volume make the amplifier begin to clip (distort extremely) and possibly kill your speakers... Yes, even a 10w amplifier can kill 300w speakers, that way... So in that case, should you listen very carefully for any "extra metallic" sounds, at high volumes and directly turn down the volume...
And if the amplifier have higher watt in FTC than the speakers are specified to handle, will you also damage the speakers in different ways IF you play at a higher volume than the speakers can handle... But you can normally never hear that damage, before your speakers begin to always sound worse... And the only ways to avoid that, is either to never play loud OR buy a good DB meter and use the speakers sensitivity rating (in DB for 1 watt and that number, plus 20db for 100 watt) in relation to how many watt it handle, to figure out a safe max volume!

Then have we the problem with very different WATT power specifications...
Because Watt are measured in very different ways.... A strong receiver or amplifier may give 110 watt 8ohm (at 20-20khz 0.07%dist) normally called FTC and 115 watt 8ohm RMS (continuously power) and 125 watt 8ohm DIN / IEC (at 1khz 1%dist) and 150w4ohmFTC and 170wDynamic8ohm (sometimes called peak power) and 180w4ohm IEC and 210wDynamic6ohm and 300wDynamic4ohm and 325 watt dynamic in 2 ohm and all that data is for the same Pioneer M-73 power amplifier...
Which may make you very confused... But the dynamic watt is the max rather clean peak power, without any ugly clip of the music and "FTC" is the finest / hardest way (at 20hz to 20khz within 0.07 percent distortion, for a long time) to measure... But many companies do not show the lower fine FTC numbers, especially for low cost receivers... So simply compare the same type / kind of watt, at the same OHM number your speaker show on the back OR select after the dynamic watt (at right Ohm) that normally show the limit you will hear...
And then are watt only measured / tested on 1 or 2 channels, even if AV receivers have 5.1 to 11.2 channels... Because they use a test tone and the electrical transformer and the power system can normally not drive all channels at the highest effect, at the same time... But music change naturally all the time, so music normally never use all channels to max, at the same time... So that is only a theoretical problem!
Then MUST your receiver (or extra amplifier) handle the ohm your speakers give, otherwise can the power section melt down! And the minimum ohm you need, depend naturally on which speaker you use (or want later) and it's extra good if the amplifier can handle minimum 2 ohms, because some 4ohm speakers goes sometimes down to 3ohm... But almost no speakers goes lower than 2 ohm.

Legendary or Amazing Historic Receivers

Click a picture, to see the big one!

B&O Beomaster 4000 stereo receiver, with a very ergonomic high tech design - made in Denmark

The majestic JVC RX-1001V Digifine - with more keys, than any other receiver in history
and a truly sexy high tech design - that I actually did own and I did also
love the glowing orange display, but it was sadly very noisy!

A truly AMAZING car stereo receiver, with CD player and VU meters, from Panasonic

Sony TA-E2000ESD - One of the most sophisticated AV preamplifier ever made - with a 3 band
parametric plus minus 12db digital equalizer, 12 input keys and excellent ergonomics

Technics SA-TX30 with extremely delicious design and lovely big VU meters, but it's S/N is only 70db!

Yamaha RX-496 is a very sexy stereo receiver, with a delicate ergonomic
high tech design and I also love the glowing orange display!

Yamaha DSP-A1 a famous old AV amplifier, from 1997 with the glowing orange display, that I love!

Yamaha DSP-A1 a famous old AV amplifier, from 1997 with the glowing orange display, that I love!

Yamaha DSP-Z7 another great old AV amplifier, from 2009 with the glowing orange display, that I love!

Yamaha DSP-Z7 another great old AV amplifier, from 2009 with the glowing orange display, that I love!

Yamaha DSP-Z7 another great old AV amplifier, from 2009 with the glowing orange display, that I love!

This is the biggest AV receiver ever - Denon AVR-5805 that came 2005 with 7x170w8ohm and 45kg

The backside of the biggest AV receiver ever - Denon AVR-5805

This is the majestic AV preaamplifier Denon AVP-A1HDCI & the minimum
10x150w 8ohm and 10x300w 4ohm Power amplifier POA-A1 that came 2008

And this is the back of the ultra impressive AV preaamplifier Denon AVP-A1HDCI &
the minimum 10x150w 8ohm and 10x300w 4ohm Power amplifier POA-A1

And the same back, for the silver version

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Subwoofers Headphones AV Receivers CD players
Music recording - Lossless, MP3 and MiniDisc... Plus why not DAT, CDr or
a Cassette recorder
Mini Systems Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!


A fine equalizer is normally vital for a truly natural sound... You may click here to read why you REALLY need a fine equalizer and see exactly how to use it, in our HIFI school... And Yamaha was finally the only company that did sell a really fine separate HiFi equalizer, which was not too expensive... But they only make very expensive professional equalizers, today!

So there are now only 3 ways to buy a fine equalizer, under 500usd/euro...

1 Most fine AV receivers and especially Yamaha have since 2013 excellent manually adjustable DIGITAL equalizers, for each speakers... And that is absolutely perfect for the basic adjustment and settings!

2 But if you want a second equalizer, to adjust bad CD or vinyl recordings, are there very few NEW alternatives, under 500usd/euro... And the only new alternatives, are rather fine "studio" equalizers... Just remember that a fine separate equalizer should have minimum s/n 96db and max distortion 0.01% to not reduce the sound quality and ONLY studio or HiFi equalizer's with 10 band sliders or more, use to have finer specifications...

And you can still buy the brand new...
Behringer Ultragraph pro FBQ1502HD (many owners love, but almost bad specifications) B design, mainly black, 44mm slim 2x 15 band +-12db with red diods, s/n 94db/20hz20khz 0.006% stereo sep 65db, 483x150mmWD from 1299sek 2024
DBX 1215 pro studio equalizer (but some point out quality problems) B design, dark grey 2x 15 band +-15db (!) dist 0.005% s/n 97db (the same with 31 band was max 0.001% over 101db max 9v out, min 100db channel sep - in test) 10hz50khz 89x483x201mmHWD no direct RCA connectors 4738sek 2024
Or the very popular DBX 215 (owners love, but some point out quality problems) E design 44mm slim, but ONLY in silver 2x 15 band +-12db s/n 98db dist 0.003% 483x152mmWD from 1960sek 2024 or dramatically more expensive music studio equalizers...

Then would a fine separate DIGITAL equalizer (except computer plugin's) be a clearly better alternative... But they are strangely incredible expensive OR rather problematic...
As the Behringer DEQ2496 UltraCurve pro which sometimes get too warm and then may die (!) but you can open it and put "mini RAM heat sinks" on each chip / processor... Because then is it excellent with +-15db 31 band graphic EQ or 10 band parametric equalizer, Big display and many memos, dist just 0.0053% and s/n -100db, only 44.5mm slim (and 482.6x215mm) but has only XLR connections (there are adaptors) did cost from 200 euro 2024 and is hard to find...
And the dream equalizer Behringer DEQ1024 (in the picture below) would actually be even better, with 31 band as +-12db stereo sliders, s/n 104db, dist only 0,004% and ok 22-22000hz IF it did work fine BUT many have problems, it's 89mm high 483x135mmWD cost from 180 euro 2024 and it's also extremely hard to find...

Click the picture, to see the big one!

The dream equalizer Behringer DEQ1024 ultragraph IF it did work fine BUT many have problems!

Yes, you can also buy one extra Yamaha AV receiver, that have an manually adjustable digital equalizer... But that receiver MUST also have "pre out" connections - because it's output goes otherwise ONLY to speakers and not even to headphones... And that will be a rather clumsy solution, because the height and especially the fact that you must view the setting on a separate monitor!

Click the picture, to see the big one!

Yamaha GE-60 - the finest analogue equalizer ever made, with double plus & minus 15db sliders...
But that setting, with most sliders above zero, is very VERY wrong!

3 Then was finest makers of home HiFi equalizer's (with minimum 10 band sliders) Yamaha, Denon, Luxman, Sansui, Technics, Onkyo and Kenwood...

And I can especially recommend following second hand HiFi equalizers...
Yamaha GE-60 A design, in black, spectrum display, 10 stereo band with red diods +-15db 110dbAihf 0.005% 10-100khz, stereo output level, variable 5-30hz subsonic, 2 tape, rumble filter, made 85-86
Yamaha GE-40 A design, in black (mine) 10 stereo band with red diods +-15db 110dbAihf 0.005% 10-100khz, stereo output level, variable 5-30hz subsonic 112x435x275mmHWD 3.7kg, made 85-86
Denon DE-70 A design, in black, 12 stereo band with diods, behind a big window +-12db 113db 0.003% 10-200khz 2 tape, 2 monitor, 2 rec out, output level, max out 8v 132x434x300mmHWD 6kg made 87-90 **OBS - My friend bought one, that was very noisy (!) but that might been a broken machine or bad connection - because this very advanced equalizer got glorious reviews and seem to be a true masterpiece! So if YOU have one, please contact me to clarify this...
Luxman G100 (my third) A design, in black, 2x 10 band without diods 110db 0.003% midnight compressor, 2 step expander, outlevel, max9v out, 96x438x238mmHWD was 1350sek made 86-88
Luxman G-250 A design, golden, 2x 10band without diods max5v 118db 0.005% 2-70khz 111x453x270mmHWD 5.2kg made 84
Sansui SE-77 (my second) A design, dark grey 2x12band with red diods 110db 0.005% max5v 2tape 430x76x253mm was 2tsek made 85-88
Luxman g111 A design, black, red spectrum display, 2x 10band without diods 2tape max9v 105db 0.0035% 10-50khz 76x438x234mmHWD 3kg 2tsek made 90
Yamaha EQ-550 A design, black, golden spectrum display, 2x 10band with red diods (+-12db but show +-5 scale) 105db 0.005% 10-35khz outlevel & subsonic 102x435x232mmHWD 3.7kg, was 2500sek made 91-01
Yamaha EQ-630 A design, black, red spectrum display, 2x 10keys move band, 4memo, 105db 0.006% 10-50khz 122x435x271mmHWD 3.5kg made 89-91
Sansui SE-80 A design, dark grey, orange (sometimes blue) spectrum display 2x 10band with diods 110db 0.008% 10-100khz 2tape 112x430x223mmHWD 3.3kg made 88-91
Technics SH-8065 A design, dark brown 2x 33band with red diods 100db 110db/ihf 0.0025% max8v 153x430x330mmHWD 6.6kg made 82-89
Technics SH-8045 A design, dark brown, ultra slim 5cm 2x 12band with red diods 100db 110db/ihf 0.005% max8v 5x43x24cmHWD 2.6kg made 83-85

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Subwoofers Headphones AV Receivers Equalizers
Music recording - Lossless, MP3 and MiniDisc... Plus why not DAT, CDr or
a Cassette recorder
Mini Systems Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!

CD players

Yes... CD deck become suddenly vital again (!) when I discover that you can't even see what CD track you play (!!!) when you try to use a BluRay player, as your CD player... And if you like to record some track, is it also very nice to see how long time it's left - but you can't do that either - even with a very fine BluRay player, that have RCA stereo out!! And it is also very convenient to have a full display - that show you track number, time and a track calendar - at the same time...
And if you have the CD player close (so you normally not use the remote) is a "track selector knob" or "jog dial" extremely nice to have
But today's CD player have very little of that very nice and actually basic functionality... They normally ONLY show what track you are playing and some can also show the remaining track time... But if you anyhow want to buy a brand new one, do I only recommend - Pioneer PD-30AE from 3500sek 2024 (optical and coax digital out, adjustable headphone jack, came 2016, smooth quiet drive mechanism, 5.3kg "sound better than any player up to £1000" & "The quality of the digital output from PD-30AE was extremely high, with very low levels of jitter" remote RC-947C) Yamaha S-303 from 4500sek 2024 (but many have problem with this one) or Denon, if you not want a rather ugly NAD... And the dramatically more expensive Marantz is simply a fine Denon inside...
*** But avoid the promising Pioneer PD-10AE because it begin skipping / jump in CD's for too many!

So it may be best if you find a truly excellent second hand machine that NOT is used a lot and you can often see that on the remote control... And fine CD players made after 1997 use to sound VERY similar...

Close up on my cute Sony CDP-XB720 QS and very black CD player - which especially offer a smart
track selecting knob, track calendar and can show how long time is left, when you record!

