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Video equipment

Widescreen TV sets

You may click here to see exactly how we work... And please click here and email me... If you have NEWS about finer worldwide alternatives, any important information (as extra good or bad qualities) on the products I recommend and naturally, any finer pictures!

First why you simply don't need a 4K or Ultra HD screen, but may buy one anyhow... First the short explanation... Almost nobody want to sit close enough to a Full HD screen, to see the finest Full HD details and then have 4K or UltraHD even finer details, which naturally are even more impossible to see, if you not sit extremely close... Which mainly means, that you don't have to invest in a UltraHD player and films... And most programs are shown in max Full HD anyhow... But a fine 4K TV cost about the same as a fine Full HD and if your kids sit very close to the TV, can they naturally enjoy the extra up-scaled 4K details...
The deeper explanation... You can read more about Full HD below - but to see the smallest Full HD details, if you BOTH have the screen 3 meters away and PERFECT vision / eyes, must the screen be 75 inch huge... And a 65 inch screen, must stand max 260 centimetres away, to show the finest Full HD details... So a 55 inch 4K screen, will not even show the finest Full HD details, at that close distance (!) and to see the finest 4K or Ultra HD details, must it stand max 110cm away... Okay, if you buy an incredible expensive 80 inch 4K screen, will you actually see little extra fine details if you place it max 3 meters ways - but to see the finest 4K or Ultra HD details, must even that monster screen be max 160cm away!!
So 4K is only smart for a giant computer screen and then do I sincerely recommend a 40 inch UltraHD max 80cm away, or 55 inch max 110cm away!

Then a few facts about 3D video... I don't like anything, just because it's "new" or even because it's popular... I prefer quality and 3D does still look lousy, compared to fine 2D video from DVD or better... Many does also complain about 3D and most people who tried both, prefer high class 2D video - even if they sometimes like the amazing 3D effects, as an alternative way to view things... And I specifically don't like the fuzzy and pale 3D result - especially when high class video, already look very close to real life and often as a clear window... Then does 3D trick your brain and eyes, in a way that actually make many sick and there is no major studies on the long time effects... Some companies even admit that you can get a stroke and die (!!) in their manuals... So we will not recommend any 3D equipment here - before they hopefully make ultralight 3D video glasses, with built in OLED screens, which create a crystal sharp Full HD image, with deep colours and make you feel like viewing a perfect 100 inch 3D screen, or much bigger of course ;-)

Since 2002 and still BURNING hotThe amazing OLED display technology This technology offer many great advantages, over today's TV and computer displays... And OLED did actually begin to replace LCD and TFT screens for smartphones and tablets 2008 and will soon be the finest alternative for notebooks, digital cameras, video cameras and advanced mobile phones... But the really great news is that OLED work also perfect for big flat TV screens and two companies did shown amazing 55 inch screens, which was possible to buy since October 2013 at a premium price... But they had a BIG problem with the blue subpixel, which diesd twice as fast and they could not fix that... But the fine whiteOLED screens from LG did fix that by only using four white oleds and then simply add a colour filter over three of them, which let the last white oled compensate for the loss of light the filter create... And the wOLED screens form LG costs 2019 like a 4k ultraHD LCD screen, but LG's budget wOLED screen use too cheap image processing electronics, so they are anyhow a clearly worse alternative, as you can see below...
But Sonly buy wOLED panels from LG and they have the finest image processing electronics, which together produce the fiest picture quality today and Sony's wOLED sets are just slightly more expensive, than the budget wOLED sets from LG with much worse electronics... Then have Samsung QLED nothing to do with OLED and give actually not better pictures than Sony and Samsung very fine 65 inch budget models, with classic LCD panels!
Click here to read the complete article, about the first steps of OLED displays!

2012-01-06And the next finer step may be the extremely promising microLED technology January 2012 did Sony show a 55 inch FullHD screen with their new Crystal LED technique... And Sony's Crystal LED did actually offer exactly the same advantages as OLED with help of "ultrafine" direct working color LED subpixels, plus the great additional advantages that LED pixels last at least twice as long and are clearly brighter... But they was too expensive to make, so Sony did never begin mass production...
But in late 2016 did Sony produce a Crystal LED Integrated Structure or CLEDIS panel of 403x453mm for professional use - which then are combined to huge screens, which for example can be 9.7 x 2.7 meters big...
And since 2018 is Samsung and other companies planning to release microLED instread, which actually is exactly the same thing as Sony's Crystal LED technology... And not just white LED's which most LCD screens use for the backlight... Samsung began 2018 with a 146 inch "The Wall" screen, with rather huge microLED's that may cost $100.000 or slightly less and they are also showing a 75-inch display at CES 2019 plus a 219 inch version... But they have mainly big problems to make microLED screens, at normal prices... So microLED screens may unfortunately be very expensive, compared with Sony's excellent whiteOLED screens, if they not find new smarter ways to mass produce.

Widescreen TV sets - you can buy today

You should first think on 2 vital aspects... Which is the right viewing distance?? And do I really need 100hz?
You should only buy a 4K UltraHD screen or a 1080 "Full HD" screen today, because other screens are mainly made a long time ago and have especially worse picture quality!
Then must you sit very close or get a rather big scereen to be able to see the finest detail from a Full HD 1080 picture...
You can do a very easy "test" and see the optimal distance for any FullHD screen, with your own eyes... Step first so close that you can see the separate pixels and move then back 10cm, so you can't see any pixels... And then will you actually see less and less of the finest FullHD detail, if you move back even more, when you can't see the pixels any more... But if the TV is 4K or UltraHD with higher resolution, must you use next method....
And if you use the first simple method, with a FullHD screen and have perfect eye sight, will you see that the optimal distance is 10% shorter than twice the width of the screen... Or even more simply, the width of the screen x 1.8 and if you sit further away, will you see less and less fine FullHD details... And you get exactly the same effect with a 4K or UltraHD screen... But to see the even finer 4K or UltraHD details, must you naturally sit even closer and to see the finest UltraHD details (when you almost can see some pixels) must you simply sit little closer to the screen, than the screen is wide!
Some exact examples... If you have PERFECT eye sight, can you see a 1mm object max 3.46 meters away... And that mean that you should sit max 2.56 meters away, from a flat 32 inch 576 PAL screen... Or max 2.6 meters from a flat 65 inch TV to see the finest Full HD details... And max 3.1 meters away, from a flat 32 inch with a 480 lines NTSC screen... Or max 3 meters from a 75 inch screen, to see the finest FullHDdetails...
The only working alternative, is to move a smaller screen closer and simply arrange your furniture in a different way, which also will save a lot of money... You can easy create a home cinema corner, without any table between the sofa and the screen... Or arrange it like I did before with a 40 inch 1080 Full HD screen.right between me and the left speaker (!!) so the screen will be 160cm away from me and 180cm from my friend, in my two seat sofa... Yes, strangely enough do the 5 channel surround work perfect anyhow - even when something move from the left speaker, to the centre (under my tv) and over to the right speaker... And the only disadvantage is that my friend can't see the absolute finest details, if he not lean forward...
Finally have we the biggest "selling point" for more expensive sets, except the 4K or Ultra HD details you can't see and I wrote about above... Some shops try to fool you that you need 100hz or more... The truth is that some fine modern 50hz sets, handle movements very smooth and sharp... But not all 50hz sets, of course... And some older 100hz sets is actually worse than a fine 50hz set!
VARNING - A few shops show even a special made videos to demonstrate the "huge" difference and sets with 50hz look then dramatically worse, sometimes even horrible... Even if the same 50hz TV show movement just as nice (smooth and sharp) as other 100hz TVs, with a normal / ordinary signal, from a film or broadcast... Okay, it may still be a tiny difference, but it's practically impossible to see!

See some more vital aspects, in my quality guide, just under my recommendations...

The best value PAL alternative is: simply a 65 inch budget TV from... Sony and then are most models from Samsung excellent alternatives... Remeber that a fine 55 inch TV cost often exactly the same as truly excellent "budget" 65 inch from Sony or Samsung... Because 55 inch are the most popular size, so they are normally overpriced and many think WRONGLY that 65 inch are too big, so they are often underpriced!
But even 65 inch is too small to show the finest Full HD details from a normal sofa position, because you may then sit max 2.6 meters away... So if you want the best, do you need 75 inch max 3 meters away and that's why they suddenly cost TWICE as much!
Why Not?! The competition is cruel today and only the biggest companies with special talents, can build excellent TV's at a relative low cost... Mainly because excellent electronics, which create a perfect picture without any irritating errors and give fine upscaling, are very complicated to produce and rather expensive to buy... And many makers like LG don't want to pay for the finer electronics, so they only have perfect picture quality in some very expensive models... But Sony and Samsung have already that technology "in house" and that is also why the amazing low cost OLED from LG have picture problems and bad upscaling, according to many user reviews, even when Sony have some OLED models with WhiteOLED panels from LG and Sony inside, which give you the finest quality, but they are naturally more expensive!
But Samsung QLED have nothing to do with OLED and give actually not better pictures than Sony and Samsung very fine 65 inch budget models, with classic LCD panels!
And then have many famous original makers (as Philips) simply stop producing TV's and sold the brand name to factories in China... The Chinese company Hisense produce for example low quality sets as Sharp (who originally made the finest big screens in Japan) and Toshiba for America... And the Turkish company Vestel make clearly worse quality TV's for Europa with over 30 old brand names as Sharp (some models) Hitachi, Toshiba, JVC, Sanyo and even some budget Panasonic!

