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Some of my HiFi equipment - with two Sony MDS-JB730 QS MiniDisc deck, two Pioneer BluRay players, Yamaha RX-A1030
Aventage AV receiver, Denon PRA-1200 preamplifier, Yamaha GE-40 2x15db (the second finest analouge equalizer)
Sansui SE-77 12 band Equalizer, Sony CDP-XB720 QS CD player and Denon DP-37F record player,
with ultra exact direct drive and the famous Ortofon 2m blue MM pickup

My tiny bedrooms HiFi - with the delicious Luxman 373 amplifier, another
Sony MDS-JB730 QS MiniDisc deck and Luxman equalizer...

My two excellent Sony MDS-JB730 QS MiniDisc deck

The finest portable recorder I own, a Sharp IM-DR410H - that especially sound
truly excellent, have a three band equalizer and use one standard AA battery

My magnificent Yamaha RX-A1030 Aventage AV receiver - with the most detailed natural sound,
in test after test and a lovely 7 band manual (or auto) digital parametisk equalizer

My magnificent Yamaha RX-A1050 Aventage AV receiver
Another masterpiece with the most detailed natural sound

Denon DP-37F record player - with ultra exact direct drive, magnetic "floating" tonearm and the famous Ortofon 2m blue MM pickup

Close up on my cute Sony CDP-XB720 QS and very black CD player - which especially offer a smart
track selecting knob, track calendar and can show how long time is left, when you record!

Two rather fine photos of my elegant Denon DCD-685 in black
which also have a smart track selector knob

Marshall Kilburn - the first original version

A magnificent Denon PMA-920 that I just bought, but it must first be renovated... S/N aux107db mm94db mc75db 2x105w8ohm/ftc/iec
180w4din 270wDyn4 350wDyn2ohm IM dist 0.003% Big round toroid transformer, Loudness, Subsonic, CD direkt, defeat and 11kg

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