And I can especially recommend the following fine Sony CD players from 1998 and later - because they have normally a track selector knob, just as only six fine Denon and four Pioneer, you can read about below...
Sony cdp-xb720 QS (mine main) A design in black alu, cd text, s/n102db dyn98db 0.0035% sep100db 2hz20khz koaxDig 115x430x290mmHWD 4.8kg remote RM-DX50 (and RM-DX740 work) 4* in whatHiFi 1998-99
Sony cdp-xb820 QS B design in black alu (don't need puck) cd text, dyn99db 0.0027% sep103db 2hz to 20khz 115x430mmHW koaxDig 5kg remote RM-DX50 1998-00
Sony cdp-xb740qs QS A design in black alu (look as xb720qs) 115mm high, dyn98db 0.0035% 4.8kg 2001-03
Sony scd-xe670 B design SACD 95mm high, triangle design, white text & round keys 2001-03
Sony scd-xb940qs B design SACD black alu 115mm high 2000-2
Sony scd-xb770qs B design SACD (rare in black) round keys 2hz20khz dyn cd 99db sacd 104db CD mechanism: KHM-230AAA 111mm 2001-2
Sony scd-xb780qs B design SACD (rare) 2hz20khz dyn cd 99db dyn sacd 104db dist cd 0.002% dist sacd 0.018% CD mechanism: KHM-234AMA 111mm 2002-03
Sony scd-xa333es A design SACD 130mm high, light golden/black 2001-03
Sony scd-xa777es A design SACD light golden/black orange/green display, round keys (are NOT the same as the very strange scd-777es year 2001) 2hz20khz dyn cd 100db sacd 108db CD mechanism: KHM-230AAA 130mm high 2001-03
Sony dvp-ns9100es B design Expensive and ONLY seen in silver SACD 2002-07
Sony scd-xb790qs B design in black SACD 2hz20khz dyn cd 99db sacd 104db dist cd 0.002% sacd 0.018% CD mechanism: KHM-234AMA 111x430x283mmHWD 5.8kg 2003-04
Sony scd-xa1200es C design - Maybe ONLY in SILVER - SACD folded front 2007
Sony scd-xa3000es B design SACD 130mm high light golden/black, white text, folded front 2003-05
Sony scd-xa5400es B design SACD black folded front, do NOT have track calendar 2hz20khz (sacd 2hz50khz) dyn cd 100db sacd 110db dist cd 0.0017% sacd 0.0012% 2008-16
Sony scd-xa9000es B design Very expensive SACD 138mm high, golden/black, green text, folded front 2hz20khz dyn cd 100db sacd 108db CD mechanism: KHM-230AAA made 2003-08
Sony dvp-ns999es (minimum 5 letters green text, no calendar) gold SACD y03-04 114mm 2003
Sony scd-xe597 B design SACD 115mm black, a bit folded, white text 2004-07
Sony scd-xe600 A design SACD 95mm high 3,1kg light gold 2004
Sony scd-xe800 The last they made, B design SACD black folded front - do NOT have calendar 95x430mmHW 3,5kg made 2010

But some other Sony models (not any above) need a separate puck to hold down the CD record, which many simply don't like...
And I did actually buy three over 20 years old Sony's last year and the finest is on the photo above... Plus a brand new Denon, that I soon sold... And yes, they did all sound exactly the same (with two identical "Dark side of the moon" records) even in my very analytic headphones!

Two rather fine photos of the elegant Denon DCD-685 in black
which also have a smart track selector knob

But there are only six fine Denon's that have a smart easy track select knob...
Denon DCD-685 That possible is the SECOND most elegant CD player (with a smart Jog knob) ever made, A design in black/golden alu (have a black one, almost same style as 655 & 485 - CD Mechanism: KSS-213C) track calendar, speed / pitch adjustment, 100x434x285mmHWD s/n 110db dyn 100db dist 0.003% 2hz20khz sep 103db, display dimmer, output analog volume with remote: RC-266 3.6kg - But the black version has light blue display text, golden has white text, made from year 2001 to 2006
Denon DCD-1450AR A design (rare) gold/black 134mm high, track calendar 0.0025% dyn 100db 7kg made 1999-2005
Denon DCD-755AR A design in black/gold alu 100mm slim, dyn 100db s/n 110db 0.0025% 20 bit "Alpha" processing via Burr Browns PCM1702 DAC feeding into NEC C4570C op-amps 4kg - But blue display text, made 1999-2005
Denon DCD-1550AR A design in gold/black (rare in black) 134mm high, 0.0025% dyn 100db 7,4kg light blue display text, made 1998
Denon DCD-655 A design (same style as 755) black/golden alu, track calendar 100x434x285mmHWD s/n 107db dyn 98db 0.003% 4kg - But blue display text, made from year 2000
Denon DCD-485 (same as 685 with some less extra and lower data - CD Mechanism: KSS-213C) A design in black alu, track calendar, 100x434x285mmHWD s/n 105db dyn 98db dist 0.003% 2hz20khz sep 102db, display dimmer, output analog volume with remote: RC-266 3.4kg - But light blue display text, made from year 2001 to 2006

The ultra elegant Pioneer PD-S707 in black, that came 1998 and also have a smart track selector knob

The extra elegant Pioneer PD-HS7 in gold, that came 1998 and also have a smart track selector knob

And there are only four Pioneer's that have a smart track select knob...
Pioneer PD-S06 A design and possible is the most elegant CD player (with a smart Jog knob) ever made in golden alu, s/n113db dyn100db 0.0018% 4hz20khz 125x420x374mmHWD 10kg made 1997-01
Pioneer PD-HL5 A design and possible is the most elegant CD player (with a smart Jog knob) ever made in golden alu 128mm high 1998
Pioneer PD-HS7 A design and possible is the most elegant CD player (with a smart Jog knob) ever made in golden alu, white text, track calendar 128mm high 1998
Pioneer PD-S707 A design and possible is the most elegant CD player (with a smart Jog knob) ever made in black alu, white text, track calendar, s/n110db dyn99db 0.002% 2hz40khz 128x420x374mmHWD 7,2kg made 1998-01 and you can see above.

And otherwise can I also recommend the finest models from Yamaha, Marantz, Luxman, Teac, Technics and Onkyo (in that sound quality order) if they at least have a track calendar and direct keys for 12 to 24 tracks...

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Subwoofers Headphones AV Receivers Equalizers
CD players Mini Systems Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!

Music Recording

There have been many different systems to record music, from metal wire recorders which came 1920 to digital Lossless Flac - but the latest is simply the best... And I will first explain the systems main advantages and the tiny to huge problems...

Lossless data formats And especially the common FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec - 10 hours take 3 to 4GB) are the absolute best ways to record music, today and in the future IF you only have a good sound card... And you can read about the best alternatives below... Because uncompressed WAV files are twice as big and you can simply not hear any difference!

MiniDisc recorders Give you the easiest way to record with perfect CD quality and the cute MD disc's last also for millions of new recordings, so they last almost forever... But the production of MD recorders and the MD disc's was closed down before 2012 so you can only buy them second hand, today... You can read more about the advantages with MiniDiscs in my HiFi school and discover the finest MiniDisc recorders below...

DAT Was very popular among studio musician's and offer also CD quality... But DAT is a very complicated tape system, with a tiny drum like DV videos and is not very reliable... So MiniDisc is dramatically easier and more reliable... You can learn more about the problems with DAT in my HiFi school...

Recordable CD, DVD or BluRay disc's Are even more unreliable, because they dies after 1 to 20 years... Except the new lifetime archive grade M-disc's - but they are very expensive and only possible to record to once... You can learn more about the problems with DAT in my HiFi school...
HiFi videos Are actually very similar to DAT - but have the same problems and are not mainly made to record music...

The old cassette tape system Was finally a great alternative to Open reel tapes and some machine was especially magnificent... So you can click here to view my nice "legendary and amazing cassette recorders" gallery, in my HiFi school... But they offer clearly worse sound quality than any of the system above, mainly because the tape movement over the magnetic heads, always soften the details - even if the finest machines from Nakamichi and Denon finally did reduce this problem, so you finally could get a very fine sound quality...

Open Reel Tape Recorders Was the best alternative for studios until DAT came and many use still one inch open reel tape recorders... But you have still the same problem there, with the fact that the tape movement over the magnetic heads, always soften the details and the tapes don't last forever...

Lossless Data Recordings, MP3 and MiniDisc

First a short and VITAL explanation... The easy, safe and very high sound quality MiniDisc system died almost completely 2004 even if the recordable disc's was produced 8 more years... Okay, Tascam (the pro division of Teac) did release a new model October 2009 for studios - but the last major home deck recorders from Sony, came 2002 and the last portable recorder from Sharp, came 2004 and around 2012 did they finally stop making blank MD discs...
And the ONLY high quality music recording alternative today, is to make digital computer recordings, which naturally get best trough a fine sound card and you save the tracks best as lossless files to SSD, HDD or SD cards...
The minimum data format that give exactly the same HiFi quality as most fine CD recordings is to record with 190kbps MP3 - if the recording is made trough a fine sound card and are coded with Lame... And then give only Lossless Data or a MiniDisc deck with Atrac type R even higher sound quality...
And fine second hand MiniDisc machines, will naturally be more and more rare... And that is very sad, because MiniDisc has another great advantage, beside the excellent sound quality... The MD is extremely safe (reliable) and can be recorded (the most "damaging" action) over one million times... So it might actually be very smart to buy "old" but rarely used MiniDisc equipment (especially home decks) that just now are sold extremely cheap, in some countries...

So if you want to buy NEW music recording technology today... Is the only great way - to record Lossless with a computer, that have a fine internal or external sound card and listen with a fine portable player (with flash memory) with fine headphones, or connect the portable player to your HiFi equipment... And that give you five BIG advantages, over any old alternative...
1 You get the maximum sound quality, you actually can hear...
2 The player is portable (if you not want to spend more and get less) and normally so tiny, that you can always can bring it with you...
3 It is suddenly possible to always bring your complete music collection!
4 You music collection will never become worse and worse, with time and it will also be completely safe, if you only make security copies...
5 You can easy edit and manage many track, albums and music styles... Even more easy, than with a MiniDisc collection!
But then must you first record trough a fine internal or external sound card and with a fine encoder, lossless or at a rather high bitrate (see more below) and you should then copy the result to SEVERAL different SSD or HDD units...
Because any HDD units will crash after some time and even the latest SSD flash memory or SD cards begin also to die after 5.000 to 50.000 new writes (on the same sector / block and you can read unlimited times) which at least is much better than 10 years ago...
All flash memory write also to the next free sector, until the memory is full and does only note that a sector is ready for a new recording (in a non flash register) instead of writing over "deleted" parts and when every sector is used, does it begin again with the oldest "deleted" sector and that method give them as long life as possible. But some cheap cards hold only for 1000 new writes...
And Samsung came 2020 with Endurance Pro cards that at least last for about 50.000 writes... Then have Fuji memory chips that last for over 1 million write, since 10 years back - but they do NOT seem to sell those (in any way) to private customers!!
But ordinary recordable CD or DVD's are dramatically worse, with a lifetime from a few months to max 10 years, if you not use the very expensive Lifetime Archival M-disc that need a special BluRay writer and they are also write once, not twice...

And the best way, to listen to recorded music of very High Quality today (that not is silly expensive) is "simply" to record the music as lossless files and then use a fine to excellent portable DAP or Digital Audio Player... But there are first two things to observe... If you store only a part of your music collection in the players memory, can you not just change to another disc and another music style, whenever you want... So you need a player with room for your complete collection and extra space for the near future... Or just a player that take SD cards... And you need max 40GB for 100 hours (or 1500 four minutes tracks) FLAC made with VBR lossless audio of CD quality... Or 8.64GB for 100 hours of excellent quality MP3 at 192kbps... * Yes, around 192 kbps coded with LAME 3.98.2 and VBS at v2 sound exactly as the original with almost any music, according to very careful listening tests by "golden ears" who very easy hear artefacts and even 128 kbps (v5 setting) coded in the beast way, sound just as the original with most music, for most people... And 5.8GB is enough for 100 hours of rather fine quality MP3 at 128kbps...
Then are AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) a very popular alternative to MP3 made in Sweden, that sound similar at 160kbps (or even 128kbps) as MP3 at 192kbps... But 192kbs AAC sound actually worse, according to some experts!
So you need only a fine DAP - Digital Audio Player, with 40GB or 9GB free storage capacity OR a slot for SD cards - if you really want a very High Quality sound...
The main advantages with a really roomy mp3 player, is that you don't have to change the disc and it's rather easy to do a safety backup, to the secondary safety HDD disc or SD card... But you must then always do backups or loose everything you forgot to save, if the very sensitive hard disc brake OR when the flash memory's limited lifetime ends!
Then is it normally not possible to change the fine rechargeable battery (just as with most smartphones) so when the battery finally give a very short playing time - may your DAP become useless!

The finest ultra low budget Digital Audio Player or DAP that play FLAC and have a display is... 2024-0429SanDisk Sansa Clip Sport Go 32GB C class design, in black and only 57x57x37mm tiny... Offer high sound quality - even according to audiophile reviews, a simple 1.44 inch OLED screen and 32GB (enough for 80 hours or 1200 Flac tracks) internal memory, plus a slot for microSDXC cards (so you can easy make it more roomy) average 18 hours battery time and a fine equalizer, has FM radio functionality, USB connector and play MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC format, for just 650sek or about 60usd... **But HiBy R2 II HiRes DAP below offer dramatically higher sound quality, for only 89usd...
And you may even save money, if you select a very musical SmartPhone next time, with 64GB storage space or simply a slot for a SD card, which some dumb smartphones don't include... You may also look for a replaceable battery, even if most models don't offer that... And for models with OLED screen and extra big battery, because you will use your phone for more things... But smartphones offer also very different sound quality... So you should first check the best price offers, with help of a smart price comparing site (where you actually can find great phones from 150usd and many options under 300usd) and then check the sound quality in reviews at - www.GSMarena.com - and - www.phonearena.com/reviews
And the best mp3 player app's I found for Android is DubMusic (with a fine 5 band equalizer, but avoid the 10 band alternative) and for only EQ the app Music Volume.