A quick quality guide, for TV sets... A great TV should naturally be just like a clear window to another place and a really fine VA LCD screen must be able to show almost total black (sometimes after some adjustments) details even in dark shadows, details in white skirts and very bright white... An IPS LCD screen show better colours from the sides BUT normally just dark gray "black" instead, except some Sony that show very deep black... And WhiteOLED combine the best, total black and perfect colors even from the side, but they are very expensive or have both some picture errors and bad upscaling... Demo TV's in shops have often strange settings and too strong colors, but that can you normally adjust at home... And the "cinema" or "movie" mode use to be best... Turn also OFF all or most of the "picture improvements" for a truly natural "window like" picture... And finally sound most modern TV speakers rather awful, so you should always connect the set to a hifi equipment or at least separate loudspeakers, that may be rather cheap and still give a GREAT improvement!
Picture errors to look for... When you compare with other screens and naturally view the same material, should there be no extra tiny disturbance around faces... Then should slow movements be smooth and not very fuzzy (unsharp - turn off any noise reduction) and it must be possible to set a natural (which is slightly orange and not pink or yellow) skin colour... Some models give also different "humming" sounds, which you first might discover at home, some lighter parts on a dark grey picture, darker corners and a few (as many LG sets) show strange horizontal "lines" or "bands" in the picture!
When you compare TV sets, remember that you can adjust sharpness, contrast, noise reduction and sometimes even the colour tone... So compare first in several shops and adjust then the two three best models, before you select... The best way to compare, is if you bring a DVD film you are familiar with and another, that need a very good noise reduction... Some 100hz technique in old TV sets, actually smear movements (make them softer) and older sets give often extra effects, that can be very annoying... But some new models, have other ways to give a clearer sharper picture, without smearing... And some 50hz models give anyhow smooth and sharp movement, that NOT get stuttering / choppy, as some salesmen say... Finally sound most modern TV speakers rather awful, so you should always connect the set to a hifi equipment or at least separate loudspeakers, that may be rather cheap and still give a GREAT improvement!
Hmm... I would personally love to buy ultra light and slim "video eye glasses" with two half inch high and one inch wide Full HD OLED screens, at 3500sek... Then would the wide screens, give you the same huge impression of size, as a 120 inch flat screen... But they must then be able to convert ordinary video to sharp Full HD and also let you "see over and under" the slim frame, so you not feel half blind... I wrote this at Christmas 2004 with the price 6000sek (but 37 inch screens got dramatically cheaper since then) and hopefully will this dream product come soon... The price should easy be possible, if this glasses was mass produced by Panasonic or any other big company!
And why does we NOT recommend any projector, that give a BIG home cinema view?! Because the "budget" alternatives, offer rather bad quality, with the low contrast and a rather unsharp picture, compared to a fine big TV that costs less than half... And the more expensive alternatives (with fine line doubling) offer anyhow lower quality, compared to a fine flat screen, that costs less than half... Then are they normally rather noisy, need a rather dark room and a special screen (to not give too low quality) and have a VERY expensive lamp, that only last some year!!

And two parts about "new" screen technologies, that now are dead...

The great but dead Laser TV technology... And 2006 did the Australian company Arasor and their US partner Novalux from Silicon Valley - announce that they have a new laser TV technology - that will be superior to especially LCD and plasma, because the cost will be half the price, the colour space will be dramatically better, it's half the weight and thickness (compared to plasma) and it use only a quarter of the electricity... They did actually display a working 50 inch prototype by Mitsubishi, at the event... Novalux chief executive Jean-Michel Pelaprat, did also declare that today's screens only show 30-35% of the colours you can see, but with a laser TV will you be able to see 90% of the visible colour space... He predict that laser TV soon will dominate the market for bigger than 40 inch screens... And their combination of a unique optoelectronic chip and a laser projection device, will be available by Christmas 2007 inside TV sets made by companies like Mitsubishi and Samsung... So the near future look bright... And you can read more below, about one LaserVue product you can buy right now... But the huge LCD screens, which recently become much cheaper, did finally kill the production of Mitsubishi's LaserVue late 2012 even if the laser technology offer a few advantages!

The amazing but dead SED display This new technology offer also many great advantages, over today's large LCD and Plasma screens... SED or "Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display" has been developed by Toshiba and Canon since 1986 and is perfect for flat 36 to 60 inch HD screens... SED work simply like one separate CRT tube, behind every sub pixel - which mean 6.2 million electron guns, for a HD screen... That combine the absolute precision of LCD and the wider colour space, ultra fast response time, very high contrast and brightness, of a fine conventional CRT tube set... SED will actually give a higher contrast of 50-100.000:1 even if that "only" is 1 to 2% of the 5 million times we can see in real life and a ten years old can see a billion to one... Plus a perfect 180 degrees view angle, both horisontical and vertical... They will also last for 30.000 hours, as the finest CRT tubes... And people who seen the demonstrations at 2006 CES with 42 inch prototypes and just 10.000:1 contrast, was deeply impressed and say with different words, that the extremely natural picture quality goes far beyond anything else... It use also 66% less power, compared with a plasma screen and 33% less than a LCD screen... A 40 inch SED panel can for example be 1cm thick, weigh less than 20 kg and consume around 60 watt... And they have finally develop fine methods to mass produce a HD screen, with over six million micro electron "guns" or "emitters" at a relatively low cost... Partly "using a micro fabrication process from semiconductor manufacturing" revealed mr Fukuma at Toshiba... But active OLED screens offer an even wider colour space, over 10 times higher contrast, can be dramatically smaller (as 1 inch with vga definition) last up to twice as long and costs clearly less to mass produce...
Toshiba plan was to introduce the first 55 inch screen (with complete HDTV progressive definition of 1920x1080 pixels and 100.000:1 contrast) late in 2006 according to Takeshi Nakagawa, at almost the same price as a Full HDTV definition LCD display... A 55 inch 1080 screen is big enough to show the finest details, at max 2.2 meters distance... The two companies had also prototype SED panels on show, in October 2004 at the Ceatec exhibition in Japan... They did initially plan to make around 3000 panels 2006 and then lower the price, when the real mass production begins 2007 and in 2010 should about 3 millions be made... But they did not expect that the dramatic price drop for LCD screens, would continue this long time... So they try first to make the production a bit cheaper, before they build the huge new plant in Taishi and they plan to finally begin mass production early 2008 with 75000 screens monthly... The SED technology is anyhow superior, for big screens and even if they end up costing 50% more than state of the art LCD screens (they hope on just 20% more) will they probably be worth that extra money... So within a few years, can you buy a 55 inch ultra sharp flat SED screen with 100.000:1 contrast, (which still is only 2% of the reality, so you will not go blind) almost OLED colours and less than 1 millisecond response (a few TFT has only 3ms delay 2006 but you can't see any improvement under 10ms anyhow) at the same 2005 price of a fine 36 inch tube set!
But then got Canon and Toshiba big license problem with the original innovator, that did delay the plans with some years and the latest news 2009 is that they finally made a deal with the original innovator...

DVD players Today is the best choice to buy a BluRay player, simply because they costs the same as a similar DVD player... But you must have both a Full HD screen and sit rather close (as max 184cm from a 46 inch screen) to see the finest details... Especially now when a fine BluRay player scale up DVD to 90% of perfect Full HD quality... But if you sit 3 meters away from a 46 inch Full HD screen, will you simply not see any difference between DVD and Blu-ray... You find more info about that in the TV section...
Then can you also get a DVD player that handle any region and that is not a easy to get with Blu-ray, but it use to be possible to fix if you ask around in different shops.
DVD give you anyhow more than twice as high picture quality, compared to a good VHS video... And one reason, is that one DVD can hold as much information as 28 CD rom's... OBS: We have the PAL system (that show 540 lines of 576 totally) in Sweden and some details may differ from the NTSC system, that only give you max 480 effective lines of resolution...
Finally must you select a BluRay or DVD player with a fine analogue sound stage, if you want to play CD music with high quality... But Sony, Panasonic and Pioneer have a tradition of including fine sound stages, even in their budget models...
The best BluRay alternatives are 2013The rather elegant Sony BDP-S185 that is midsize, with nice buttons and basically offer the same qualities as the older famous Sony (including upconversion of DVD to 1080p) at just 600sek... But it has no display, so you have to use your TV set for that...
And the best value with full width and display is 2013Pioneer BDP-150 because it seem to be both a very fine and very good looking machine, with perfect BluRay quality - brilliant and without any glitches, errors or artifacts... Then have it in addition highly impressive DVD scaling (according to several reviews) and a very nice remote, at 937sek... The analog stage offer also sublime CD sound quality, you can even play Super Audio CD and you get analog stereo output, which strangely not is included in the twice as expensive BDP-450 model... But a few buyers got problematic players, so buy it locally so you can change it easy!
And then have we 2013Sony BDP-S490 that in addition offer excellent upscaling of DVD according to several happy owners (even if S185 above may have the same processor) and rather elegant strange design, at 1000 to 1200sek...

About upconversion / scaler's... If you have a HUGE screen, that handle Full HD signals and you really sit close enough to view the finest details, like a 60 inch 1080p screen at 2.4 meters distance and NOT just a 46 inch screen at 3 meter (which is too little and far away to see the finest details - see more info in the TV section above) then can a fine scaler (upconverter) in a BluRay or DVD player, give you a magnificent high resolution view - very close to real HD films... Especially since the digital HDMI signal normally is cleaner, than any analog signal and that mean that a fine scaler in the player, give often better result than an excellent scaler in the screen!
The best should otherwise be an excellent scaler in the screen (or in a box just before) so you can enjoy ANY source, with really high resolution and not just DVD films... And now have fine Full HD screens normally very fine scalers... The second best, would be to put a fine scaler in a receiver, even if you then have to connect everything through the receiver, but most receivers with fine scalers are also rather expensive...

The Digital Dream Machine

Panasonic DMR-HS2 was the first DVD recorder with a Hard Disc (of 40GB) that also could record
on cheap DVD-R discs... The dream machine I was hoping for years, that someone would make!

DVD Recorder, with HDD This machines have both a big HDD and can record on the rather cheap DVD-R discs (who also are compatible with almost any DVD player) and that is the optimal combination... Because the main problem, was the incredible expensive erasable discs, that did cost 4-6 times more per hour (with fine DVD quality) compared with VHS tape... And even if they costs amazingly little today, are there other bigger problems with the disc's as you can see below!
So now can you first record everything for free and with ultimate quality, on the big HDD and then save only the finest scenes (or films) that you really want to collect, on rather cheap "gold" DVD-R discs (see below why you need these) that costs about 109sek plus shipping, for 5 with jewel case... And that's almost as cheap for each hour (with ok DVD quality) as a good VHS tape... So you can easy create excellent DVD discs - of ultra high quality - with "The finest house and gardens" or "Great cartoons" or "Funny stuff" or "Delicious xxx scenes 12" or "Sexy clothes" or "Music videos" or whatever you desire...
There is only one BIG annoying problem, you MUST consider... Recordings on today's cheap DVD-R discs "fade / break down" and will not last forever, or even many years, before you get problem to read them... Mainly because the too fast discs, must have a too sensitive recording layer and become then self destructive... Then is everything on a DVD about twice as tight spaced, too... And customers huge desire (or demands) for faster discs, force the companies to produce faster discs, or simply lose customers to the competition... Yes, the data rate is 8x higher on a DVD than CD so an 16x DVD work actually with 128x CD speed and at that speed, must the recording layer be ultra sensitive and that sensitivity make them self destructive... But there are a few very promising DVD-R choices, that costs just little more and you can find them, at the end of this chapter...
Kurt Gereckle, who is a physicist and storage expert at IBM in Germany, did warn early 2006 that data recordings on CD-R only last 2 to 5 years and the "high" number is the average for high quality discs, that you handle very careful... As only touching the edges (avoid grease from fingertips or any "point" pressure) wipe from the centre hole, don't use any sticky labels and store them dark (never in direct sunlight) rather dry (10-60% humidity) not hot (under 50C) and standing, in a good case... Any change in temperature is also bad, so don't store them in a freezer... The number of times the disc is played, affect also longevity dramatically... And the disc must naturally be made on a accurate and compatible burner... This sad fact's are confirmed by many home burners, in different forums... Even if many burners actually have fine 10 years old CD-R recordings... But they was made at much lower speed and on rather expensive discs, with more stable dye (recording layer) that only allow low write speed and the factories use simple more sensitive "easy to write fast" dye today...
And the Dutch personal computer magazine - PC Active, was also discovering that 10% of the "fine brand" CD-R they burn 2001 show problems in August 2003 and then did many readers confirm this experience... And the National Archives at Kew, don't recommend CD-R for any archival storage...
Then is DVD-R/+R a lot more sensitive than CD-R and TDK claim "only" a lifespan of 70 years, instead of 100 years... Many home burner does also report that their DVD-R last much shorter than CD-R and some of ten tested recordings, begin to get faulty after just a few months (especially "noname" discs) or about 1 to 3 years (using "fine" brands) except with the best "gold" discs... Meaning that you should only use fine brand name DVD-R discs and anyhow copy them every year, to maybe be on the safe side... Or buy the best "gold" discs (see below) that might last 25 years or longer and test them every second year (after max 4 years) with a good program, so you can copy them before they begin to die... But a photographer who copied 600 of the extra safe Kodak gold "100 years" CD-R discs, recorded just 5 years ago, found that 2% don't work anymore... Then has rewritable "RW" discs, an even shorter lifespan (normally max 1 year) and if you wonder, are even the most reliable tapes only safe for 10 to 30 years, if you almost never use them...
It's rather simple to explain WHY this happen... The laser burn incredible tiny pits, in a recording layer of organic dye and this process is not precise, if you compare with the exact production of DVD films... Higher speed make it even less exact and the result differ also slightly between different players... So if you look at the pits through a microscope, might you think it's a miracle that burning / reading actually work... But you get less errors and especially a better margin for future degradation (deterioration) if you burn at a lower speed and most compatibly problems, occur in the last 10% of the disc, which vibrate most... And different players has dramatically different "reading talents" including how they handle errors, so if you get major problems with a DVD-R might you anyhow be able to read it with some other DVD player... And the clear polycarbonate plastic does actually absorb both moisture and oxygen, so the organic dye and the reflective layer is NOT sealed... Then are the two most common type of organic dye "Cyanine" (normally green) and the clearly worse "Azo" (normally blue) not stable, which make it easy to write finer pits at higher speed and new recordings that look perfect - but then does normal humidity and room temperature, any sunlight and the reading laser, damage this sensitive dye... And that practically kill the disc, in a few months to about 3 years... Rewritable "RW" disc use a very instable "phase shifting" material, that is possible to "change back" and that is by nature even less stable... A science team in Glasgow did invent another DVD-R dye (2005) that is 50-200 times more reliable, but it's not in use yet... Then is it many other quality factors that can make a disc worse - mainly irregular / too thin / too thick dye, oxidating silver or aluminium (that happen fortunately with very few DVD films) not perfect centre hole, irregular edges and for CD-R an aging protective coating, on the label side... And Hard Disc Drives does crash with time, so they are only a safe alternative if you get at least two huge drives (a film need about 4gb) and write everything to both drives... But the rewritable MiniDisc for audio, use a unique stable recording layer, that you only can change with a combination of a hot laser spot and pulses from a focus magnetic beam, which make MD recordings extremely stable!
And we did then begin to search for the best discs, so we can report about them here... We can not recommend any "extra fine" brand name, because the brand name (on the cover) normally let other factories produce the discs and often in different countries... And there are also huge lifespan differences, between discs from the same brand name... But it might be smart to avoid any DVD disc that handle more than 8x write speed, because phthalocyanine (the most stable organic dye / recording layer) don't handle more than max 8x speed, which actually is the same speed as 24x for CD roms and they work safest at 4x speed...
The most promising DVD-R choices, that seem to last much longer...We did first find that Delkin eFilm Gold DVD-R promise to last 100 year (under perfect conditions) but 10 disc's costs 25usd ... Then did we find other discs with both gold reflective layer and phthalocyanine dye, especially the famous MAM-A Archival Grade Gold by Mitsui (costs about 20usd for ten 070901) Emtec Gold, Kodak DVD-R Data Gold 300 years (30sek 071013 with jewel case) and Memorex Pro Gold Archival DVD, that also promise to last 100 years... There is strong rumours that MAM-A make every one of these discs and that make sense, because they own the patent on phthalocyanine... And some advanced long time tests by NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Testing, that is an US government) show especially that MAM-A seem to last over 25 years and possible much longer... But there are also several "insider" and "advanced user" who report, that MAM-A have big problems with the production OR lousy quality control, since 2006 and that it is impossible to make fine 8x speed DVD with phthalocyanin, so they should be burned at max 4x speed... So Verbatim DVD-R Archival Grade with super azo layer, silver reflection layer and gold protection (plus scratch proof coating, that stop moisture) may actually be the best alternative, even if they only promise double lifespan (wich hopefully mean 10 to 20 years) at 109sek or 9usd (090316) plus shipping, for 5 in jewelcase... Please contact me, if you have any better information about this "burning" matter!
Then was it another BIG problem... Some machines did not let you make a digital copy from a DVD-R to HDD and then back to a new disc... Today can you thankfully do that with most machines and the ones below is reported to let you do back up copies (of your own recordings, not any DVD films) but you should anyhow check that, before you buy and especially if you buy another model... This possibility to copy is also valuable if you want to move a "scene" to another disc, like if you begin to sort music videos in styles and want your old reggae videos on one disc, or separate "home improvement stuff" to Architecture, Gardening and Indoor decoration!
Then can the HDD naturally be in another machine (as a satellite tuner) and offer you the same possibilities, if that one have both in and out, but the connection will then be analog and loose some quality... Except if you anyhow use a separate digital tuner, with a HDD that record the digital signal - because it does not matter if the analogue transfer is before or after the HDD storage... Sometimes will you actually get higher quality, from a digital box with HDD and if you want maximum quality, can you also optimize colours (between a box with HDD and a DVD recorder) and even fix bad tone quality, with an equalizer!
Following machines can also record with variable bit rate, that you select... That give optimal quality, between the standard record time steps, like if you want to save a 130 minutes film... DVD films use "dynamic" variable bit rate, that especially use higher bit rate just when the film need room for more "picture information" and that's why they can be much longer (even in one layer) with perfect quality... This machines play also normal CD, DVD, CD-R plus CD-RW and the only annoying problem is that DVD-R discs goes bad in time, as I wrote about above...
OBS: We have the PAL system (that show 540 lines of 576 totally) in Sweden and some details may differ from the NTSC system, that only give you max 480 effective lines of resolution...

The best value DVD recorder 2010 with HDD was: The elegant Sony RDR-AT100 with 160GB hard disc drive, extra fine conversion of standard TV and DVD signals to 720p/1080i/1080p HD resolution, delicious discreet design (just 67mm high) even the sound quality on fine music is excellent, very silent fan, miniDV cam input, Digital Tuner and many extremely happy owners, at only 2900sek...
Toshiba did actually release the first DVD-RAM machine with HDD in year 2000 and we did report about it first in Europe... But that one could not record on DVD-R discs!

DVD Recorder, without HDD Is not a good idea and plain DVD machines may never replace VHS as a time machine, because the short recording time and less stable disc... The rewritable DVD-RW or DVD-RAM discs, that you can use again, give only 2 hours recording, with ok DVD quality... And rewritable DVD discs, are also very instable and begin to make problems after only some years, if you are lucky and never play them, so you can't save anything fine on them... As you can read more about, in the section above... Then costs rather safe "archival grade gold" DVD-R disc (that should be safe for 10 to 20 years) at 109 sek for five (plus shipping) if you buy five... But then must you always know in advance, what you want to save... Or first record to a HDD drive... And if you want to copy a DVD film - must first rent the original film, then have a fine separate DVD player and get both machines without any copy protection, so it will normally be cheaper to buy a film direct!
So my old advise was to wait on a recorder with 20-40 gigabyte hard drive (plus tuner and timer) that finally can save on relatively cheap compatible DVD-R disc's and you could find that dream machine above, after two years waiting... The absolute best would be if it also has analog and digital loop (out from the hard drive and in to the DVD-R) so you can adjust colours and stuff before you record... Or that it has a fine colour adjustment function, so you will be able to edit your own DV films and correct strange broadcastings... Plus an extra sound input and mixing, so you can mix the original sound with background music!
OBS: We have the PAL system (that show 540 lines of 576 totally) in Sweden and some details may differ from the NTSC system, that only give you max 480 effective lines of resolution...
Yes, to make it even more complicated are there 3 separate DVD recordable formats... The first was the unstable DVD-RW that handle 1000 new recordings and is supported by Pioneer and in a way by Sony, that has compatible machines of the third format... They was then followed by DVD-RAM that handle 100.000 new recordings and has a handy caddy, that protect the disc from dirt and that's good, but it make it impossible to play them in any ordinary DVD player... Some DVD-RAM recorders, can also use DVD-R disc's for one time recordings... Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba and Samsung, stand behind this system... Then came Sony and Philips with DVD+RW and some machines from Sony are compatible with DVD-RW puiii... But everything will change dramatically, with the future Blue-ray Disc system, below!!