And the finest portable HiRes Digital Audio Players or DAP under 360 usd/euro - that has very high sound quality (according to many deep reviews) a nice display and naturally play FLAC are...
2024-0429HiBy R2 II A class design, tiny and rounded in black polycarbonate (only 71x63x12mm 71g) with a multi function knob... Give a very clear, detailed, warm and clean HiRes sound, with deep bass and no noise... Hiby R3 II sound more dynamic and powerful, plus give little more details, but cost almost twice as much... R2 has also a fine 10 band EQ and advanced sound adjustment settings, a ES9219C audio DAC, 2.45 inch 480x360 ultra bright colour screen,1000mAh battery with amazing 12-15 hour life in test, fast nice OS, plus WiFi and streaming... 3.5mm headphone jack (0.0005% and max power 90mW which is enough with many headphones) a slot for max 512GB microSD cards (and the OS can easy handle 512GB songs) and USB-C that can work as DAC *But no internal music storage, so you need to have or buy a big microSD card, came 2022 or 2023 and this tiny masterpiece cost only max 89usd (!!) 2024 **But R2 II are not made anymore, so the few you can buy now, is the last and after that sad moment, is Shanling Q1 below the best low cost alternative!
2024-0429Shanling Q1 C class oval mini design, in a black or red metal case (in my taste, it may look "very cute" for you) with a tiny volume wheel.. 75x62x16.5mm.. Give a very neutral, clean and clear HiRes audiophile sound (finer than the smaller Shanling and equal to more expensive DAP's) with micro details, wide soundstage and even good sub bass.. According to several reviews.. Has ESS Sabre E9218P audio DAC, 1100mWah battery for amazing 15 to 21 hours in several real life tests and 20 days in deep sleep, 2,7 inch 360×400 199ppi touch screen, easy snappy / fast OS with three manual adjustable Equalizers, can drive most headphones, max 2TB micro-SD slot, max power 80mW at 32ohm 3.5mm jack for 8-300ohms headphones / as 2V line out, 20hz40khz 0.004% s/n 118db dyn105db sep78db and low jitter, USB-C that can use Q1 as an computer / smartphone DAC or sound card, two way Bluetooth 4.2 (LDAC, AAC, SBC, Transmit only aptX) that work 40 meters, 137g, handle APE FLAC ALAC WMA AAC OGG MP3 OPUS WAVE AIFF DSF DIFF files *But no internal storage or WiFi and it spin to easy on a table, came 2020 are maybe not made anymore (!) and cost only from 89 to 120usd
2024-0429HiBy R3 II A class design, rounded in black or red alu, with a multi function knob... Only 87x61x15mm 118g.. Have WiFi, streaming and more.. Quick stable OS with many nice settings and 3.2 inch 320x480 colour touch screen, with quality glass.. Produce exceptional and totally noise free HiRes sound quality, according to several deep reviews... With a delicious and impressive open airy treble, that still is warm... Which give clearly more micro details, than the more expensive FiiO M7 plus more dynamic bass and more details than HiBy R2 II which cost half... Then has R3II a fine 10 band EQ and advanced sound adjustment settings, dual ESS Sabre ES9219C DAC sound chip.. Support PCM 32bit 384khz, MQA 16X and DSD-256 files.. 3.5mm jack for headphones (max112mW dyn 115db s/n 119db 0.0005% 20hz90khz sep 74db) / line out to an amplifier, the big 4.4mm jack for balanced headphones (max380mW at 32ohm s/n 115db s/n 119db 0.0005% 20hz90khz sep103db) 2000mAh battery for 15-16 hours, a slot for max 2TB microSDXC card, 2.4GHz WiFi (Airplay, DLNA, HiByLink, streaming of Tidal and Qobuz) Bluetooth 5.1 two-way (with UAT LDAC AptX AAC SBC) USB-C v3.1 can work as an USB DAC (even for a smartphone) and the LED stripe indicator that glows in different colours according to the current sampling rate, can be disabled in the system settings... *But no internal music storage space, so you need to have or buy a big microSD card and this masterpiece cost only max 179usd or 2090sek 2024
2024-0429Hidizs AP80 Pro-X A class design, tiny (only 55x62x14mm 72g) in black alu body... Observe that the slightly less expensive Hiby R3 II above and the more expensive FiiO M7 below sound slightly better and warmer, but this one is just half as big, just as Hiby R2 II that just cost half as much (!) but R2 II have less micro details... And Hidizs AP80 Pro-X got many very positive reviews... "surprisingly good sounding" & "Rich sound, with fine details and fast transients" so it give excellent HiRes sound quality, handle naturally FLAC with dual ES9219C, s/n 120db dyn 116db dist 0.0015% channel sep 117db, has fast easy OS system with 10 band graphic EQ settings, powerful MSEB HiBy digital signal processor and pedometer, 0 GB but microSDXC slot for max 512GB, 2.45 inch touch screen, handle rather power hungry headphones, 2.5mm balanced & 3.5mm headphone jacks that can be used as line out, can be used as computer dac, USB-C in&out, Bluetooth 4.2 in/out ** But only 8 to 13 hours battery in test and it is just a Great HiFi music player - so no WiFi, internet, apps or streaming and it cost 1805sek or 190usd 2024
2024Sony NW-A306 A class design and have excellent sound quality, can play HiRes files, 32GB storage with 18GB free for music, plus microSDXC slot for max 2TB, 3.6inch colour touch screen, amazing 32 hours battery life (!!) USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi & Bluetooth, Android 12 operating software, are 57x98x12mm and cost from 4452sek 2024 or 350usd 2023

Why Not?!? Sony Walkman NW-E394 ** Has no SD card slot and just 8GB internal, with even less space for your music... And no touch screen... And it don't even handle FLAC files!
Ruizu A55 **Do absolutely NOT buy this... Okay, it does look very sexy and have promising specs, but too many owners got different very serious problems... A class design, in dark green or deep red alu, 2.8 inch touch screen and it try to be an HiRes audiophile player, has 64GB and a microSD slot for max 512GB more, 185g, handle FLAC up to 24bit192khz, WAV up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD256, fine 10-band equalizer, from only 89usd
Shanling M0 Pro **Cost only 50usd less than Hiby R3 II which sound clearly better, in several ways and that masterpiece is especially a lot more easy to handle - with the bigger screen, multi wheel and longer battery life... But Shanling M0 Pro offer A class design, micro size in black alu, but only a 1.5 inch screen... Was probably made to become a better SanDisk Sansa Clip and does actually sound as excellent as FiiO M7 or HiBy R2 II (that cost less) with 90mW output, dual ESS Sabre ES9219C DAC sound chip and s/n 118db at 119usd
HIFI WALKER H2 TOUCH Was great... **But Hiby R2 II sound slightly better in several ways, has no noise and cost less than half and HiBy R3 II sound clearly better and is just little more expensive... B design in edgy black (very happy owners) Easy to handle, excellent HiRes audio with Flac, ESS 9218 DAC-chip, with 32GB inside plus a 64GB card, 2.4 inch colour touch screen, Supports micro SD cards up to 512GB, Line out, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C, 62x85x14mm ** But only 10 hours battery and it is just a Great HiFi music player - so no wifi, internet, apps or streaming and it and cost 129usd or 1652sek 2024
FiiO M7 ** HiBy 3 II offer clearly more micro details, have a lot more possibilities and cost slightly less... B class design, edgy in black alu, C in silver alu (very happy owners) Give a very musical, delicate, excellent and totally noise free HiRes sound quality... Of high audiophile class and M7 sound clearly more open than FiiO X3iii and has finer treble than the famous FiiO X5iii, even if some aspect can be slightly finer IF you pay twice as much... And the "old" FiiO X7ii sound clearly finer at 650usd... Then is M7 extremely easy to use and it work rather fast, has excellent build quality, 10 band +-6db equalizer, has ESS Sabre ES9018Q2C max 24bit 192kHz DAC sound chip, s/n 117db, 0.004% 10hz90khz, FM radio, just 2GB room inside & a max 512GB micro SDXC card slot for your music collection, 3.2 inch 480x800 colour touch 292ppi screen, 1880mAh lipo battery give 20 hours, 3.5mm jack for 16 to 160 ohm headphones / line out to an amplifier, Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX-HD audio codec, USB-C, handle FLAC WAV AAC MP3 OGG APE WMA and ALAC, 55x109x13mm, 116g * But 2GB internal music space is very little, so you need to have or buy a big microSD card, the clock is very inexact and M7 is just a Great HiFi music player - so no wifi, internet, apps or streaming and it cost 2110sek or 200usd 2024
FiiO M9 **Seem to be no better than HiBy R3 II and have clearly worse battery life, at almost twice the price... Observe it did show many problems for one reviewer, even if it did work excellent for many other... A class design, in partly rounded black alu, with a nice golden wheel... "Simply the most versatile audiophile player you can get for 300usd 2024" Start up in 30 seconds, has slow User Interface and deeply customised Android 12 that also was slow (even if other DAP use to be even slower) fast SD card scanning, fine equalizer, WiFi (dnla, DCD-128) for Spotify Extreme Quality streaming & apps... Sound slightly more excellent than FiiO M7 with finer details BUT the deep bass is a bit softer... Has two AKM AK4490EQ/N audio DAC chips, max 32bit 768khz PCM files, Dyn 123db, just 2GB storage inside & max 2TB micro SDXC card slot for your music collection, excellent build quality, 2350mAh battery give only 7-10 hours, 3.2 inch 480x800 colour touch LG screen, USB-C, can be used as a DAC connected to a computer, Bluetooth max advanced 2024 duplex (in&out - BUT was problematic for some) of SBC apt-X HD LDAC HWA version, powerful amplification, 3.5mm jack for headphones (s/n 118db 0.002% 10hz40khz) / line out to an amplifier (s/n 117db 0.002% 10hz45khz) 2,5mm for TRRS balanced headphones (s/n 113db 0.002% 10hz45khz) RGB light indicator to show audio format, 60x106x13mm, 133g, came about 2020 and cost 300usd 2024
HiBy R3 PRO **Do not sound as open and airy, as the newer and much more advanced HiBy R3 II
And players from Apple simply sound less good, plus need a special program.

MiniDisc home deck

A fine MD deck should first have the very convenient "track selector knob" or "jog dial" and naturally an extremely accurate sound, with help of ATRAC TYPE-R or TYPE-S as the following finest Sony models...

Sony MDS-JB980 with Atrac type S made 2002-05
Sony MDS-JB940 digital vol, orange display, made 2000-01
Sony MDS-JB730 digital vol and I own four, made 1999
Sony MDS-JB930 digital vol, year 1999
Sony MDS-JA333ES year 2000-04 gold BUT it has a MD sledge
Sony MDS-JA555ES year 1999 guld / black BUT it has a MD sledge
Sony MDS-JA33ES year 1999 guld BUT it has a MD sledge
Sony MDS-JA22ES year 1998 guld BUT it has a MD sledge
Sony MDS-JA20ES year 1998 guld BUT it has a MD sledge

Click a picture, to see the big one!

My two excellent Sony MDS-JB730 QS MiniDisc deck

And following deck have NOT a separate rec vol knob...
Sony MDS-JE580 year 2005 type S, triangle design
Sony MDS-JE780 year 2002-05 type S black/gold, triangle design
Sony mds-je 480 year 2002-07 type S, triangle design & round keys
Sony MDS-JE770 year 2001-02 triangle design & round keys
Sony MDS-JE470 year 2001-03 triangle design & round keys
Sony MDS-JE640 year 2000-03 gold / black, orange text, square tiny keys
Sony MDS-JE440 year 2000 orange text, black square tiny keys
Sony MDS-JE630 year 1999 very rare
Sony MDS-JE530 year 1999 and I own one...

Then has they in addition a very useful display (showing record level, track name, number and time, plus a track calendar, at the same time) and the more expensive ES models don't sound better... Finally Sony mds-jb940 and ja333es (plus some older exclusive models as my jb730 but strangely not jb980) a complete "easy to write titles" remote... But you can also connect a standard PC keyboard, to some new models as je780/770/640 and jb980
Finally use also Denon DMD-1550 Atrac type R and is a very good looking slim line golden machine (with jog, blue text S/N 105 dB Dyn 98dB 24bit 100x434x285mm year 2000) that may give you excellent sound...

And following machines have Atrac 4.5 and may also sound great...
SONY MDS-JA50ES gold/black 97/97 BUT it has a MD sledge
SONY MDS-JA30ES black 97/97 BUT it has a MD sledge
Yamaha MDX-596 (obs 793 is older) jog, black, lovely orange display S/N 99 4.1kg y00-02 digital rec volume 96x435x288mm

And other brands don't sound exactly as good... But the ultra sexy Pioneer MJ-D508 (that mainly look as MJ-17D below) can instead reduce the tape noise from old cassette recordings, when you copy them.

Other rather amazing MiniDisc players

Click a picture, to see the big one!

The ultra elegant Pioneer Elite MJ-17D that sadly don't sound as excellent as Sony's with Atrac type R

The ultra elegant Pioneer Elite MJ-17D above, at angle view

Close up on my first MiniDisc deck, the very rare Sony MDS-102 with exlusive elegant ergonomic

The extremely elegant & smart micro size Technics SJ-HD501 who can be perfect for my kitchen stereo

The very elegant & smart midsize Teac MD-h5001 that might be great for my kitchen stereo

Portable MD with recording Are sadly not made anymore and the absolute finest early models, did also use a special made rechargeable battery - that now is very expensive to buy, or rather unreliable substitutes... Okay, they have often an additional battery holder - but those can easy brake and feel also as a very clumsy solution... So I can only recommend the few excellent machines that only use one standard AA battery and the finest "second hand" alternatives if those are...
Sharp IM-DR410H and Sharp IM-DR400H that came 2003 and this very elegant MD recorder (only 83x76x23mm) offer both Sharps latest superior digital amplifier, with a three band equalizer and use only one AA battery, for 44 hours play time... So I own three... And it doesn't need the special 4-pole to 3-pole special conversion cable... And then has the not sexy Sharp IM-DR420HS the same fine amplifier, plus a microphone input and I own two...

Click the picture, to see the big one!

The finest portable recorder I own, a Sharp IM-DR410H - that especially sound
truly excellent, have a three band equalizer and use one standard AA battery

The second finest portable recorder I own, but unfortunately only in silver...
Which especially sound delicious and use one standard AA battery

Then was many late models from Sony also excellent, even if some of them didn't manage to offer as strong bass... But if you are happy with normal great bass (setting 2 and not 3 in many Sharp) as I am, will probably following models be interesting... Following need only one AA battery and they are naturally sorted with the finest first...
Sony MZ-R501 is a budget model that sound lovely, look ultra sexy in black and very nice in silver, came 2002 has ATRAC type R, play 36 hours on one AA battery and are 83x76x28mm, but has NO mic input
Sony MZ-N707 that look very nice in black or silver, came 2002 has ATRAC type R play 42 hours on one AA battery and are 81x75x28mm
Sony MZ-R500 that look very nice in black and ok in silver, came 2001 play 36 hours on one AA battery and are 83x76x28mm, but has NO mic input
Sony MZ-R750 that look nice in dark grey, came 2001 has radio, play 36 hours on one AA battery and are 81x75x28mm
Sony MZ-R700 or G750 that look nice in silver or grey, came 2001 play 40/26 hours on one AA battery and are 81x75x28mm
Sony MZ-R701 or MZ-G755 that look ok in silver, came 2002 has ATRAC type R play 36 hours on one AA battery and are 81x28x74.4mm
Sony MZ-N510 that look rather ugly in silver or red, came 2003 has ATRAC type R play 37 hours on one AA battery and are 81x75x28mm
Sony MZ-N520 that look ugly in silver and red, came 2004 use ATRAC type S play 37 hours on one AA battery and are 81x75x28mm
Sony MZ-R70 that look nice in black or silver, came 2000 but play only 17 hours on one AA battery and are 81x74x26mm

And Sharp made one more ok model... Sharp MD-MT290 that look rather ugly in plastic silver and black, came 2003, play 33 hours on one AA battery and are 83x77x28mm.

Warning - Then have we the other lovely MD recorders, that normally use a special made rechargeable battery - that now is very expensive to buy, or very unreliable... Okay, they have often an extra battery holder - but those can easy brake and feel also as a very clumsy solution... And the finest "second hand" alternatives of those are...
The revolutionary and very elegant Sharp MD-DR7 (DR470 in Europe and DR480 in Singapore) offer clearly finer sound quality (with deeper bass and more detailed sound, according to several reports) than any other portable (actually 20-45% finer sound quality) with help of a unique advanced 1bit digital amp, of 2x8mW and better battery life, with min 27 hour play or 10.5 hour recording. At only 2000sek 2003. This lovely machine have also a BIG five lines display (12 characters title, track number and time, as mt77 but it is ugly green with blue digits in some versions) an extra elegant slim remote control, 5-30 second pre-record (a time machine function) no motor or engine noise, group and MDLP functions, 9sec intro play mode, 3step xbass and 5step treble control, NiMH battery, play speed -30% to +15% and a ultra compact top loaded (101cm3) metal body... But you should absolutely buy better headphones , to really enjoy the sublime sound quality!
The last Sharp MD-DR77 that came 2004 is basically the same fine machine, with slightly different design (102cm3 or 7.89x1.8x7.19cm) and the black version look excellent.
Then is the old Sharp MD-MT77 (or MT877 in Europe) even more elegant and smaller (95.1 cm3) than the famous Sony mzr900 and has the most delicious look ever (in silver, not the light blue) but it's now almost impossible to find... It have also a bigger display with 2x12 character and 2/3/10 elements for text & time plus track/ battery/ volume (one 12 digit line show always the disc title) cute 4way jog pad (work as two jog selectors, but with one finger) very small buttons, a fine docking station (but it can't charge while using) MDLP (long play) it's open at side, is very silent (no motor noise as Sony) can auto play, can copy titles (Sony can't) has high precision divide (Sony mzr900 has not) and USB connection, for advanced computer editing... And use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case... But Sony mzr900 has longer battery life (Sharp play anyhow 12 and rec 6.5 hours, with the same nimh batt) more advanced tone controls (Sharp can anyhow give more and deeper tight bass) you must pause before editing and both give 2x5mw.
And they made a few more very fine models...
Sharp MD-MT66or866 that look nice in silver, came 2000 play 18 hours on one AA battery and 12 hours on internal, are 79x72x19.5mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sharp MD-MT190 and MD-MT170 that look ok in plastic silver, came 2002 play 15.5 hours on one AA battery, are 83x76x23mm "big" and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sharp MD-MT831 or MD-MT832 that look very nice in metallic golden silver, came 1999 play 11.5 hours on one AA battery and 14.5 hours on internal, are 81x80x17.9mm "big" and use the rare Sharp AD-N51BT li-ion gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.. Then is Kenwood DMC-L7R the same machine (see picture above) except it look even more delicious in black!

And following models from Sony need also a rare, often very expensive and sometimes unreliable special battery... And even if they normally came with an additional AA battery case, may that case often be broken and is naturally a very clumsy solution... And they are naturally sorted with the finest first...
Sony MZ-N920 that look good in silver, came 2004 has six band equalizer (+-10db) and digital amplifier, play ?? hours on one AA battery and ?? hours on internal, are 79x72x15.9mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-N910 that look good in silver, came 2003 has six band equalizer (+-10db) play 47 hours on one AA battery and 31 hours on internal, are 79x72x15.9mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-NF810 that look good in silver, came 2003 has six band equalizer (+-10db) play 38 hours on one AA battery and 17 or 19 hours on internal, are 81x74.4x20mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-NF710 that look very nice in silver, came 2003 has six band equalizer (+-10db) play 38 hours on one AA battery and 19&17 hours on internal, are 81x74.4x20mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-R910 that look nice in silver, came 2002 has ATRAC type R play 45 hours on one AA battery and 30 hours on internal, are 78.9x72x17.1mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-N1 that look nice in black or silver, came 2001 has ATRAC type R play 45 hours on one AA battery and 30 hours on internal, are 78.7x71.8x16.9mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-N909 that look nice came 2001 has ATRAC type R play 34 hours on one AA battery and 24 hours on internal, are 80x76x21mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
Sony MZ-R900 that look very good in red and nice in silver, came 2001 has treble setting, play 30 hours on one AA battery and 21 hours on internal, are 79x72x17mm and use the Sony NH-14WM / Sharp AD-N55BT gum battery or one AA battery in the included removable case.
An old cassette box is as reference 131cm3 and a CD jewel case 176cm3 big...

Why Not?!? Both Sony and Sharp have models with a NetMD function, that make it possible to download ATRAC compressed audio... But you get better quality, if you copy directly from CD discs and normally even from radio... So we don't write especially about that function.
Warning!! Many Sony and Sharp machines, have the extra minidisc coding system "MDLP" that let you record a lot more in two steps and the first step give you max 160 minutes, but with clearly worse sound quality... And the second step up to 320 minutes, with a very bad quality that ONLY is good for speech and that can only be played on MDLP machines... But you can always record at normal speed and get excellent quality!

And Hi-MD was the second generation MiniDisc system from Sony But it was in some ways a fiasco, so I did never use it... And you should also avoid it, because you need special Hi-MD discs - that is very hard to find, even at a very high price.

More inside Vantage Tech Magazine: Visit the HiFi school, to see why you may need a MD recorder and every great thing, you can do with it... Link to more info: Visit MiniDiscOrg to find details on almost every MD unit ever made!

Portable MD players Was the natural alternative, if you have another MD recorder... And the last ones, was only 65-90cm3 big and have very long battery life (16-40 hours) with the internal rechargeable battery... But they did normally only use that rare, expensive and often unreliable rechargeable special battery... And you should only select a Sharp with 1-bit digital amp or a Sony with HD digital amp. They are very similar in sound quality, but sell at very different prices and then is the size, battery life and the remote control, the biggest difference.

Selecting a portable MD recorder, my personal view... Sound quality and "no general problem" should naturally come first... Then can some portable machines (especially from Sony, JVC and Panasonic) not play loud enough or with strong bass... Any kind of "jog track selector" is very handy and long battery time for playing (specially on internal batteries, if you want a micro machine) is rather vital... Plus a noise free mic input, if you want to record...
Other good, but not so important qualities... Is a clear display with many segments (for rec volume and batt life) and many characters, back light and slot-in (which is convenient but bulky) and getting lithium battery, which you can charge anytime...
Finally I like good controls, that is easy to find in a pocket and have fine feeling... Then is it good if they are hard enough, so you don't need the hold function all the time... Other stuff... A ten second memory buffer, is normally more than enough for MD because it reads four times faster, than the music plays and it read in very small portions, so it can try many many times and then read right, before the buffer is empty and it skip... 40 sec buffer, is mostly included because many CD players have that (and they really need that or more) so people may think, that less buffer on a MD payer is worse... A combined line out and headphone connection (as Sharp) is finally better than separate, because you can select the line out level and bass response.
About sound levels.. 2x5mw for the headphones, give you 3db less sound level than 2x10mw and a 3db is the smallest difference you can hear, when you play music... So it may be a bigger difference between headphones and ear plugs...

You should first click here and read the HiFi school... Mainly to find out
what equipment, you actually may need (!) before you continue...

Loudspeakers Subwoofers Headphones AV Receivers Equalizers
CD players Music recording - Lossless, MP3 and MiniDisc... Plus why not
DAT, CDr or a Cassette recorder
Tuner Microphones Turntables
And the finest music I collected - with a nice melody and dynamic nerve!

Mini System

The incredible (but old) JVC ux-md 9000r micro system!

I haven't got time to check any mini systems personally, since 2002 when a friend did ask for my recommendation and I visit six shops, with a special test MD record and suddenly found the amazing JVC ux-md9000r which actually was an incredible micro system with a MD recorder, rds radio, CD player and diminutive shiny black speakers, that did sound both extremely clear, with a very deep warm bass (!) and not "boxy" sound... But it was sold out 2001 for only 4000 sek. Click here for the complete article, that open in a new window...
But very few mini systems use to be that good, anyhow... Except if you connect your smarthone (or a MiniDisc player) to the amazing Marshall Kilburn speakers, that you find at the end of the speaker section above...

How to select a mini system... You should naturally listen carefully (with good test tracks, you are familiar with) before you buy... And remember to set the xbass and equalizers (or tone controls) to compensate the speakers and get the best (natural and balanced) sound, for every machine (and that must you sometimes do with the remote) before you compare...
It should sound clear, with a deep detailed bass, high clear soft treble and not the usual "boxy or tube" sound. You can remove some "boxy" sound if it has an equalizer and can connect it to the mini system, see more in our HIFI school... Then must you check that it has the connections you may need, especially to a MD recorder, DVD player, digital TV box and HiFi video.


Pioneer, Yamaha, Luxman, Denon, Sony and Technics DID make very fine Radio tuners... But today must you normally buy a fine new AV receiver, to get a fine new Radio turner... Or buy a smart DAB adapter... Or buy a delicious turner second hand!


Are a bit tricky... I wanted to record a girls lovely voice, so I invested in a dynamic "professional singers mic" that got very good reviews... But it made dramatically worse sound than my old tiny Sony's ts120 electret stereo "stealth" mic!!
The main reason that a dynamic "professional singers mic" doesn't sound really good, is the simple fact that they are very damped, so they are both safe to hold and spit on... And that's why serious studio mic's look very different...
I did then buy two more exclusive electret stereo microphone's by Sony and a directional "Aputure V-mic D1" video mic (that got excellent reviews) but they did not sound clearly better... So I did search wider and first found the truly excellent electret mono mic - Boya BY-MM1 that did sound clearly better at only 243sek and then a new simple T style electret stereo mic - Sony ECM-LV1 that people love and it did really sound slightly finer (and in stereo) at only 340sek and finally did I invest in another electret stereo mic - Boya BY-SM80 that did sound amazingly fine, at 664sek... I did especially test with recordings of high quality music from speakers, which is extra difficult for a mic and even that did sound very accurate, clear and with deep bass!
And my fine portable MD recorder, did naturally help me to hear the quality... Otherwise would I not dare to suggest something this cheap!

Record players - Turntables

And record players look also very interesting... But vinyl records sound normally clearly worse, than fine made CD's because of 4 main reasons...
One Even if it is a high quality record, have it anyhow a dynamic range of only 60 to max 70db between the music and rumble / noise and 10db more dynamic range give actually half as much noise, so a fine CD have 3-4 times less noise... And it is easy to hear the difference up to 80db at quiet parts in the music...
Two They usually cut off the treble at 13000hz today... Even if some companies goes little higher... But they did make up to 18000hz LP records, when I was young and fine big 45 rpm maxi records can actually play 20hz to 20khz!
Three They make also deep bass less deep, less detailed or less vibrating on LP records... Just too keep the needle in the track and the bass are normally in mono, too...
Four And the record begin then to sound even worse, after you play it only 20 to 40 times, depending on how nice needle you have, because the needle will always damage the track, everytime you play... So serious radio stations make actually a note, everytime they play... And even brand new vinyl records of very high quality, can absolutely not sound as clear and noise free as fine made CD records - according to many many many blind test's... But then are there naturally badly made CD's and badly made LP's that clearly not sound as good as they could and should...
And if you anyhow prefer the "warm" fuzzy sound from used vinyls (which naturally NOT is a natural HiFi sound, or really reflect the artist original performance) can you simply turn down the treble, or be happy with cheap fuzzy speakers!