A few facts about 3D video... I don't like anything, just because it's "new" or even because it's popular... I prefer quality and 3D does still look lousy, compared to fine 2D video from DVD or better... Many does also complain about 3D and most people who tried both, prefer high class 2D video - even if they sometimes like the amazing 3D effects, as an alternative way to view things... And I specifically don't like the fuzzy and pale 3D result - especially when high class video, already look very close to real life and often as a clear window... Then does 3D trick your brain and eyes, in a way that actually make many sick and there is no major studies on the long time effects... So we will not recommend any 3D equipment here - before they hopefully make light 3D video glasses, with built in OLED screens, which create a crystal sharp Full HD image, with deep colours and make you feel like viewing a perfect 100 inch 3D screen, or much bigger of course ;-)

Blu-ray players Yes, I did first feel it was a crazy waste of money to buy a Blu-ray player, just before the Blu-ray recorders (with a 500gb HDD drive) come... But they never seem to come and it may anyhow be smarter and cheaper to save films on two big hard disc drives, if you are a film and TV enthusiast!
But there is another vital aspect you should consider, before you invest in Blu-ray... You will actually NOT see the finest details in BluRay films - if you not sit rather close, as max 184cm from a 46 inch Full HD screen... Which mean that most people, who use to place the TV set too far away, don't need Blu-ray... Especially now when even basic DVD player scale up to 90% of perfect Full HD quality, anyhow... And a modern screen scale even better... So if you sit 3 meters away, from a 46 inch Full HD screen, can you simply not see any difference between BluRay and DVD (!) because a human eye can't see the finest details, on that distance... And you find more information about this fact, in the TV section above... Okay, you can move the TV set or your sofa much closer (or simply buy a gigantic screen) and then see a tiny difference in the finest details, with Blu-ray.
And the best value Blu-ray player is... 2013The rather elegant Sony BDP-S185 that is midsize, with nice buttons and basically offer the same qualities as the older famous Sony (including upconversion of DVD to 1080p) at just 600sek... But it has no display, so you have to use your TV set for that...
And the best value with full width and display is 2013Pioneer BDP-150 because it seem to be both a very fine and very good looking machine, with perfect BluRay quality - brilliant and without any glitches, errors or artifacts... Then have it in addition highly impressive DVD scaling (according to several reviews) and a very nice remote, at 937sek... The analog stage offer also sublime CD sound quality, you can even play Super Audio CD and you get analog stereo output, which strangely not is included in the twice as expensive BDP-450 model... But a few buyers got problematic players, so buy it locally so you can change it easy!
And then have we 2013Sony BDP-S490 that in addition offer excellent upscaling of DVD according to several happy owners (even if S185 above may have the same processor) and rather elegant strange design, at 1000 to 1200sek...
And these models might especially have extra fine sound quality for CD music, but that is only a qualified guess from my side - based on the fact that Sony and Pioneer make superb digital to analogue converters and sublime analogue stages, even for low cost models.

Blu-ray Disc is the finest video system, for a greater future... The amazing Blu-ray Disc, is the new more advanced standard, that soon will replace the three DVD rewritable formats DVD-RW (Pioneer) DVD-RAM (Panasonic) and DVD+RW (Philips) and we have actually reported here since 2002 02 24 about Blu-Ray!
The first Blu-Ray disc recorder was this machine... Sony BDZ-S77 that was released in Japan on April 10, 2003 priced at 2.700 usd and it came also with a built-in broadcast digital tuner... It have the same high-tech design as the last prototype, record in any quality up to HDTV (about 2 hour with over 1000 lines resolution, 6 hour in DVD quality) with Variable bit-rate MPEG encoding (copyright protection with one generation copy protection) and can play both Blu-ray disc, DVD films, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW... And the first 23GB RW disc (BF-23G) did cost 30 usd or 3.500 yen, 25 and 27GB disc will come later.
And Sony had also officially announced that they will use Blu-ray Disc technology in PlayStation 3 which will be introduced in Japan March 31, 2005
The second DVD recorder, was Panasonic DMR-E700BD in Japan... This fine machine record also dual layer discs, costs the same as Sony and play Blu-ray disc, DVD films, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW...
Then did Sony also present a complete camera system at NAB 2003 based on the Blu-ray technology and with 24 frame and 30P capabilities... But this first version is only for professional use, record as DVCAM video or MPEG IMX and is very expensive (from 20,000 usd) compared to consumers video cameras... But it show anyhow the clear possibility of an extremely fine consumer camera, offering HD quality, no tape problem and ultra fast disc access... And rumours say that Hitachi is developing one!
The Blu-ray standard was invented by Sony, Matsushita (with the trademark Panasonic and main owner of JVC) Philips, Samsung, LG, Thomson, Hitachi, Pioneer, Sharp, Dell, TDK, HP, Mitsubishi, Thomson, Dell and Apple Computer... And Sony, Philips, Hitachi, Pioneer, Matsushita, Sharp, Pioneer Electronics and JVC was showing prototypes at the Createc 2002 October exhibition... Seven of the eight major movie studios have (2006) announced titles for Blu-ray including - Warner, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM and Lionsgate... Then are the system also supported by Onkyo, TEAC, Canon, FujiFilm, HP, Kenwood, KonicaMinolta, Memorex, nVidia, Ricoh, Sigma, Texas Instruments and many other companies... They did also begin licensing the format 2004 to other companies...
Toshiba Corp, the DVD Forum leader and DVD format inventor, want another system called HD-DVD but they has much less support and that system has three big disadvantages... They store "only" 15gb in one layer, use more limited sound tech and don't support 1080p... But they was at least cheaper!
The Blu-ray name, point out that the new technology is based on a fine line (405nm) blue-violet laser... Today's red laser have 650nm wavelength... The new 12cm disc will store up to 27 gigabytes of information, on one side and one layer... That is 5.74 times more, than the DVD system... And record over 2 hours of high definition 1920x1080 digital video on one layer, 4-6 hour in DVD quality and more than 13 hours of fine VHS quality... Or show 13 hours prerecorded films (in DVD quality) on one layer... Matsushita, Hitachi and TDK have also demonstrated a 50gb double layer disc, that will be included in the Blu-ray standard... And Blu-ray adopts also a new error correction system, which is both more robust and efficient than the DVD system.
Today's 12cm DVD disc can "only" store 4.7gb data, on one side and one layer... Or max 15.9gb on two sides and double layers... And record max 1 hours of DVD quality (without professional adoptive bit rate processing, that continuously adjust the bit rate to just avoid artifacts) and max 3 hours, of fine VHS quality... Or 133 minutes of prerecorded films (in DVD quality) on one layer...
Blu-ray discs need another laser... So the Blu-ray discs will never be able to play in today's DVD players... But it is possible to make new players, with two lasers, that can play both formats, even if that feature not is included in the standard... The Blu-Ray group was discussing if the disc can be naked or must have a protective caddy, but it was finally decided that they will use the "scratch proof" technology from TDK or similar for naked discs... Some BD-R (but not the "BD-R LTH" version, with an organic dye recording layer) will also use a "dual metal" recording layer, that should be much more reliable than DVD-R unstable organic layers and last at least 50 years... And Blu-ray / DVD / CD compatible optical pickups was 2004 developed by Philips, Sony, Samsung and LG
Then can the Blu-ray standard, transfer data up to four times faster (40mbps) than current DVD formats (of 10mbps) and that make high definition live recordings possible... And the Blu-ray standard support three video codecs... First the global standard MPEG-2 Transport Stream compression technology, plus the more effective MPEG-4 AVC (part of the MPEG-4 standard also known as H.264) and SMPTE VC-1 (a standard based on Microsoft's Windows Media Video technology) that every player must handle... Plus six audio codecs, that every player must handle... Each disc will also have a unique id, that will make copy protection possible.
The driving force behind the Blu-ray standard, was the need to record high-definition TV broadcastings, which is new in USA and have been in Japan for over ten years, now enjoying 2.3 million Japanese homes.
But we have strangely NOT heard anything about using Blu-ray for consumer video cameras, except that a 8cm big disc storing 7.8GB was included in the Blu-ray standard...

Stereo VHS video OBS: We have the PAL system (that show 540 lines of 576 totally) in Sweden and some details may differ from the NTSC system, that only give you max 480 effective lines of resolution... The best alternatives was: 050520Panasonic's VHS that give you clearly better sharpness, from rather expensive 1660 sek 2005... Then had Panasonic and Jvc also some machines with TBC (stabilize the picture) and Super VHS ET that can use ordinary videotapes, but you can't play these recordings on any other videos... Sony's DVC 1000 master video (with big DV tapes) give naturally an even better picture, but that big brute did cost 33tsek and Panasonic nvdv2000 was that good for 18tsek...

Digital Video Cameras

Click any picture, to see the BIG ones and 3 more!

The old Panasonic MX8 in golden light... One of the first compact video cameras - with
Optical Image Stabiliser, sublime low light quality and state of the art sharpness!

The finest compact video cameras, did give you truly professional result - with finer sharpness than DVD and superb colours... And the best HD models can now produce even higher quality - with so high sharpness, that it's actually hard to show the finest details... Click here to see why, in a new window...The development has been amazing and you can especially find some video cameras (since 2000 with Sony trv20) that give excellent video, with clear red and very low noise, even in soft indoor lightning...
But something strange happen since 2006 when the finest Standard Definition miniDV cameras was faded out of production.... The finest budget camcorders with Standard Definition resolution give today only 300 to 400 visible lines sharpness and if you buy one of them, can you NEVER see 240 to 140 lines of the finest details, compared to the 540 lines the PAL system can show in Standard Definition... Or the 440 lines the finest DVD films can show... Yes, the finest old DV cams could actually show higher sharpness than DVD and almost max PAL resolution - but I guess that the companies simply want to sell HD camcorder and that's the reason they not make any really sharp SD models anymore... But the intense competition did recently turn this around, because the best value HD camcorders costs today much less than a fine miniDV camcorder did 2002 or before... So the only problem is that you simply must buy a fine HD camcorder today, even if you only need / want perfect SD quality - like if you have a max 37 inch TV set at a 3 meters distance, so you actually can't see finer than SD details anyhow!
But that solution - buying a fine HD camcorder - create some other problems... You must especially save the film on "dual metal" BluRay discs - or on two extra big hard disc drives (that alternative costs actually less) because that is the only two methods that should last 50 years or more... Recordable DVD's are unfortunately "self erasing" and last just a few years to max 10 years (if you buy special Archival discs) which you can read more about above... And if you want fine films and the included video edit program is too simple, must you also find a fine edit program, that actually work with your cameras file format and you must maybe buy a more powerful computer, too - even if the excellent Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, actually might work with your camcorder and normally demand less from the computer... Then take naturally HD recordings much more space, which make the memory cards more expensive - but that is not a huge problem today ;-)

I should also warn about some problems with the old miniDV tapes... Sony miniDV tapes are not very "easy running" and can get stuck in other brands cameras... Then produce some other brands "dust" like dirt (in the cameras mechanism) but we can recommend the miniDV tapes from Fuji, Panasonic and JVC... There is also a big problem with the lubricant, that can get like glue, if you mix different brands and especially Sony with others... You get mainly this problem, if you almost only use one brand and then try another... So never mix, if you want to be safe and clean at least the camera, before you change to another brand...
The DV system was actually invented to replace VHS videos... But the labs soon found out that DV tapes are too sensitive and even a fine tape, last only for 1 recording and 6-9 playbacks, before they begin to get some dropouts (or even less if you don't clean you camera regularly) so you should never re-use DV tapes for anything valuable... The DV system store simply too much information on the tiny tape, to make it possible to use a more stable recording surface and they could not find a solution on that problem... And the LP mode is even more unsafe, so I never record in "half speed" to avoid future problems!
Yes, that is very sad and was naturally the main reason, why budget DV video decks (for the big DV tapes) never was made to replace VHS videos, because people want to record many times on the same tape... Then does DVcam version from Sony, use 50% higher speed just to give less dropouts and handle up to 200 playback's... But that give too short recording time, for most people!
So, why not a DVD video camera?! There are 2 reasons why we can't recommend DVD cameras... They use first another recording format (with max 10Mbps instead of 25Mbps and less resolution) which not give the same quality as a miniDV camera, at the same price... Secondly, are DVD-R disc not stable and refuse to play fine, after only 3 months to about 3 years... And DVD-RW disc's are even worse... You can click here to read a lot more about this sad fact, in a new window...
And you can now finally find video cameras that record to a SSD memory, memory cards or a Hard Disc Drive - which naturally is superior, if they record with high quality - but very few (that record in HD quality) can compete with HD miniDV in sharpness and the best ones are naturally listed below...

Then what you NOT should buy... Canon had a history of quality problems, with some older miniDV models... Then need many older 3CCD cameras clearly more light and not less (the prism, that separate the colours, steal light) whish is proved in many reviews... But a camera with excellent digital processing, can actually give better quality in low indoor lighting, than another with bigger lens and sensor... And that explain why most modern 3CCD cameras, handle soft indoor light without any problems!
And we don't write about functions, that you probably never should use, as lousy 200x digital zoom... Many models has anyhow more optical zoom (except pro cameras) than the 12x you easy can hold steady, with help of a good stabilizer!

A few more vital facts... The second biggest difference is normally how good they handle soft indoor light and the finest models (normally with 1 CCD) need 20 to 100 lux for a fine picture quality with clear sharp red and almost no noise, in the shadows... Even if most cameras specify a much lower minimum lux value, that give a useless result... A normal living room at night, with generous 120 watt roof lights, deep shadows and some 25 watt side lights, give you around 22 lux in the areas with light... Or around 88 lux in the area with light, from a 40 watt wide spotlight, at 150cm distance... Stronger lights, give first harder shadows (or less shadows, with soft diffused lights) and then a hard ugly sterile light... So only the best of the best, give you fine result, in soft indoor light... Then is average city street lighting at night, only 11 lux!
Click here to email me... If you have any NEWS about finer worldwide alternatives, important information (as any extra good or bad qualities) on the products I recommend and naturally, finer pictures... You are also very welcome to test your camera, if it is one of the best, with help of the system you find below... And you can click here to see how to test and select a video camera...

The finest Full HD video camera (at a good price) is...
2010-0202The impressive Panasonic HDC-SD90 which is even better than the amazing HDC-SD60 below, according to three reviews... It offer the same great advantages and AVCHD plus 1080/50p for progressive... Which not is AVCHD standard compliant MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 so you get possible extra problems with video editing programs and only 40min recording time with 8GB, but you can also select 1080/50i AVCHD and get 1 hour... Plus finer 800lines sharpness in strong light (or 600lines in soft indoor light) and it has 21x very wide angle zoom (according to some reviews and Panasonic's own spec 2.82-59.2mm F1.8-3.5) or 26x zoom (according to 2 reviews and following Panasonic spec) and be as 28-729mm (with a 35mm camera, which is 26x) with an excellent Optical Image Stabiliser and extra strong auto lens cover, 1/4inch CMOS sensor with 3.32mp for over 2mp effective video 2.18mp effective stills, 3inch screen (230.400 dots) record up to 28mb/sec (or 17mb/sec 1080i) handle soft indoor light very fine in test (slightly more noise free than SD 60 below) has fast exact auto focus in test, auto slow shutter option of 1/25sec for min 4lux, smart external slot for SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, optimal located front mic, mic in, back LiIon battery, 41.5mm filter, many manual options with a smarter menu than before (focus, white balance, shutter speed and iris) batt life from 70 to 110min video rec in test... And the compact 446cm3 body (or 78x59x97mm) is also nice to hold and look good in the "black" version, that is almost black with dark grey, at incredible low 4700sek, with a simple video editing program and dead shoe adaptor, then can you also buy an expensive 3D adaptor that not allow zooming... And you can click here to see and read more about this masterpiece, at Panasonic very informative Global site.
But it has no headphone out and it did reduce bass in the otherwise clear sound in one test, but that was maybe just a wind filter effect?!

2010-0202Before that was the amazing Panasonic HDC-SD60 from 2010 the best alternative, that especially offer extra fine soft light quality - with very good colours, low noise and 625 smooth lines sharpness, at just 60 lux (as normal bright indoor light) plus a VERY impressive 25x optical zoom (from extra wide angle, as 36 to 893mm, f1.8-3.3 and auto lens cover) with a very fine Optical Image Stabilizer and virtually no "purple fringes" or chromatic aberrations... Observe that true 25x zoom, is actually very rare (or maybe even unique) for a video camera - that also give excellent HD result, even in soft indoor light... You can also use the extra space on the 3.3mp sensor for a 35x intelligent zoom, that give very high picture quality... And the very compact 378cm3 body (or 51.5x65.5x112mm) is also nice to hold and look very good in the "black" version, that is almost black with dark grey, at an incredible low price BUT it's now sold out in Sweden... And instead of just using the middle area, of a rather big sensor (with too high resolution, for 8mp still photos) use this camera a rather big 1/4.1 inch MOS sensor with 3.3mp resolution, which especially give extra fine soft light quality (see details above) very sharp true 2.11mp still pictures (that you also can take while you film) and excellent video in good outdoor light - with 700 smooth lines sharpness, very low noise and accurate colours, according to several reviews... Then handle SD60 also moving objects fine.. And you get a fine 2.7 inch LCD (230tpixels, 16:9) with an extra fine touchscreen navigation (clearly better than JVC and even finer that Canon's new system, that not is as fast or intuitive, according to one review) just 1 second start up with quick power on (otherwise start it within 4sec, but remember in addition the last zoom) a fine front stereo mic (that give very high quality sound in test) full manual settings, possible a smarter wind noise killer, a temporary "pre rec" function that continuously record the last 3 seconds until you start the recording and it has the 60 to 110 minutes (actually 135min in one review) battery at the back, so you can use a 220 minutes battery if you like... And you can click here to see and read more about this masterpiece, at Panasonic very informative Global site.
But it has no mic in or earphone out... And you need a Class 4 or higher SD memory card, for the highest quality and 4GB give 30 minutes... Then offer only Sony HDR-CX500V / HDR-CX505VE a bit better soft light quality, with 725 lines and no noise at 60 lux - but it has just 12x not wide zoom (as 43-516mm) mic at top, almost no manual settings and costs about three times more... And the new CX550 model is much worse in soft light!

And one great standard definition MiniDV camera, as a history lesson...
The finest handy DV cam until 2006 was the amazing Panasonic NV-MX8 (in Europe) but this model did end production (with no similar replacement) winter 2003 and the SD card models with HD above, is a clearly better choice today... This masterpiece did anyhow offer both excellent video and picture quality, with 515 visible video lines (at 30% contrast and not at 0% contrast, as in fact sheets) perfect auto exposure (that don't get too bright sometimes) and superior handling of soft indoor lighting (with strong detailed colours and no hint of noise) even with only 66 lux from a 40 watt wide spotlight, 150cm away and no roof lights... Click here for my first exceptional test pics and many more examples...
In USA is Panasonic PV-DV852 the same camera, with 2.5" side screen and in Japan is NV-MX1000 the same, with 3.5" lcd... Then has MX8 a fine optical stabilizer (which also work for photos) and the pictures get extra sharp (740 visible lines) and extremely noise free, even if they "only" are 1280 pixel wide... That is 10% sharper, than the wider Sony trv30/pc115/pc120 pics... And you get a very elegant design, many manual options (focus, white balance, shutter, iris and gain) and 10x optical Leica Dicomar zoom (F1.8 as 41-409mm on a 35mm camera) at 16200 sek 2003 (in the last shops that had it) or incredible 958 usd for PV-DV852... Then are the ergonomics very fine with a very stable grip, even if the zoom control is little too slow or sensitive (but Sony's is clearly worse) and you must select more things in the menu... The automatic functions are also excellent, with fast accurate focusing and amazing natural exposure, with lovely colours... And you get clean open audio recordings, without any hint of engine or zoom noise and you can select wind filter... But you must turn up the bass (while editing) to get it perfect... Then has MX8 a high class 3" screen (with 200t pixel) that give perfect colours, in almost any angle and a good 113t viewfinder... The 52cm2 front area is very discreet and the camera is only 1068cm3 big (66x87x186mm, plus the tiny mode selector and viewfinder hood, or max 1247cm3) weight 640-720g, take big to huge li-ion battery, has a separate multi voltage battery charger, every video and sound connection (even analog to digital pass through) progressive photo shutter system, 1/8000 high speed shutter for video, web movie mode, pop-up flash (that you never need) for stills and it take both SD and MMC memory cards... You get 120 photos (see more on the sample page) on a optional 32mb MMC card and 30% less on SD cards... Off to filming take 5.2sec and the rec delay is 1.7sec... It can even take (and film) ultra macros of only 32 mm wide objects (that is superior to most digital cameras, Minolta Dimage 7 cover for example 55mm and other up to 12 cm) and it have a metal tripod socket... But the filter tread is plastic, you should remove the battery between use (as with Sony) because the camera is never completely off (that's plain silly and I refuse to obey) and the still pix need (as with the best digital cameras) some adjustment, to be perfect... Mainly because the camera save the pix with extra safe contrast, so the white never get over exposed...
This camera give you also five big advantages over most "standing" vertical models - you can turn up the viewfinder, the screen is clearly bigger, you get a more natural grip, the fine mic is at the front (at the target) and the front is only half as high, making the camera more discreet when you film... And remember that 3.75 times zoom with this camera, give the same number of pixels (on the object) as a 2mpix camera with 3x zoom, 7.5 zoom equal a 2mpix with 6x zoom, 4.8 as a 3mpix with 3x and 5.4 zoom give even more pixels (on the motive) than a 4mpix camera with 3x zoom... So if you zoom in 6 times (or more) to fit a boat in the frame, will you actually get a sharper pix, than if you crop the 3x zoom pix from a 4mpix camera!!

What to TEST on a video camera and vital functions!