So the only good reason to buy a turntable today, is IF you already have a nice record collection (as I have) that you don't want to completely replace with fine CD albums...
And you can simply limit the damage of the records... By only play them ONCE when you buy them and at the same time make an excellent copy, which you then listen to the following weeks... And finally copy the tracks you want to save (with a perfect equalization of bass and treble, including elimination of the normally "boxy" sound, see how in our HiFi school) on MiniDisc or as lossless files!

How to select a really fine Record player - Turntable... They have normally problem to keep the "Wow and flutter" down, when they cost under 1000usd and you can easy hear 0.2% wow & flutter and some can even hear 0.05% wrms... Especially with piano and any wind instrument... And turntables have also special problem with s/n, that they did call "rumble" long ago, which did describe the extra "rrrr" sound, from the motor and bearing... And under -65db is very easy to hear, at quiet moments on the record... And belt driven turntables have in addition bigger problems with speed variations!

Denon made some amazing direct drive turntables, like mine below, that first have very low wow & flutter and very low S/N plus two unique advantages... They have a very sophisticated direct drive, which can correct the speed 1000 times for each rotation and that make it even possible to clean the record, while it's playing!
And the "Dynamic Servo Tracer" tonearm, are floating in a magnetic field and that remove any bad resonance, which otherwise disturb the highly sensitive pickup...

But they are now only possible to buy second hand and I especially recommend following masterpieces... Denon DP-35F (as good as mine, but lower cost, 83-89 used from about 200usd 2024) DP-37F (mine, max 0.012% wow & flutter 78db S/N DIN B, almost automatic, 1984-89 used from 230-500usd 2024) DP-47F (was more expensive, only 0.01% wow & flutter, completely automatic, 1984-98 used from 300-2349usd 2024) DP-23F (low cost version, still less than 0.012% wow & flutter 75db s/n, 1987-98 used from 60euro) DP-45F (83-86) and DP-51F (82)(are both a more elegant versions of mine, with completely automatic functions, 45 made 85- 51 made -84 used from 220-852usd 2024) and all these models have the superior tonearm and the excellent direct drive...

Then are belt drive turntables more easy to make - but they have normally worse specifications, at the same price... Most "fine" modern models with belt drive, that cost under 440usd, as Pro-Ject, Rega and Audio Technica, have actually 0.3 to 0.2% wow & flutter, which you sometimes can hear (!) and only 40 to 50db S/N or rumble values (!!) which is very very bad...
Except the extra fine Fluance RT85 that have great reviews, only 0.07% wow & flutter and 76db S/N plus a matte transparent 1.56kg acrylic platter, excellent isolation feet, are constructed by a 20 years Canada company and cost from only 499usd 6888sek 2024 with the excellent Ortofon 2M blue (200usd) pickup... But AVOID the Fluance RT85N version, with a Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge which give a too prominent bass.

And fortunately are there still a few rather fine direct drive alternatives, with a classic tonearm, which you can buy brand new...
The best seem to be the rather elegant Teac TN-4D in black (0.1% wow & flutter wrms, min 67db s/n, extra built in phono amp with off selector, rca line out & usb) cost 6008sek clean OR 6990sek with Sumiko Oyster pickup 2024 and the rather fine Pioneer PLX-1000 in black (high-torque direct drive system, 0.3sec start, max 0.1% or 0.01% wow & flutter wrms, min 70db S/N DIN B, rca out, 13.1kg) cost 8089sek clean 2024 and this turntable are actually a nice copy of the silly expensive Technics SL-1210mk7 (0.025% wow & flutter wrms, 78db s/n and 9.6kg) that cost 11490sek clean 2024 and yes, it seem to be impossible to find any new direct drive turntable with max 0.05% wow & flutter, plus more than 70db S/N under 11tsek today!

Then do you naturally need a fine MM pickup / cartridge, as Ortofon 2M bronze or Goldring E4 (nude elliptical diamond, 20hz20thz , force 1.75 to 1.8g and out 3,5mV) or Ortofon 2M blue (that I have, elliptical, 20hz25thz, force only 1.8g / 18mN and out 5.5mV "the finest $200 high-output moving magnet ever made") or Goldring E3 (elliptical, but only 3.5mV) or Goldring 2200...
But you should AVOID to buy a MC pickup, which normally have less fine bass at a low cost, cost anyhow a lot more for the same sound quality and always give worse s/n (because of it's lower sensitivity) than fine MM pickups.

Click a picture, to see the big one!

My lovely Denon DP-37F record player - with ultra exact direct drive, magnetic
damped "floating" tonearm and the famous Ortofon 2m blue MM pickup

Before that did I own this fully automatic Denon DP-45F that got stolen (!) and
it had the same ultra exact direct drive and fantastic floating tone arm...

And before that did I own a delicious Luxman 272, but mine had a Goldring 1020 pickup

The extra fine Fluence RT85 in black, with belt drive and the excellent Ortofon 2M blue pickup

The extra fine Fluence RT85 in wood, with belt drive and the excellent Ortofon 2M blue pickup

A new fine direct drive Pioneer PLX-1000 in golden bronze

The new version of the famous Technics SL-1210 mk 7

The mythical Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference, made from 1960 by Michell engineering
That was the first ultra fine turntable and a film star in A Clockwork Orange

The modern version of Transcriptor Reference, made 2023 by Michell engineering - a new myth

Other sites You find also a great collection, with helpful REVIEWS of almost every audio and video product, in eCoustics big free website... Click here to explore... And click here for links to the finest reviews, of digital cameras!

And the finest music I could find, anywhere!

Yes, taste is very personal and the taste of music, use to be even more personal... But people use to LOVE the music I like and get a truly delicious surprise, when I play them the music I have discover... Maybe because I only like music that have a dynamic nerve and some nice melody, or a very interesting arrangement... So this can be like a treasure map, to truly amazing music - if you only have a similar taste...
Yes, I only like music with some kind of nice melody (or a very interesting arrangement) and a dynamic nerve - meaning some drama, that "simply" can be very sensual OR a cool vibe... And I mainly see interesting singing, as another fine instrument - so I normally don't care about the language or the lyric... Then is a clear "elegant" sound a big advantages (for me) even if it may be a few disharmonies, as a hot spice... And I absolutely don't like too much noise (or distortion) silly low sound quality or annoying instruments, including bad screaming vocal crescendo parts!

Then did I almost never note from whish album each song came, so you have to figure that out in Google and I don't include my grade of the sound quality, because that may differ on different recordings... And note also that I use to fade out ugly end crescendos, so the track time may not be as the original recording...
And OBSERVE especially that practically all speakers (except a few headphones ) need a very special adjustment in the bass area - to produce a natural sound when you play films - without a boxy cave like effect / impression and that adjustment can ONLY be done with a fine equalizer, which you find in finer Receivers... Click here to read more about that here, in my HiFi school... And music recordings need normally even more correction of exactly the same type (very natural sound is naturally extra important for films, so there is this second step done) to sound acceptable and then must you often adjust the level of bass and treble, too... And some of following tracks (especially music before 1970 and by Supertramp) did actually sound horrible, before that optimizing!

Yes, I sort also my music in moods or feelings - except the very special music styles reggae, disco, rock and classic... And the taste differ naturally more at lower points, so I will not include any tracks below 8 points... But that fact make it also a lot more possible, that YOU will love many of this tracks and the only big problem, is that many of these tracks are too hard to find!

And to be sure a CD is worth buying, did I invent a unique "natural reference" system, many years ago... Just grade any track you like and see directly if a CD is valuable!
My "natural reference" scale - 5 mean Nice & error free (or Great with some fault) 10 is Great (to buy as single) 15 Delicious 20 Fantastic (as maxi) 30 Heavenly (as CD) and 40 is Magic... And you can see the heaven, but true magic is almost a dream!

COOL music 38 5:02 ELO "One summer dream" (did fade the final crescendo)
36 4:29 Paul Simon "Something so right"
33 2:16 ELO "Above the clouds"
32 4:22 Mono "Life in mono"
31 3:21 Yello "Otto di Catania"
30 5:56 Yello "Of course Im lying"
30 2:16 Louis Armstrong "What A Wonderful World"
30 5:17 Julee Cruise "Tell your heart" (tv)
30 5:18 Mylene Farmer "L'antre"
28 6:13 Julee Cruise "Love come this way" (tv)
28 3:37 Yello "Desire"
27 4:34 Charlotte Gainsbourg "L'un part l'autre reste" (yTu)
27 2:54 ev Krisha Levy / Francoice Hardy "Message personnel" Piano and vocal (tv, from "8 women" by Ozon)
26 3:03 Bryan Ferry "As times goes by" live (tv)
26 5:51 Anna "Like they do in movies" 1981 (single side a&b) Anna O'Malley's only hit
26 3:35 Beach Boys "Kokomo" (from the single)
26 2:35 Agneta Fältskog "Past, Present & Future"
24 5:02 Prince "The beautiful ones"
24 2:25 Destination "The end - party's over"
22 4:07 Louis Armstrong "When you wish upon a star" (yTu)
22 1:49 Joanne Whalley "Past, Present & Future" (from radio and I found the complete song on yTu, but with even worse sound!)
22 5:19 Dive "Captain Nemo" (tv)
22 4:02 Prince "Damm U"
21 3:03 Jane Birkin "Comment Te Dire Adiueu" live, partly 26 points
20 5:51 Yves Rénier "La chanson PCV du Commissaire Moulin"
20 3:00 Lennon "Imagine" (from the single)
20 18:49 La Pequena Compania "Boleros 2"
20 3:26 Helen St. John "Love theme from Flashdance" (yTu)
19 3:45 Ayla "Angel falls - Particular Remix" (yTu)
19 11:42 French or Italian style music made for Roberto Cavalli spring summer 2012 fashion show
19 11:43 Art of noise "Moments of love"
18 2:36 Emporio Armani Prive "Women's Fall Winter 23-24" (yTu)
18 15:50 La Pequena Compania "Tango a media luz"
18 3:53 Peter Skellern "Isn't this a lovely day" from Sentimentally Yours (yTu)
17 7:58 Pulp "Seductive Barry"
16 1:46 Joe Walsh "Daydream"
(also known to be a very nice gentleman & a band member of Eagles)
16 4:17 LL COOL "I need love" (from the single)
16 3:36 Bowie "Changes"
16 3:58 Chaka Demus & Pliers "Tease me"
16 2:53 Louis Armsrong "Fantastic, thats you"
16 4:14 Roxy Music "Avalon" 1982
16 4:34 Street band "Toast" (from the single)
16 2:24 Enya "Watermark" piano, orgel & ahumm 88 (md)
16 2:42 Giorgio Armani "One Night Only New York City 2014" and in 2012 Spring Summer Womens (yTu)
15 4:11 McLaren "Call a wave"
15 4:16 Neneh Cherry & Youssou "7 seconds" (yTu)
15 3:56 Bangles "Eternal flame"
15 4:28 Joe Dassin "L'ete Indien" 1975 (yTu)
15 8:07 "A song for Europe" live 1973
15 4:11 Dave Stewart "Call a wave"
14 2:55 Alejandro Fernandez "Loco" live (tv)
14 4:20 Dave Stewart "Jack talking"
14 5:46 Teddy Pendergrass "Come go with me"
14 3:26 Barbie / Alexander Bard "Around the world"
14 3:21 Whitney Houston "Exhale"
14 2:24 Robert Miles "In my dreams" (parts)
14 4:38-4:44 Giorgio Armani "One Night Only Beijing 2013" (yTu)
13 4:12 Roxy Music "Avalon" live at Apollo 2001 (dvd tr15)
13 4:08 Love And Rockets "So alive" (yTu)
13 4:41 10cc "Im not in love"
12 3:31 Loreen "Tattoo" (mtv 2024)
12 3:38 Paul Simon "Was a sunny day" (lp)
12 3:41 Roxy Music "Dance away" 1979
12 1:42 Stefan Nilsson "Mot skärgården - Skärgårdsdoktorn"
12 2:56 Lisa Ekdahl "Vem vet"
12 3:24 Joe Dassin "Et si tu n'existais pas" (yTu)
12 5:04 Irene Grandi "Vai vai vai"
12 2:11 Sailor "Jacaranda"
12 4:08 Someone & Jane Birkin "T'as pas le droit d'avior moins mal que moi"
12 2:10 Emporio Armani "FW19-20 Men's" (yTu)
11 2:50 Jobim "Agua de beber" instrumental
11 5:00 Jimmy BO Horne "Close to you"
11 1:55 Pierre Bachelet "O' Et L'amour A Trois" 1975 (yTu)
11 4:42 Dave Stewart "MrReed"
11 4:33 Minghi "Cantare E D'Amore"
11 4:02 ERA "Mother remix"
10 2:51 ERA "Mother"
10 3:41 Candyman "Knocking boots"
10 4:00 Double "Captain of her heart"
10 5:15 McLaren "I like you in velvet"
10 2:55 Alejandro Fernandez "Loco" (live)
10 3:43 Brook Sapphire "So we start" (yTu)
10 3:32 2NU "This is ponderous" (yTu)
10 3:17 Paul McCartney "Bluebird"
10 3:30 Army of Lovers "Bienvenue au paradise"
10 3:28 Army of Lovers "My army of lovers"
10 Julee Cruise "The nightingale"
10 5:53 Leonard Cohen "Suzanne"
10 3:25 Jason Donovan "Any dream will do" (tv live)
10 4:45 Roxy Music "These foolish things"
10 2:02 Giorgio Armani "Neve Show" (yTu) A mysterious track with deep organ bass
10 1:10 Giorgio Armani "17/18 Fall Winter Men's" (yTu)