Almost no products, is more complex than video cameras and even some basic functions and qualities, are strangely enough very different between them... And even the best review sites, seem to miss some basic qualities... So you might really help me, if you know a great test site OR if you have one of the best DV cams and can test following qualities, for me...
Simply copy this text and put () after every separate aspect (quality) before you grade with 0 for not 1 lousy 2 not ok 3 acceptable 4 fine and 5 excellent 6 ultimate pro quality...
And begin your test report with a short summary, of the main qualities, like this... Panasonic MX8 - Sharpness (5) Colour (5) Low light (5) Ergonomics (5) Automatics (5) Sound (5) Functions (4) Click then here to email me...
The check list, begin with... The sharpness with stabilizer, that can be from only 260 to 525 visible lines for Standard Definition at 30% contrast (when you can see a difference and not 0% contrast, when everything is a grey blur) but that, can you only see in the finest magazines... Around 270 lines get 1 point, 330 lines 2, 390 lines 3, 450 lines 4, 510 lines 5 (max for SD) 570 lines 6, 630 lines 7, 790 lines 8, 850 lines 9 and 910 lines get 10 points....
The colours should be very accurate and natural, after correct setting and clear (with details and absolutely not messy) for a 5 grade... Grade the automatic white balance below...
The possibility to film in normal soft indoor light, of 20-80 lux... For a 4 grade, must you get fine low noise shadows and clear sharp red in areas with light, with only 120 watt (as 2-3 light bulbs) in the roof and a 40 watt wide spotlight at 150cm distance, which give you 88 lux and nice deep shadows... And for a 5 grade, fine quality in areas with light, without the extra spotlight and that give you 44 lux of very soft light...
Even the basic ergonomics, which always should be perfect on any video camera, use to be very different... The vital for 5 grade quality is: Grip (should be good, very stable and fit your hand, with a not too hard recorder button, that has "click" feeling) Viewfinder (sharp, in colour and so you can see the whole picture, with glasses) View angle (the best is both a big screen and a viewfinder, you can turn up directly) Nose room (should not fight with big batteries, when you use the viewfinder) Quick on (some cameras are strangely complicated to activate) Quick review (to check what you just recorded) Zoom feel (should works very smoothly and also in medium speed) Quick exposure adjust (of the light in the recording, which often is hidden deep inside a menu) separate charging (so you don't have to charge the batteries, in the camera and of international travel type) End find (both when you film and play) plus a front mic, that simply is directed in the same direction you are filming... Yes, then is more buttons better, so you don't have to dive deep into a menu system, for the basic functions!!
The automatic should work fast and exact, in six ways... This ways are, with 5 grade quality: * Auto focus (from 1 to 15 meter in 0.5 sec, never "seeking" and get visible unsharp, perfect panning if you turn 180 grade in 5 sec and fine focus in normal soft indoor light) * White balance (fine in any normal light, only change from slight red to slight yellow skin tone, same colour in viewer and screen) * Exposure (never too bright or dark) * Contrast (black black, details in both dark shadows and in very light parts, white white and not a grey look, on everything) * Stabilizer (no tiny vibrations even at 10x zoom) * And stable sound volume, with great distance to noise...
You can't even turn slowly around and keep a sharp picture, with some cameras... But it might only be unsharp, on the cameras screen... A few "seek" often focus and many "seek - change" from slight purple to slight green skin colours!!
The sound quality, is finally the biggest difference... You should (for a 4 grade) get a clear sound, with some bass and fine treble, even if you record music from a fine loudspeaker... And not more than very soft engine noise (even with zooming) if you film low speaking, at 2 meters distance... Plus normally very little "wind" noise, outdoors...
Vital functionality, you need for a 5 grade: A 3.5 inch side screen, 3 inch is 4 and 2.5 inch a 3 grade... The camera should handle big batteries, of the lithium type and be able to work at least one hour (that's 4 grade) with screen and a rather small battery... DV out is vital, for fine computer editing... Analog video and sound out, is also vital for simple editing... Digital zoom reduce the sharpness and give shaky films, so it should be possible to turn off ... And you should be able to attach a wide angle adaptor lens, if you like to film buildings or party's!
Finally have we some additional functionality, you note separately as extra qualities... A megapixel photo function (with memory card and usb connection) is very nice to have and 1280 pixel wide (of high quality, as 660 visible lines) give you rather fine 10x15cm photos, after little optimizing... Optical stabilizer is then a GREAT plus, because it work also for stills... Over 160t pixels side screen... Over 140t pixels viewfinder... Analog and DV input (video and sound) is very good for editing, but you may simply rent another camera with that function... Stereo mic in and headphone out, is also good and a must if the sound quality is below 4 grade... Sound level adjustment... Both 16 and 12 bit sound, for dubbing on a separate stereo track... Zebra pattern, as over exposure warning... True high quality 16:1 widescreen... And time code is very practical, if you like to edit your films... It's also practical if you can load the tape, when the camera is on a tripod, if you use tripods... Easy adjust of the depth of field, so you can make the background soft, is very nice... Just as crystal clear still and slow motion... And more than 10x optical zoom, is naturally a great extra... Finally is analog input great (best with S-video, but you may rent a camera with that function) if you have old analog material, you want to make digital, to make the video clearly more stable and then possible to copy, without any quality loss... Then have we many more smaller functions and qualities, but this is enough to test... Yes, video cameras are extremely complex!!

Other sites You find also a great collection, with helpful REVIEWS of almost every audio and video product, in eCoustics big free website... Click here to explore... And click here for links to the finest reviews, of digital cameras!

212 excellent Film's - to enjoy and collect

This recommendations are naturally very subjective and some of my grades will also change, with time... But I am very selective (or demanding) and my friends use to love the films I like!
Some vital words about my grading... If you want to collect films, should they naturally be truly interesting to view many times... So my special grades, show how many times a film might be "really interesting" to view the first 10 years... So 10 mean simply every year (!) and 05 every second year... And you may naturally view these films more often the first years, then less often and finally continue to enjoy them (now and then) until you die... So even a film you give a 02 grade, will be worth the money in good time.
But this does also mean that many great films, that are very easy to remember OR have very few great scenes, get a rather low "view again grade" and some magnificent films, as "Alien" with few great scenes, you never forget - are only really interesting to view once!
And I always try to explain, why I like the film as exact as possible - without revealing the story... Then do I especially enjoy films with many extra interesting scenes, so I like a few films that some people hate, as the modern crazy comedy "Who's that girl" and also films that are unusually good, within a special theme... Like the sea thriller "Calm sea" the great fairy tale "Princess Bride" and even "Caligula" about the insane Roman emperor...
But I don't like boring drama films, action without extra interesting scenes (as Lethal Weapon) silly comedies or too strange stuff... Yes, the story must feel a bit realistic!

I have the film's with on BluRay on DVD maybe later and are NOT even released on DVD yet!
* 8 max BluRay quality 7 fine Bluray or ultra DVD that look like BluRay 6 top DVD / ok BluRay 5 fine DVD 4 ok DVD bad BluRay, top rent tape 3 bad DVD ok rent, top copy 2 ok copy 1 bad copy * Stereo sound, Ztereo (bad) Mono * Number of channels * DolbySurround, DolbyDigital or DTS, xtereo* Disc Sides * Ntsc, Pal system, x unknown * Wide screen, VeryWide!

20 The great Race (comedy adventure action 1965, 160-150min) Amazing, magnificent and extremely funny adventure... About a great car race around the world, set in 1908 with famous stars as Tony Curtis and lovely music by Henry Mancini... Features the largest pie fight ever, several great fencing scenes and possible the biggest saloon fight... The magnificent castle scenes, was shot in real European castles - but the Arctic scenes, was actually shot in a blazing hot California... The film is loosely based on the real race and Leslie's white car, look partly like the "Thomas Flyer" that won the real race (7s6dd1pvw dvd 5s6dd1pvw 160min/film)
12 Léon / The Professional (action romance 1994, 136-109min) French drama, about a lonesome professional killer and a very young curious girl... With many truly memorable scenes, intense action and great music... A real masterpiece by Luc Besson, with Reno and 12 years old Natalie Portman... The director thought first she was too young, but she did then convince and seduce him with a brilliant performance... Got 32 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw 133min Integral Version)
10 Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost ark (adventure action comedy 1981) The greatest adventure action film ever made, with everything and little more... Got 26 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw 115m18s dvd 6s6dd1pvw 111min/play 116min/film)

09 Indiana Jones, the last crusade (action adventure 1989) Non stop action and great adventure, on splendid and exotic locations... Got 97 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (7s6dd1pvw a bit to strong colors 126m53s dvd 6s6dd1pvw 122min/play 127min/film)
09 Story of "O" / Histoire d'O (erotic drama 1975, 105-97min) The most elegant film I ever seen, based on the famous book by Dominique Aury and directed by Just Jaeckin... The fascinating and deeply sensual story, describe how a young woman become a slavegirl, by pure lust and intense inner desire... With dreamy music by Pierre Bachelet... The latest short version, have only some "slow parts" removed and this is the finest erotic film ever made, even if the sound quality is terrible and cripple the film (7z2dd1pw 104m44s, dvd by Swedish Atlantic 5m2dd1pw 101min/play)
09 Pretty Baby (soft erotic drama 1978, 109-106min mono) Fascinating romantic story, set in 1917 New Orleans, with a very young Brooke Shields as a 12 year old child prostitute... Directed by Louis Malle, lovely filmed and extremely well made (6m3dd1pw 105min/play 109min/film)
09 Gladiator (historic action adventure 2000, 171-155min) Epic masterpiece about a general, that become a gladiator and want revenge... Directed by Ridley Scott... Got 64 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw 170m56s dvd 6s6dd1pvw)

08 Highlander (adventure action 1986) Magnificent, intriguing and amazing adventure, with mythical sword fighters and a wealth of unforgettable scenes... Story by Gregory Widen, Directed by Russell Mulcahy (mainly/partly 7/5s6dd1pw)
08 Kelly's Heroes (war comedy adventure 1970) A gang of American soldiers, decide to grab a Nazi gold treasure, far behind enemy lines... Excellent made and almost too funny! (br 8s6dd1pvw, ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pvw 138min/play 143min/film)
08 Princess bride (adventure comedy 1987) A very amusing "hero save princess" story, with a lot of extraordinary scenes... A great fairy tale for everyone... Got 190 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pw 98m06s dvd no text 6s6dd1pw 94min/play 98min/film)
08 Secretary (erotic drama 2002, 112-104min) Brilliant story about a "grey" girl, who become mr Gray's secretary and discover her inner submissive desires... Extremely well made, with many great scenes and interesting twists (noisy 7s6dd1xw regionABC 111m07s dvd unsharp and dull colours 4s2dd1pw 107min/play 112min/film)
08 Stargate (sci-fi adventure 1994, 130-121min) A gate to another planet, with an ancient Egypt civilization... Brilliant made by Roland Emmerich and the finest science fiction film, ever made (7s6dd1xvw 130min)
08 Gwendoline / The perils of Gwendoline (sexy adventure comedy 1984, 106-87min) A spectacular and fascinating "Indiana Jones" style adventure, with many sexy and comedy scenes... Loosely based on a bondage comic and directed by Just Jaeckin (5s6dd1vwp 100min/play 104min/film)
08 Who's that girl (wild comedy 1987) Madonna is like a wild cat and you can enjoy tons of great scenes... But some people really HATE this film and it's not a comedy of great silly gags! (mainly/partly 6/7s6dd1p 89min/play 93min/film)
08 The Rock (mega action 1996) One of the most intense and "well made" action films ever, with many great scenes and Sean Connery in an exceptional cool role (8s6dd1pvw 136m29s ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pvw 131min/play 136min/film)
08 The Great Gatsby (romantic drama 1974, 146-143min) A magnificent movie about elegance, romance, deep love, mystery and death... With Robert Redford (partly grainy, maybe by original 7s6dd1pw 143m25s dvd very noisy 4s6dd1pw 138min/play 144min/film)
08 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (comedy adventure 1965) Fantastic comedy set around 1910 about a big airplane race over the English channel, with many great scenes (8s6dd1pvw 138min dvd 5s6dd1pvw 137min/film)
08 Air America (comedy adventure war 1990, 113-107min) A very amusing masterpiece, based on a real story, with magnificent flight scenes and Mel Gibson... But it show a dark side of USA and has a strange plot, so some people hate it (6s3dd1pvw 108min/play 112min/film)