Cool music, with 9 points, almost Great...
3:20 Ane Brun & Fleshuartet "The opening" for the tv series Wallander (yTu)
4:34 Dusty Springfield "Daydreaming"
4:45 Leonard Cohen "In my secret life"
5:21 Leonard Cohen "Love itself"
9 2:23 Frank Sinatra "The shadow of your smile" Live 1966
3:39 Love C.A. "Rain until we meet again" (tv)
4:08 Louis Armstrong "When you wish upon a star"
2:45 3:01 INXS "Beautiful girl"
4:50 ZZtop "Rough boy"
4:23 Pj Duncan "I want you"
3:24 Flash & the Pan "Walking in the rain"
4:08 Jane Birkin "Surannee"
2:37 Sailor "Melancholy"
4:34 Roxy Music "Oh Yeah" 1980
5:07 George Michael "Miss Sarajevo"
1:41 Emporio Armani "Spring Summer 2023 Mens" (yTu)
4:13 Patrik Pistol "Next dimension" instrumental (by my friend Patrik Pistol)
2:30 2016 Giorgio Armani "Spring Summer Womenswear Collection" (yTu) fade in at 6:36

Cool music, with 8 points, very nice...
3:50 Ritmo Caliente "Guajira Guantanamera" (yTu)
5:18 Julee Cruise "Falling"
2:45 2 (mono sound) Martin Ljung "Visst var det roligt" (tv)
4:18 Flash & the Pan "California"
3:39 Paul McCartney "Long and windling road" (laser disc)
2:31 Enya "Book of days"
3:21 Emilia Josephine "When the whole world is Burning" (by my friend Patrik Pistol)
3:15 Dido "Thank you"
7:43 Georgio Armani "Women's Fall Winter 2020-2021" (yTu)
3:29 & 3:10 Giorgio Armani "Prive 2023-24 winter" (yTu)
1:35 4 Giorgio Armani "Prive Spring Summer 2020" (yTu)
4:15 Emporio Armani "17/18 Fall Winter Women's" (yTu) fade in 9:50

Yes, I should absolutely have a "Dreamy music" category, but I discover that too late... So you find now most Dreamy tracks in Cool music, many in Sexy music and some in Great music!

SEXY music 40 5:03 ERA "Flowers of The Sea" (womans side, youTube)
36 5:26 Barry Adamson's wild version of Serge Gainsbourg "Je t'aime... moi non plus"
36 4:13 Jane Birkin "Quoi" 1995 (yTu)
35 3:42 Metisse "boom boom ba" (yTu)
33 1:13 Mikado "L'Exotisme" 1986 (radio)
33 4:29 Jane Birkin "Quoi" the first version (yTu)
32 4:22 Mono "Life in mono"
29 5:11 Charlotte Gainsbourg "Lemon Incest"
29 2:28 Mikado "L'Exotisme" 1986 (soundcloud)
28 4:10 Touch and Go "Straight To Number One" Buddha Bar mix (yTu)
27 3:44 Vanessa Paradise "Joe le taxi" (cdvideo, track 1)
26 4:03 The Underground Crew "Orgasm" alternative 1990 version of "Jungle Fever" by Kinkina
24 5:08 Madonna "Erotica" (album version)
24 3:35 Robert Miles "One & one" with Maria Nayler
22 4:14 Anna "As they do in movies"
22 0:28 Samanta Fox "More More More" (only the beginning)
22 5:07 Serge Gainsbourg & Birkin "La Decadance"
20 1:55 Bardot "Je me donne à qui me plaît" (yTu)
20 5:14 Madonna "Erotica Original" (sold, the photo book maxiCD)
20 4:49 Madonna "Justify my love" (yTu)
19 3:52 Charlotte Gainsbourg "Charlotte for ever"
19 2:33 Brigette Bardot "La Madrague"
19 2:41 Prinsess Stephanie of Monaco "Besoin"
18 2:00 Meri Wilson "Telephone man"
18 3:53 Paris Hilton "Stars are blind" (maxiCD)
18 2:27 "Rose's theme" from mowie Color of night (dvd)
18 2:14 Jazz Lee Alston "Round Black Berry" (only the sexy parts)
18 4:28 Sergio Mendes "What is This?" (maxiCD)
17 4:23 Princess Superstar "Fuck me on the dancefloor - remix by zio" (yTu)
16 2:53 Lena Zavaroni "Help me make it trough the night"
16 3:46 Paradisio "Bailando"
16 4:27 Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg "Je taime" the first & original version (Master Series)
16 3:56 Prinsess Stephanie of Monaco "Fleur du mal"
16 0:27 Baccara "Bamba" (only the intro)
16 1:22 Army of Lovers "You come a long way babye"
16 4:11 Ying Yang Twins "Pull my hair" (yTu)
16 2:30 France Gall & Serge Gainsbourg "Les sucettes"
16 3:24 Matt Bianco "Macumba"
16 3:09 Pierre Bachelet "Emmanuelle" (yTu)
15 3:26 French Affair "Comme Ci Comme Ca" (maxiCD)
15 3:04 Donna Summer "love to love you baby" (maxi)
15 2:42 Lena Zavaroni "The end of the world"
15 4:20 DuranDuran "All she wants is" (maxiCD)
15 3:44 Claude Monnet present Monica Nogiuera "Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais" (by Gainsbourg)
14 9:25 Extreme Erotica "A vision of paradise - First theme" (half the song, produced by me, not released yet)
14 3:06 Massive Attack "Unfinished sympathy" (movie Sliver dvd)
14 5:23 Alizee "J'en Ai Marre" Live (yTu)
14 2:59 Black Box Recorder "The Facts of life" (yTu)
14 4:32 Baccara "Yes sir, I can boogie" (single)
14 5:31 Grace Jones "La vie en rose"
12 3:22 Bugsy Malone "My name is Tallulah" (dvd)
12 1:27 Bardot "L'appareil a sous" (yTu)
12 2:18 Donna Summer "Prelude to love & Could it be magic" (fade out after beginning)
12 4:20 Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg "Je taime moi mon plus" the classic version
12 4:18 Haifa Wehbe "Oult Eah" she is from Lebanon (yTu)
12 3:55 Kylie Minogue "Lets get to it" live (tv)
12 3:56 Visage "Fade to grey" 1980 (yTu)
12 5:08 Cargo "Pornstar" extended version (yTu)
11 3:19 Princessa "Ensalza Tu Amor" Live (yTu)
11 1:27 (mono) Anna Book "November December" (tv)
11 3:12 Scene from the film Gwendoline 10 3:45 French Affair "Sexy" (yTu)
10 4:44 Deadmau5 feat Melleefresh "Hey Baby" (yTu)
10 1:38 Mandy Smith "I just cant wait" low sound quality (tv)
10 3:05 Selena Gomez "Love you like a love song" (tv)
10 3:17 Verona / Piosenka Verony "La musica" (yTu)
10 4:45 Kylie Minogue "lets get to it" studio version
10 4:18 Alizee "Veni vidi vici" Live (yTu)
10 4:50 Korsakow & Noël "Sweet Poison of your love" (yTu)
10 5:00 Tina Charles "I Love To Love" (yTu, maxi)
10 0:47 Addis black widow (just the beginning)

Sexy music, with 9 points, almost Great...
1:12 Francis Lai "Theme of Emmanuelle 2"
2:16 Francis Lai / Pierre Bachelet, End song of Emmanuelle 2
4:48 Diva "The sun always shines on TV" (maxiCD)
3:12 Charlotte Gainsbourg "Pour se que.."
2:54 Ariana Grande "7 rings"
5:39 LIO "The girl from Ipanema"
2:27 Lulu boys "Boom boom" (radio)
3:00 Lynsey dePaul "Sugar Shuffle"
2:29 Alizee "A quoi reve une jeune fille"
5:39 LIO "The girl from Ipanema"

Sexy music, with 8 points, very nice...
5:46 Prinsess Stephanie of Monaco "Flash"
3:47 Niagara "Pendant Que Les Champs brulent" (yTu)
3:24 (mono) Divinyls "I touch myself" (tv)
1:12 Theme of Emmanuelle two
3:38 French Affair "My heart goes boom" (yTu)
3:44 MarkyMark "Make me say ooh"
3:25 Kaoma "lambada"
3:37 Samantha Fox "touch me" (maxi)

REGGAE 28 3:53 Serge Gainsbourg "Daisy temple" 1979
24 2:49 Amy Winehouse "Our day will come"
22 2:49 Serge Gainsbourg "Vieille Canaille"
22 3:11 Freddy MacGregor "Just don't wanna be lonely"
20 4:06 Grace Jones "Pars"
17 4:28 Grace Jones "I've seen that face before / Libertango"
16 4:18 Grace Jones "Walking in the rain"
16 3:47 UB40 "Kingston town"
14 2:43 Bob Marley "Buffalo soldier"
14 3:24 UB40 "Cant help falling in love"
13 3:06 Serge Gainsbourg "Javanaise remake"
13 2:59 Jackie Edwards "Ali Baba"
13 3:17 Bob Marley "Jamming"
12 5:10 Grace Jones "Private life"
12 3:38 Aswad "Shine"
12 4:21 Boy George "Everythig I own" (max)
12 3:29 Boris Gardiner "I wanna wake up with you"
12 4:04 Chaka Demus & Pliers "Tease me"
12 3:21 Mango Kings "Under di Mangotree"
12 3:13 Serge Gainsbourg "Eau et gaz.. & Pas long feu"
11 4:20 Culture Club "Do you really want to hurt me"
11 3:34 Bob Marley "Could you be loved"
11 5:13 Grace Jones "La vie en rose" 1977
11 3:35 Maxie Priest "Wild World"
10 3:00 Serge Gainsbourg "Aux armes et caetera"
10 6:15 Grace Jones "Private life" 1980
09 3:02 Dawn Penn "no no no"
09 7:13 Boy George "everythig - Botha mix"
09 6:43 Grace Jones "The Apple stretching"
09 3:53 Bob Marley "Is this Love"
08 3:35 Chaka Demus & Pliers "Gal wine"
08 3:32 Duke Baysee "Sugar sugar"
08 4:14 Bob Marley "Exodus"