07 The Hitcher (thriller drama 1986, 99-97min) The most frightening thriller, ever made and with Rutger Hauer... Warning - there is also a clearly worse remake... The next one "Dead Calm" is almost the same basic story, at sea (partly noisy 4s3dd1pvw 95min/play 99min/film)
07 Dead Calm (thriller drama 1989) The second most frightening thriller, ever... And "Hitcher" just above - is the same basic story, in a desert landscape (mainly/partly 8/6s2dd1pvw 96m30s region free)
07 Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the ring (adventure, fairy tale, fantasy 208-185min) Amazing adventure, with magnificent settings, truly magic special effects and great music... And it's extremely well made, in every detail... But the main story line, is very simple - Frodo get the ring, is hunted and must destroy it's dark power - even if this only is the first part of the trilogy... Got 13 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (dvd 6s6dd1pvw 178min/play 185min/film)
07 Titanic (historic adventure 1997, 197-194min) Elegant epic masterpiece, of the ultimate tragedy... With a rather interesting "romeo and julia" love story and many great scenes (184m49s dvd 6s6dd2pvw 186min/play 194min/film)
07 Battle Royale / Batoru rowaiaru (drama action 2000, 119-114min uncut 127-122min soft version) Unique drama where a school class in Japan get a steel collar and the order "kill your friends or die" when the collar explode... The story is actually very advanced, with many very "fine" and some really horrifying scenes... And the kids are very different inside, as everyone is - so their actions and reactions, cover the entire spectrum from true innocence to an insane killing frenzy... But the filming is partly rather bad and the blood does not look dark red, as in real life (6s6dd1pvw dvd 4s3dd1pw 113 & 122min/play 119 & 127min/film)
07 Blade Runner - final cut (sci-fi drama action 1982) One of the greatest science fiction films ever made, with a wealth of delicate scenes and amazing scenery, but the dark film need a high quality viewing equipment to reveal it's fine details... Got 125 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw 117min)
07 The World Is Not Enough - 007 (action adventure 1999) My favorite Bond, yet... Many great action scenes and amazingly well made, with delicious Denise Richards... But the main story is about oil pipelines (7s6dd1pvw 128min)

06 The spy who loved me - 007 (action adventure 1977, 129-125min) The most magnificent Bond story, with many great scenes (br 125min dvd 5/6s6dd1pvw 120min/play 125min/film)
06 Never say never again - 007 (action adventure 1983, 138-121min) Sean Connery did actually return once (after twelve years) as James Bond, even if he actually was 3 years younger than Roger Moore and it became a truly great film... With the babes Kim Basinger and Barbara Carrera (partly low original film quality so 7s6dd1pvw 134min dvd 5s3dd1pvw 132min/play 138min/film)
06 Octopussy - 007 (action adventure 1983) The most exotic and elegant James Bond adventure with Roger Moore, but it's a bit too playful (7s6dd1xvw dvd 6/5s3dd1pvw 126min/play 131min/film)
06 GoldenEye - 007 (action adventure 1995) Very well made in classic Bond style, with many great action scenes and a rather interesting story (8s6dts1pvw 130min dvd mainly/partly 6/5s6dd1pvw 124:40min/play 129:40min/film)
06 Das Boot (war 1981) Magnificent and deeply fascinating German submarine drama, set at 1942 and with many great scenes... Got 71 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (5s6dd1pw 282min/play 293min/film - avoid the shorter film, that not have higher picture quality, just many missing scenes)
06 The hunting party (western drama 1971, 111-106min) The most effective anti violence film I ever seen... With Oliver Reed, Gene Hackman and more stars (4m1dd1pw 111min/film)
06 The Mummy (adventure 1999) Magnificent adventure in 1930 Egypt, with many exceptional scenes, but a slightly too "clean" hero (ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pvw 120min/play 125min/film)
06 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (adventure 1991, 155-143min) Great film with a wealth wonderful scenes, even if I don't love Costner (7s6dd1pvw 155min)

05 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone (adventure 2001) Incredibly well made masterpiece, with many great and amazing scenes... Even the actors is perfect, for the parts (6s6dd1pvw 147min/play 153min/film)
05 Emmanuelle 2 - The anti virgin / The joys of a woman (soft erotic adventure 1975, 94-73min) Lovely filmed ,with some delicious scenes and elegant scenery - but sometimes very soft and slow... And I prefer both a closer and more faithful love life... Directed by Francis Giacobetti in the original style by Just Jaeckin, with romantic music by Francis Lai (8s2x1vw 91m24s dvd partly unsharp 5/4s2d1pvw 87:18min/play 90:48min/film)
05 Wallace & Gromit - the complete collection (animated comedy adventure) Four long "short films" with many amazing scenes and great fun (8s6dd1p)
05 Gone in 60 seconds - the great original (car action 1974) Thrilling, intense and extreme car action, with the most amazing and magnificent car chase ever done (of totally 35 minutes, start 55m25s to 90m25s) by Halicki... Warning for the alternative version "Deadline Auto Theft" that replace vital parts of this film, with a silly Sheriff plot and the next film "The Junkman" which is partly interesting, but the car chases are much less spectacular (very mix quality 7/4s6dd1pw 97m46s dvd 5s6dd1pw 93min/play 97min/film)
05 The First Great Train Robbery (crime thriller comedy 1979) A very interesting story with Sean Connery, set 1855 in Victorian England and inspired of a real event (letterbox in widescreen, slightly noisy 5s6dd1pw 105min/play 109min/film)
05 Pale Rider (western 1985) A slightly strange, but very interesting western, with and by Clint Eastwood... Would love to kiss Megan's generous lips! (noisy 6s6dd1pvw)
05 Valmont (romantic drama comedy 1989) Brilliant and very amusing, except the slightly pale "hero" in 1788 France. Directed by Milos Forman (bit grainy 7s2dd1pvw only released on BluRay in Spain with spanish text, you can turn off 131m4s - dvd 4s2dd1pvw 131min/play, but avoid the lousy dvd from Atlantic)
05 Amadeus (music drama 1984, 180-153min) Great scenes from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and dead... Directed by Milos Forman... Got 88 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw 180min)
05 Interview with a vampire (drama 1994) The most "well made" movie I ever seen and it get very interesting, even if I normally hate vampire films... With lovely music and fabulous scenery (too black shadows 6s6dd1pw 123min dvd 5s6dd1pw 118min/play 123min/film)
05 Time bandits (adventure comedy 1981) A boy and a gang of dwarfs, make an amazing journey in time... With some of the most fantastic scenes in film history... The finest film from the Monty Python gang, written and directed by Terry Gilliam (7s6dd1pw 116min)
05 Jurassic Park (adventure 1993) The ultimate monster film... But except the inventive old man behind the project, is all the other 5 main roles played by actors I don't like, of different reasons and that's slightly strange... Got 245 place 2012 on IMDb list of the 250 highest rated movies (dvd 6s6dd1pw 121min/play 126min/film)
05 TROY (historical drama 2004) A great and interesting adventure of war, but without the deep passion of Gladiator (7s6dd1pvw 196min)
05 The Illusionist (romantic thriller 2006, 110-109min) A wonderful story about great forbidden lifetime love and some truly magic illusions... Very well made, even if the main "hero" look a bit thin... Observere that the most amazing tricks, does seem to be impossible and just film effects - but the orange three for example, is a real stage trick (sometimes bad dark shadows 7s6dd1pvw 108m50s)
05 Caligula (historic adventure erotica 1979, 156-103min) The spectacular drama, about the most insane and perverse Roman emperor... Yes, many scenes are truly impressive, the acting is great and the story is historical correct... But the "very explicit" sex scenes are actually boring, the film work is sometimes rather bad and the sound is lousy (bit soft and noisy bluray 5/6s6dd1pvw 155min, dvd very noisy)
05 Last Samurai (historical drama 2003, 154min) Splendid, with many interesting scenes and lovely filmed (bit soft 7s6dd1pvw 154m11s)
05 The greatest game ever played (golf drama 2005) Amazing film about a young working class boy, who become a huge legend before the second world war, when golf only was for the upper class... Extremely well made, often thrilling and very interesting (6s6dd1pw 115min/play)
05 Blues Brothers (action music ultra-comedy 1980, 148-127min) They give "cool" a deeper meaning, with a lot of epic scenes and many legendary musicians... Even the great music and the two magnificent car chase's are exceptional!! (partly noisy 6/7s6dd1pvw dvd 4s6dd1pw 142min/play 148min/film)
05 1941 (crazy comedy 1979, 146-118min) The crazy night when a Japanese submarine attacked California, with John Belushi as Wild Bill Kelso... This amazing comedy is actually based on real events (with the Japanese submarine, the zoot riot and more) that did occur 1942 to 1943 and include many wonderful scenes, directed by Steven Spielberg... But many North Americans consider this movie unpatriotic and HATE it! (dvd 6s6dd1pvw 114min/play 119min/film, had also a lousy dvd 3s6dd1nvw 146min)
05 Purple Rain (music drama 1984) Thrilling music and partly interesting drama, with Prince and sexy Appolonia (grainy 7s6dd1pw 111m15s)
05 Terminator (sci-fi action 1984, 108-102min) A cyborg from the future, want to kill Sarah... Many thrilling scenes... Got 169 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (dvd 5s6dd1pw 102min/play 106min/film)
05 Terminator 2 (sci-fi action 1991, 156-137min) The story continues, with a twist and even more amazing scenes... Got 37 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw 156min)
05 Terminator 3 (sci-fi action 2003) The last and magnificent final episode, with a amazing car chase and many excellent scenes... But the basic story is very sad, for the future of mankind (8s6dts1pw ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pvw 109min/play 114min/film)
05 Up the creek (action comedy 1984, 95min) Hilarious teenage comedy, with the delicious babe "Heather Merriweather" a few sexy scenes and a GREAT thrilling river race... ** Incredibly not on eu DVD yet and may never be... More info!
05 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (sci-fi adventure 1983, 138-126min) Many great scenes, in a magnificent adventure... A rumour say that a different ending was shot but never used, where Leia and Han Solo get married!! Got 81 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (dvd 6s6dd1pw 133min/play 138min/film)
05 Lawrence of Arabia (drama war 1962, 227-187min) Epic masterpiece, about an exceptional man that become a legend... Got 63 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw dvd 5/6s6dd2pvw 218:47min/play 227:33min/film)
05 History of the World: Part 1 (comedy adventure 1981, 92-90min) By Mel Brooks, with a lot of exceptional scenes, that are very funny or sexy... Especially the King's ladies... But it's partly sloppy made and 69% of the jokes, are not really funny (mainly/partly 6/7s6dd1pvw 92m16s, dvd 5s2dd1pvw 88min/play 92min/film)
05 Flyboys (airwar comedy 2006) Amazingly interesting air war film, based on the first American volunteering pilots in the first world war (8s6dts1pvw 138m42s dvd 6s6dd1pw 133min/play 139min/film)
05 Casanova (comedy adventure erotica 1987, 122min) With many lovely scenes, many lovely ladies and Richard Chamberlain, in his possible greatest performance... Fabulous story and very well made, except some simply filmed parts... Was directed by Simon Langton, exclusively as a mini series for television and it's sad that I can't find any DVD release... Beware of the silly 2005 version of Casanova (also made for television) with Tennant, that is relatively lousy!
05 Casanova (romantic comedy 2005 by Lasse Hallström) Delicate romantic adventure, that take place in Venice and the film is also extremely well made... Even if the story is new and not from original diaries (bit soft 6s6dd1pvw 107min/play 111min/film)
05 I jomfruens tegn / In the Sign of the Virgin / I jungfruns tecken (erotic comedy 1973 mono) Lovely film, with a lot of young cute girls and hilarious scenes, in an idyllic village... Danish, by Con Amore film (5m1dd1pw 88min/play 92min/film)
05 Ratatouille (animated comedy adventure 2007) The wild adventure of a rat with taste for fine cooking... Also extremely well made.. Got 208 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (7s6dd1pvw 108min/play 112min/film)
05 Lara Croft Tomb Rider (action adventure 2001) The first film... That is extremely well made, with a great mix of a modern female "Indiana Jones" style adventure and "James Bond" action... And the very fast pace film get even better the second viewing, but worse the third time and there is actually no sexy parts... Trivia: Angelina Jolie did almost every stunt in the movie and the training robot is named Simon, after the director... The Illuminati was (or is) a real secret society, with origin in the 1700s or earlier and some serious experts say it still exists (ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pw 96min/play 100min/film)