GREAT music 40 6:18 Mylene Farmer "Ainsi soit je.."
38 5:01 ELO "One summer dream"
33 2:16 ELO "Above the clouds"
33 5:17 Mylene Farmer "L'antre"
30 3:02 Alan Parsons Project "don't let it show" (from CD robot)
30 5:24 Pavarotti & Zucchero, live "caruso" (tv)
29 6:37 Dana International "Free" (tv)
26 1:53 Rick Wakeman "The empty vessel" voice of Nina Wakeman
26 3:33 Beach Boys "Kokomo"
26 6:33 Sweetbox "Don't go Away" (vers 1 & 2 on maxiCD)
25 1:00 ELO "Tightrope" (just the intro)
25 to 5 points Pink Floyd "Dark side of the moon (with the tracks) 6 "Speak to me & breathe in the air (from Dark live) - 25 Time - 8 The great gig in the sky (from dark live) - 5 Money - 9 Us & them - 12 Brain damage - 9 Eclipse"
25 4:24 Elton & Queen "Show must go on" (tv)
25 7:07 Jean Michel Jarre & Natacha Atlas "C'est la vie"
22 to 08 points ELO "Concerto for a rainy day (with the tracks) 20 Standin in the rain - 22 Big wheels - 8 Summer and lightning -18 Mr Blue Sky - 20 Believe me now - 12 Steppin out"
22 to 10 points Rick Wakeman "The myth and legends.. (with the tracks) 12 Arthur - 10 Lady of the lake -10 Sir Lancelot and the black night - 19 Merlin the magician - 22 Sir Galahad - 10 Guinevere (only the beginning of the beginning) - 16 The last battle" (and Rick Wakeman is also known to be a very nice gentleman)
22 11:40 Enigma "Principles of lust - Sadeness - Find love - Sadeness reprise"
22 2:56 Miquel Brown "When did it all begin to end" (single)
22 3:10 Sweetbox "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"
21 4:59 Grandaddy "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot" (not the youTube versions)
20 4:03 Mylene Farmer "Monkey Me"
20 6:41 Rick Wakeman "Judas Iscariot" (fadeout)
20 3:56 Lennon / Beatles "Starting over"
20 2:16 Supertramp "Crime of the century"
20 0:18 20century Fox "intro theme"
20 3:25 Tina Turner "Golden Eye" (the 007 theme)
18 1:21 Pink Floyd "One of the few"
18 4:49 Supertramp "A soapbox opera"
18 2:42 Kellys heroes "Burning bridges" (lp)
18 5:44 Gary Moore "Parisienne walkways"
17 3:03 Sara Varga "Spring för livet" (tv)
16 2:07 Beatles "Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band - With a little help from my friend"
16 3:35 Beatles "The long and winding road"
16 5:40 Elton John "Don't let the sun go down on me" (tv, from the Rio concert)
16 4:00 Supertramp "If everyone was listening"
16 9:20 Enigma "Back to the rivers of belief"
16 9:07 Frankie goes to Hollywood "Two tribes"
16 3:52 Army of Lovers "Supernatural" (single)
16 2:28 Ronettes "Be my babye" (extra groovy version, but not complete)
15 3:24 Teddy Swims "Lose Control - in the life loungue" (yTu)
15 4:19 Rick Wakeman "The maker" and first seconds of "Spaceman"
15 4:28 Beatles "A day in the life"
15 2:58 Lennon / Beatles "Imagine"
15 5:42 Elton "Don't let the sun go down on me - live" Madison square garden 2000
15 4:20 Alan Parsons Project "Prelude & arrival" (from the poe album)
15 4:22 ABBA "Happy new year"
15 3:01 ABBA "The way old friends do"
15 7:10 Robert Miles "Children, the dream"
14 5:24 Mylene Farmer "Je Te Dis Tout"
14 4:32 ELO "Telephone line"
14 4:34 Enigma "Mea culpa"
14 3:34 Pink Floyd "Paranoid eyes"
14 6:37 Elton John "Song for Guy"
14 3:12 Elton John "Goodbye yellow brick road - live" Madison square garden
14 4:03 Lennon / Beatles "Just a jealous guy"
14 3:03 Beatles "Here comes the sun"
14 2:26 Beatles "Girl"
14 to 10 Mike Batt "The night of the dead - The dead of the night - Run like the wind"
14 2:48 Beach Boys "God only knows"
14 3:08 Beach Boys "California dreamin"
14 0:55 Alan Parsons Project "Genesis"
14 3:14 Emma Shapplin "Spente le stelle" (radio)
14 3:47 Erika "In the arms of a stranger"
14 3:48 Whitney "I will always love you"
14 2:34 3 Ronettes "Be my baby" clean version (yTu)
13 2:03 Beatles / Paul McCartney "Yesterday"
13 1:48 Rick Wakeman "The reaper" (only the end)
13 4:22 Alan Parsons Project "The eagle will rise again" (from pyramid)
13 3:48 ERA "Ameno - remix"
13 2:17 Petrus "China in my head" (from tv)
12 5:42 Mylene Farmer "Agnus Dei"
12 3:47 ELO "Strange magic"
12 5:29 Pink Floyd "The gunners dream"
12 1:15 Pink Floyd "Get your filthy hands off my desert"
12 2:13 Pink Floyd "Southamton docks"
12 2:59 Beatles "Something" by Harrison
12 2:56 Beatles "Penny lane"
12 2:52 Supertramp "Casual conversations"
12 4:11 Enigma "Callas went away"
12 5:29 Frankie goes to Hollywood "The Power of love"
12 13:39 Frankie goes to Hollywood "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome"
12 3:15 Camille "Turnaround" (from movie Little Prince)
12 3:48 Nina Hagen "Zarah"
12 3:01 Goldfrapp "Utopia" (normal version)
12 2:53 Cornelis Vreeswijk "Balladen om Herr Fredrik Åkare och den söta fröken Cecilia Lind"
12 6:44 Eagles "Hotel California" (live, tv)
12 2:51 Ben E King "Don't play that song"
11 4:22 Mylene Farmer "Redonne-moi"
11 5:26 Mylene Farmer "Dégénération"
11 3:07 Rick Wakeman "Orpheus song"
11 3:17 Beatles "All you need is love"
11 4:02 Elton John "Your song" (from the Rio concert, tv)
11 3:22 Alan Parsons Project "In the lap of the Gods" (from pyramid)
11 3:35 Mike Batt "Losing your way in the rain"
11 6:10 Frankie goes to Hollywood "War"
11 3:53 Sandra "Secret land"
11 3:34 The Mo "Nostalgia locomotive" (maxi)
11 4:24 Sinead O'Connor "Nothing compares 2U" (uTu, cut version)
11 3:59 The 411 "On my knees" (md)
11 3:45 Boomtown rats "I don't like mondays"
10 4:30 Mylene Farmer "Sans logique"
10 3:08 ELO "Eldorado overture.."
10 5:35 ELO "Shangrila"
10 1:59 Enigma "The voice of enigma"
10 2:48 Rick Wakeman "Silent prayer"
10 4:06 Rick Wakeman "Rienzi/Chopsticks fantasia"
10 3:10 Pink Floyd "Another brick in the wall part 1"
10 3:12 Pink Floyd "Nobody home" (fade out)
10 11:02 Pink Floyd "Shine on your crazy diamond"
10 2:58 Lennon / Beatles "Woman"
10 6:10 Elton John "The one" (from the Rio concert, tv)
10 10:25 Supertramp "Fools Overture"
10 3:55 Frankie goes to Hollywood "Relax"
10 3:35 Beach Boys "Good vibrations"
10 6:15 Mike Batt "Tarota"
10 1:31 Anna von Hausswolff "En ensam vandrare" (fade out after the first half)
10 4:35 Cats "Memory" (lp, the first version)
10 3:36 Guns N Roses "Since I don't have you" (tv)
10 5:00 10CC "Dreadlock holiday"
10 4:00 Goldfrapp "Utopia" (very slow promo version)
10 2:35 The Supremes "Baby Love"

Great music, with 9 points, almost Great...
5:16 Mylene Farmer "De'senchantee"
4:01 Mylene Farmer "Quand"
5:13 Mylene Farmer "Pas de don'te"
4:33 ELO "Telephone line"
4:07 ELO "It's over"
3:47 Rick Wakeman "Funerailles"
4:30 Rick Wakeman "Jane Seymour" (partly 20 partly 0 points)
4:11 Pink Floyd "the Fletcher memorial home"
3:18 McCartney / Beatles "Bluebird"
2:37 Beatles "Michelle"
3:48 Elton John "Candle in the wind"
5:43 Elton John "Nikita"
5:07 Supertramp "My kind of lady"
1:00 Supertramp "Aint nobody but me"
3:40 Supertramp "Poor boy"
1:24 Supertramp "Even in the quietest moments"
5:34 Supertramp "School"
3:41 Supertramp "Slowmotion"
5:31 Peter Gabriel "Here comes the Flood"
4:00 Alan Parsons Project "Some other time"
5:01 Alan Parsons Project "I robot"
3:38 Queens "Barcelona" (live, tv)
3:50 Dusty Springfield "If you go away" (1967 and would be 20 points, except lousy sound quality)
5:49 Dire Strait "Private investergations"
3:43 Kim Carnes "Betty Davis eyes"
4:10 Spandau Ballets "Trough the barricades"
3:47 Rialto "Anything Could Happen" from Night on Earth (radio)
4:57 Eagles "Hotel California" (lp)
3:32 INXS "Never tear us apart" (live, tv)
2:14 Niel Sedaka "Oh Carol" (radio)
7:07 Ruthless E "Drama" (cruel techno & romantic piano)
1:56 Sven-Bertil Taube "Änglamarken"
3:02 Cornelis Vreeswijk "Deidres samba"
4:27 4 Cornelis "Märk hur vår skugga.. Bellmans Epistel 81" 1971
2:43 Roy Orbison "In Dreams" the Sandman (radio)
2:39 Tove Styrke "Show me love" (tv 2022 live for Swedish princess Viktoria)
4:35 Frank Sinatra "My way" 1968

Great music, with 8 points, very nice...
5:30 Mylene Farmer "Je t'aime melancolie"
5:13 Mylene Farmer "Regrets"
5:30 Mylene Farmer "Apelle mon numero"
4:52 Mylene Farmer "California"
3:47 ELO "Moment in paradise"
3:52 Beatles "While my guitar gently weeps" by Harrison
2:27 Pink Floyd "Is there anybody out there"
3:12 Elton John "Goodbye yellow brick road - studio version"
2:44 Elton John "Harmony"
4:14 Elton John "Cry to heaven"
3:46 Elton John "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"
5:16 Supertramp "Rudy"
1:10 Enigma "Morphing thru time"
4:22 Enigma "Shadows in silence"
4:28 Alan Parsons Project "Pavane"
2:35 Beach Boys "California girls"
4:03 Mike Batt "Voices in the dark"
1:36 Mike Batt "Bourree"
0:45 Peter Gabriel (the end of) "Moribund"
5:08 U2 "Night and day" live (yTu)
3:20 Diana Ross "Mahogany"
2:46 Frank Zappa "Bobby Brown"
4:56 Dire Straits "Brothers in arms" (cut at both ends)
5:44 Dire Straits "Sultan of Swings"
2:10 "Rambo II" intro (dvd)
4:27 IL DIVO "Si tu me amas" (yTu)
4:55 IL DIVO "The Adagio" from Arena at Pula (yTu)
2:06 Pavarotti "Turandot" by Puccini (tv) 3:08 Paul McCartney "Live and let die"
4:20 Monty Phython "Every sperm is great"
6:05 10cc "Don't hang up"
10:11 10cc "Feel the benefit"
3:50 John Miles "Music" (without the first awful half)
2:40 Bo Caspersons Orkester "Resa med enkel biljett"
2:43 ?? "Sandman"
2:30 Ronettes "Baby, I Love You" (yTu, extra wide stereo version)
2:32 Jan & Dean "Surf city"
2:13 Little Eva "The Locomotion"
2:40 Chubby Checker "Slow Twistin"
3:06 Ellen "Songbird" (tv)
4:24 Ainbusk Singers "Älska mig" 2:50 Bo Kaspers Orkester "Cigarett"(md)
3:28 Cornelis "En fattig trubadur"
3:28 5 Cornelis Vreeswijk "En fattig trubadur"

Some Cool, Sexy or Great music tracks, are also excellent as disco tunes and IF that track work even better for disco, will it naturally get a higher grade, here...

DISCO 28 4:10 Touch and Go "Straight To Number One" Buddha Bar mix (yTu)
28 3:53 Serge Gainsbourg "Daisy temple"
28 3:44 ERA "Ameno" (disco remix)
27 3:20 Sash! "Stay"
26 5:26 The wild version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime... moi non plus" by Barry Adamson
26 3:10 Dana International "Free" (fade in from 3:25 in original)
26 4:22 Mono "Life in mono"
26 3:21 French Affair "Comme Ci Comme Ca" (maxiCD)
25 22:33 Alec R.Costandinos & the syncophinic orchestra "Hunchback of Notre Dame" (arr: Don Ray - but need heavy bass equalization to sound great and not boxy)
25 3:26 Army of Lovers "Lit de parade, radio edit" (need strong bass equalization to sound great and not boxy)
24 5:14 Madonna "Erotica" (album version)
24 4:09 Phyllis Nelson "Move closer"
24 3:35 Robert Miles "One & one" with Maria Nayler
24 3:40 Sash! "Adelante"
23 3:34 Sash! "Encore une fois"
22 6:44 Sash! "Adelante" long version
22 6:33 Sweetbox "don't go Away" (track 1&2 on maxiCD)
22 14:39 Kimera and the Operaiders with The London Symphony Orchestra "The Lost Opera / Operatheque A" the complete version 1984
7:55 4 Kimera and the Operaiders with The London Symphony Orchestra "The lost opera" 1984 (maxi version)
22 4:03 Kinkina "Jungle Fever" (alternative 1989 version)
22 3:29 Scooter "Call me Mañana" 1998
22 2:28 Destination "from beginning.. The party's over"
21 3:09 Fredrik Kempe "Vincero"
20 6:18 Sash! "Stay - dreamy echo remix"
20 6:00 Sash! "Stay" long version
20 15:42 Hot RS "House of the rising sun" (by Kevin Kruger)
20 34:14 Festival "Evita" (by Boris Midney)
20 3:43 Army of Lovers "Obsession"
20 2:36 Emporio Armani "Women's Fall Winter 23-24" (yTu)
19 3:58 Visage "Fade to grey" 1980 (yTu)
19 3:21 Encore "Le Disc-jockey"
19 3:44 ERA "Ameno" faster disco remix (yTu)
18 5:24 Snap "Rame" (slomo vers, feat. Rukmani)
18 5:11 Madonna "Erotica" (original book version)
18 4:51 Madonna "Justify my love"
18 3:05 Diana Ross & Supremes "medley of hits" (maxi, side A slutet)
16 3:24 Matt Bianco "Macumba"
16 2:30 Ronettes "Be my babye" (extra groovy version, but not complete)
16 4:33 Baccara "Yes Sir, i can boogie" (single) 1977
16 3:45 French Affair - Barbara "Sexy" (yTu)
16 4:26 ORB "Little Fluffy Clouds" (as the Cumulonimbus mix)
16 3:03 ev Lexer "Feels like this" ev "I love you when it feels like dance" techno (md)
15 4:28 Sergio Mendes "What is This?" (maxiCD)
15 8:13 DeeLite "What is love" (maxi B2&1)
15 9:16 Propaganda "Machinery" (maxi)
15 4:11 Enigma "Sadeness & reprise"
15 6:10 Enigma "Rivers of belif"
15 4:19 Boney M "Rivers of Babylon"
14 7:42 Mel Brooks "the Hitler rap" (maxi)
14 3:39 666 "Amokk" (rave disco in Spanish)
14 1:22 Magic Affair "Give me all your love" (a short part, tv)
14 4:04 The Underground Crew "Orgasm" alternative 1990 version of "Jungle Fever" by Kinkina (yTu)
14 7:40 Poussez "You're all I have" 1979
14 7:50 Poussez "Never gonna say goodbye" 1979
14 3:15 ev Sören Lindberg "One last dance" girl talking, techno (md)
13 6:25 Sash! "Encore une fois" long clean version
13 3:50 Dr Alban "Sing Hallelujah"
13 2:17 Petrus "China in my head"
13 4:58 Jimmy BO Horne "Close to you"
13 4:25 DuranDuran "All she wants is"
13 6:42 Sabrina "Multimegamix"
13 3:29 Harold Fluke "Bullit" (radio)
12 4:44 Deadmau5 feat Melleefresh "Hey Baby" (fadein at 2:22)(yTu)
12 8:20 Madonna "Into the groove" (fade out)
12 3:33 Army of Lovers "Crucified"
12 3:43 Guru Josh "Infinity"
12 3:50 Bonnie Pointer "I can't help myself" (single)
12 4:23 Princess Superstar "Fuck me on the dancefloor" remix by zio (yTu)
12 3:17 Verona / Piosenka Verony "La musica" (yTu)
11 6:17 Lionrock "Packet of peace"
11 3:30 Army of Lovers "Venus & mars" (maxiCD, radio edit)
11 9:06 Frankie goes to Hollywood "Two tribes"
11 3:14 Jennifer Rush "Yesterme.."
11 5:17 Deep Purple (!) "Demon's Eye" 1971
10 3:30 Army of Lovers "Venus & mars, antiloop mix" (maxiCD)
10 3:05 Jam & Spoon "Right in the night"
10 3:46 Paradisio "Bailando"
10 6:10 Sash! "Mysterious times - remix"
10 1:19 Sly e Robi and the taximen "Coronation market"

Disco, with 9 points, almost Great...
3:41 DrAlban "freedom - live" (tv)
4:33 Yello "Lost Again"
4:16 Webber "Phantom of the Opera"
3:17 Gloria Gaynor "I will survive"
3:57 Boney M "Sunny" 1976 122bpm
4:18 Army of Lovers "Dub evolution"
4:12 Dr Alban "One love"
6:54 Poussez "Come on and do it to me" 1979 124bpm
3:22 Blondie "Heart of glass" 1978 116bpm
3:53 Mylene Farmer "De'senchantee"
4:03 Saint Etienne "He's on the phone"
3:52 Army of Lovers "Supernatural"
4:12 Robin S "Luv4luv"
3:27 Eruption "One way ticket"
3:00 Eruption "I cant stand the rain"
5:52 4 Sash! "Ecuador"
6:14 Sash! "Equador" (remix)
1:58 Afrodite "Turn it up"
7:06 Ruthless E "Drama"
4:11 Scooter "Fuck the millenium" (md)
3:06 Froidz "You" (md, girl sing, techno)
3:25 DMX "It's dark and hell is not"
4:12 Robin S "Luv 4 luv"
4:28 Amii Stewart "Knock on wood"

Disco, with 8 points, very nice...
5:53 Irene Cara "Flashdance, what a feeling"
4:25 David Bowie "Lets dance"
3:41 Roxy Music "dance away"
2:40 "Disco Chicken"
6:36 Bassheads "Its there anybody out there"
2:41 Scatman John "Im the scatman"
6:25 Children of dub "transidental"
4:28 Carol Douglas "Doctors order" (single) 1975 129bpm
3:25 Kaoma "lambada"
4:48 Kylie Minogue "Lets get to it"
3:49 Three Degrees "Givin up, givin in"
2:07 Lou Bega "I got a girl"
3:22 Paradisio "Bailando Extreme" (radio)
6:57 Jackie Moore "This time babye" (maxi) 1979 126bpm
7:02 Sash! "Stay" (echo remix)
6:18 Madonna "Where's the Party" (dub version)
3:42 666 "Bomba"
3:34 Aqua "Cartoon Heroes"
4:28 2Pac "Until the end of time"
1:59 Nadia Oh "Shake it"
5:31 Pet Shop Boys "Axis"

ACTION music Which simply are purrfect to really wake UP with...
30 3:03 Alan Parson "don't let it show"
25 4:24 Ten Sharp "You"
24 4:24 Fire Inc "Tonight.."
24 3:35 Robert Miles "One & one" (with Maria Nayler)
22 4:56 Billy Idol "Catch my fall"
20 4:17 Fire Inc "Nowhere fast"
20 3:56 Lennon "Starting over"
20 2:42 Kellys heroes "Burning bridges"
18 4:20 Dave Stewart "Jack talking"
16 1:00 DSL "advertising"
16 3:28 Tess Mattisson "The second you sleep"
16 3:15 Lena Zavaroni "River deep, mountain high"
16 3:36 David Bowie "Changes"
15 8:23 Billy Idol "White wedding"
15 2:30 Olivia Olson "All I want for Cristmas is you" (tv)
15 1:38 Emporio Armani "Fall Winter 2022-23" (yTu) from 11:16 fade 12:48
15 2:55 Nusa Derena "Energy" (the 2001 contribution of Slovenia)
15 4:12 Sisters of mercy "More - live"
14 5:19 Povel Ramel "Ta av dig skorna" Written by Povel Ramel and Beppe Wolgers
14 2:35 David Bowie "Life on Mars"
14 3:18 Army of Lovers "Lit de parade, video edit"
13 6:16 Billy Idol "don't need a gun"
13 2:46 Stefan Andersson "Välkommen"
12 4:40 David Bowie "Five years"
12 3:33 David Bowie "Soul love"
12 3:15 Camille "Turnaround" (from movie Little Prince)
12 4:15 Peter Skellern "You're a Lady"
12 6:46 Liza Minelli "Losing my mind" (maxi version)
12 3:46 Paradisio "Bailando"
12 3:08 The Beach Boys "California dreamin"
11 2:45 Madonna "Santa Baby"
11 3:00 Eirikur Hauksson "Valentine Lost"
11 5:05 Supertramp "My kind of lady"
11 2:02 Sia "Titanium"

Action music, with 9 points, almost Great...
4:35 Billy Idol "All summer single"
2:32 David Bowie "Rock'n'roll suicide"
7:38 David Bowie "Lets dance"
5:32 David Bowie "China girl"
3:33 INXS "Never tear us apart - live"
4:43 Barry Ryan "Eloise"

Action music, with 8 points, very nice...
3:43 Billy Idol "Fatal charm"
3:14 David Bowie "Modern love"
3:07 David Bowie "Here comes the night"
3:58 ZZ top "Gimme all your lovin"
3:44 ZZ top "La Grange"
4:19 Dire Strait "Money for nothing" (cut at both ends)
3:47 4 Cher "If I could turn back time" live

ROCK Most "action" tracks of Billy Idol and David Bowie above, are also Rock and yes, I find most other famous "rock" tracks (that not are included below or above) too distorted or badly played... Even if I did love Deep Purple a long time ago - before I got really fine equipment, which unfortunately reveal both the sublime details and when it sound awful...
28 3:26 Mott thee Hoople "The golden age of rock 'n' roll"
26 5:15 Joe Walsh "Rocky mountains way" (the lousy sound of live videos on youTube, do NOT make him justice and he is also known to be a very nice gentleman & a band member of Eagles)

18 4:28 Joe Walsh "Song for Emma"
15 1:46 Joe Walsh "Daydream"
13 5:32 Joe Walsh "Dreams"
12 3:07 Mott thee Hoople "Roll away the stone"
10 2:44 Joe Walsh "Book ends"
09 2:28 Mott thee Hoople "Foxy Foxy" (fade out)
09 3:21 Mott thee Hoople "All the way from Memphis"
08 5:23 Mott thee Hoople "Hymn for the Dudes"
08 1:01 Joe Walsh "All night laundry mat blues"

ROMANTIC CLASSIC 26p 3:51 5 Chopin "First part of second act from Piano conserto nr 2 op21"
20 3:16 Grieg "Peer Gynt suite no 1 op46 - Anitras dance"
19 waltz 1:36 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake - no5 tempo di valse"
18 waltz 8:46 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake - Danse des cygnes, no13 part 1-4 & 6"
18 1:09 Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker op71 - Chinese Dance"
18 piano 2:45 Bach "Largo, ur Pianokonsert nr5"
16 1:54 Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker op71 - Dance of the sugar plum fairy / de fee dragee"
16 2:31 Johann & Josef Strauss "Pizzicato polka"
16 waltz 6:55 Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker op71 - Waltz of the flowers"
15 piano 4:22 5 Chopin "Noctune in E flat major"
15 5:12 Rodrigo "Concierto de Aranjuez"
14 waltz 8:22 Johann Strauss "An der schönen blauen Donau / On the beautiful blue Donau"
14 waltz 3:55 Tchaikovsky "String serenade in C - Valse,
14 waltz 3:55 5 Tchaikovsky "String serenade in C - Valse, op48p2"
14 4:07 2 Vivaldi "Largo, from Recorder Concerto RV443"
13 piano 2:56 Beethoven "fur Elise" woo59
13 waltz 8:37 Johann Strauss Jr "Die fledermaus overture" (tv Wien's new years consert 2022)
12 waltz 10:58 Johann Strauss "Tales from Vienna woods" op325
12 waltz 6:30 Waldteufeln "Skridskoåkarna"
11 2:34 Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker op71 - Danse des mirlitons / Dance of the reed flutes"
11 waltz 9:51 Johann Strauss Jr "Wiener blut / Vienna Blood" op354 (tv)
10 6:41 Mozart "Andante ur pianokonsert no21 K467 Elvira Madigan"
10 1:26 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake - Pas de quarte: Dance de cygnes / of the Little Swans, Act II op20"
10 waltz 9:10 Johann Strauss "Accelerationen, op234"
10 piano 3:00 Tchaikovsky "The seasons - June" op37B part 6
10 piano 6:41 Mozart "Elvira Madigan - Andante ur pianokonsert no21" K467
10 waltz 10:07 Johann Strauss "Artist life / Kunstlerleben, op316"
10 waltz 4:19 Tchaikovsky "Sleeping beauty" op66
10 piano 5:14 Beethoven "Piano sonata no 14 - Moonlight" op27
10 3:47 Myers "Cavatina"
9 piano 0:48 Mozart "Alla turca" First part... K331
9 waltz 9:51 Johan Strauss? "Wiener blut"
9 3:22 Boccherini "Minuetto"
9 5:34 Bach "Air ur Orkestersvit nr 3"
9 piano 4:38 Beethoven "Pathetique, Piano Sonata nr 8 - part 2" op13
8 3:47 Myers "Cavatina"
8 4:16 Grieg "Peer Gynt suite no 1 op46 - Morgenstimmnung"

GREAT CLASSIC 26 2:44 Bach "Toccata con fuga"
25 2:33 Grieg "Peer Gynt suite no 1 op46 - In the halle"
22 2:36 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake, no09"
22 6:33 Elgar "March no1 pomp & circumstance"
21 2:32 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake op20 - Scene"
20 5:38 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake, no29"
20 11:28 Albinoni "Adagio in G minor for organ & violins, by Tomaso Albinoni" actually composed 1945 by Remo Giazotto
18 13:51 Ravel "Bolero"
18 1:40 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake, no18"
16 3:47 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake, no03"
16 3:45 Lumbye "Homage March"
16 3:05 Pavarotti "Turandot" by Puccini (tv)
16 7:47 Ponchielli "Timmarnas dans"
16 3:34 Johann Strauss "Im Krapfenwald'l polka" op336
15 waltz 5:46 5 Johann Strauss Jr "Wine, women and song waltz" op333
15 2:15 Lumbye "Champagne galop"
14 3:30 Tchaikovsky "Swan lake, no24"
14 5:26 Tchaikovsky "Symphony no 5 Andante cantabile" op64 p2" lovely beginning, then partly annoying (tv)
14 7:47 Beethoven "nr5 ödessymfonin"
12 waltz 10:00 Lumbye "Amélie waltz suite"
12 3:28 Farnon "State occation"
12 2:24 Lumbye "Pepita polka"
11 13:59 Tchaikovsky, Symphony no 5 "Andante cantabile, op64 p2" (partly lovely, partly annoying)
10 piano 3:32 Tchaikovsky "Piano concerto no 1 op23 beginning of part 1 Allergo non troppo"
10 2:15 Three tenors - Verdi "Rigoletti - La donna e mobile" (tv)
10 2:59 Vivaldi "The four seasons, Spring - La primavera, part 1 of 3" RV269
10 5:31 Lumbye "To queen Louise"
10 4:10 Prokofjev "Montague ur Romeo & Julia" (rec from 1:22)
10 2:28 Johann Strauss Jr "Champanger polka" op211 (tv Wien's new years consert 2022)
9 2:19 Verdi "La donna e mobile" (with Pavarotti)
9 8:43 Mozart "Molto allegro - Symfoni no40" K550 part one
9 4:49 Johann Strauss Jr "Jubelfest March, op396"
9 1:57 Vivaldi "La notte, part 6 allegro RV439"
8 waltz 3:55 Lumbye "Colombine polka mazurka"
8 waltz 5:31 Lumbye "To queen Louise" (radio)
8 2:20 Johann Strauss "Explosions polka" op43
8 2:43 Strauss "Radetzky marsch" op228 (tv)
8 2:25 Johan Roman "Allegro con spirito"
8 waltz 9:14 Josef Strauss "Music of the speres - Waltz" op235"

RONDO VENEZIANO (a delicate mix of classic and pop arrangements)
15 0:40 "Piano concertos"
14 3:28 "Arcobaleno"
13 2:36 "Armonie"
12 8:00 "Fiaba antica, part 1"
10 3:07 "Ritorno a Venezia"
10 5:02 "Romanza"
9 3:04 "Misteriosa Venezia"
9 4:09 "Specchio della laguna"
8 2:25 "Corso delle gondole"

Then have I many many more tracks with grade 5 to 7 - but at that point, will the taste differ more and the list would be less helpful... And if you know some delicious music, that I really should love and possible give 8 to 40 points (according to the tracks above) are you very welcome to tell me!

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Click here for the separate page, with a very advanced HiFi school... That easy explains everything you need to know, before you buy some HiFi equipment and how to get a more natural sound... But you find some tip (especially on how to select right equipment) only in the Best Buy guide!

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