04 Monty Pyton's The Meaning Of Life (comedy adventure 1983, 115-107min) A series of great scenes, but only one brilliant, that try to illustrate the meaning of life (mainly/partly 8/6s6dd1pw 107m dvd 6/5s6dd1pw 103min/play 107min/film)
04 Elvira Madigan (romance 1967) A slightly dreamy and extremely beautiful film, that almost is too lovely for life... Based on a real event, about true impossible love, with an amazingly lovely girl, as the tightrope dancer... Set around 1890 and possible the most romantic film, ever made... This masterpiece is clearly more exquisite made, than most of the movies today and don't look old in any way, even if it was made an incredible long time ago... And a piece of Mozart's music, was actually renamed because of this film... But the man was also a worm who left his wife and kids, some scenes are slightly slow and the story is little too easy to remember, to get a higher "see again" grade (5s2dd1pw 87min/play 91min/film)
04 The Lover / L'Amant (drama romance soft-erotica 1991, 115-103min) A lovely young French girl take a older Asian lover, in this slow passionate story, with great moods and the young babe Jane March (7s2dd1pw 116min dvd 4/5s2dd1pw 111min/play 115min/film)
04 Yellowbeard (pirate comedy adventure 1983, 99-96min) A rather magnificent and completely crazy Monty Python film, about a wild pirate and his treasure (bit soft, no text 6s2dd1pw 92:18min/play 96min/film)
04 Sliver (thriller drama 1993) Deeply intriguing story, with a richness of details and Sharon Stone in a very erotic role... I love the cute restaurant scene (8s6dd1nw dvd 5s6dd1pw 103min/play 107min/film)
04 Rising Sun (action crime drama 1993, 129-125min) Murder mystery... With many fine scenes, Sean Connery at his best and a rather interesting side story, about Japanese domination in USA (7s6dts1pw 129m25s)
04 Chicken Run - Wallace & Gromit (animated comedy adventure 2000) A gang of chickens try to escape, with help of a stranger... Hilarious funny and extremely well made (7s6dd1pw 84min/play 88min/film)
04 Up (animated adventure 2009) A great celebration to explorers and adventure... Extremely well made - but the main story take place on only one very special location... Got 114 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pw 96min)
04 Pirates of the Caribbean (adventure comedy 2002) Crazy pirate movie, with many splendid scenes... Just slightly too crazy... Got 214 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (6/5s6dd1pw 137min/play 142min/film)
04 Rambo, First Blood II (war action 1985) Fascinating "one man army" film, with a fine story and incredible action scenes (6s3dd1pvw 92min/play 96min/film)
04 Under Siege (action war 1992) Terrorists take control of a US Navy battleship, where our hero is a cook... With many exquisite action scenes, a thrilling soundtrack and the sexy babe Erika Eleniak (ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pw 98min/play 102min/film)
04 Young Sherlock Holmes - Pyramid of fear (adventure 1985) Amazingly well made, with many fine scenes (6/7s6dd1pw 104min/play 109min/film)
04 The Rocketeer (adventure action 1991) Amazing story about a flying innovation, set at 1938 and excellent made, in the "Indiana Jones" style (5/6s6dd1pvw 104min/play 108min/film)
04 Taken (action 08 by Luc Besson) Intense and very realistic action, when a retired CIA agents teenage daughter get abducted by white slave traders (8s6dts1vw 93min24sec)
04 Kill Bill, volume 1 (action drama 2003) Interesting "revenge" film, with several incredible furious fighting scenes... Got 150 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (8s6dd1pvw dvd 6s6dd1pvw 106min/play 110min/film)
04 Kill Bill, volume 2 (action drama 2003) Not as great as the first part, but you get the rest of the story (8s6dd1pvw 137m43s dvd 6s6dd1pvw 131min/play 136min/film)
04 Sahara (adventure 2005, 124-123min) Amazing and very well made film, with many nice scenes... But the story is slightly too incredible (5/6s6dd-dts1pw 118min/play 123min/film)
04 National Treasure (adventure 2004) Very interesting puzzle action, to find the greatest treasure in mankind... But once you seen it, you seen it and it got a lot of silly running around in the middle, that could be cut down by 75% (6/7s6dd1pvw 125min/play 131min/film)
04 xXx (action 2002, 132-124min) Intense action adventure, close to "Bond film" style (6s6dd1pvw 119min/play 124min/film)
04 Live and let die - 007 (action adventure 1973) Bond fight a drug lord at exotic locations, with many stunts... Bit it feels little sloppy made (7s6dts1pw 121min)
04 Wall-E (animated sci-fi adventure 2008) Amazing science fiction adventure about a cute robot, that eventually save the human race... Got 59 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (7s6dd1pw 95min/play)
04 Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the WereRabbit (animated comedy adventure 2005) A hilarious vegetable horror films, featuring rabbit hunting and weird machinery (6s6dd1pw 81min/play 84min/film)
04 The Duellists (adventure drama 1977, 101-95min) Great story, about two Napoleons officers that become long time enemies... Lovely filmed and directed by director Ridley Scott (gladiator, blade runner) and naturally with master duelling (ultra fine dvd 7s6dd1pw 96min/play 100min/film)
04 Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome (sci-fi adventure 1985) Mel Gibson is a hero, in a future wasteland with a barbaric town... Many great scenes (7s6sdd1pvw 106m58s dvd bit mpg noisy 4/5s6dd1pvw 102min/play 106min/film)
04 Mad Max 2 - The road warrior (action sci-fi 1981, 96-91min) Epic wild action, in a future desert land (6s6dd1pw 95min)
04 Total recall (sci-fi action thriller 1990) Brilliant three dimensional story and many exceptional scenes... With Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone... But the silly expensive remake 2012 is a total waste of money and time, because when the original film is 95% brilliant, was the brain dead remake max 2% ok (partly noisy 7s6dd1pw 113m33s dvd 6s6dd1pw 108min/play 113min/film)
04 Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom (adventure comedy 1984, 118-112min) Spectacular beginning and many interesting scenes, but also a few irritating details (8s6dd1pvw 118m28s dvd 7s6dd1pvw 114min/play 118min/film)
04 Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace (sci-fi 1999, 135-133min) Great adventure, with magnificent scenery and thrilling race scenes... It grow also slightly better each time and even the silly Jar Jar Binks, get less annoying! (8s6dd1pvw dvd low contrast and partly soft 5s6dd1pvw 130min/play 135min/film)
04 The Collector (drama 1965) A fascinating story about a man who collect butterflies, win a lot of money, buy a country estate and capture a young lovely lady, he dreamt of for years... With excellent acting and perfect settings - but strangely little erotic actions or undertones, just as in the book, which make the man look slightly too dumb (5m2dd1nw 119min)
04 The Count of Monte Cristo (adventure 1998 by Josée Dayan) Magnificent mini series, with Gérard Depardieu and the Latin beauty Ornella Muti... Very well made and possible the finest mini series ever... But the DVD is little soft, has artifacts around the huge English text and you must turn up the color.(4/5s2dd2pw 384min/play or 6.5 hours and 400min/film)
04 The Hidden (horror action sci-fi 1987, 100-96min) A parasite alien turn people to maniac killers... Very thrilling, with amazing scenes (5s6dd1pw 96min/play 100min/film)
04 In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (crime action 1988, 95-92min) Made for television... But show closely a true and very interesting crime story - that is both intense, brutal and thrilling (4s2dd1p 91:11min/play 95min/film)
04 Returner (action sci-fi 2002) Interesting mix of Terminator and Matrix from Japan, with a fine story and the babe was only 14 years old.. Definitely not a remake (5/6s6dd1pw 111min/play 116min/film)
04 Falling Down (drama thriller 1993) A man get very frustrated, react on life and take violent revenge - or just defend his rights, with epic scenes (6s2dd1pw 108min/play 113min/film)

03 High Road to China (adventure 1983) Set 1920 with airplanes, a nice story and many fine scenes (partly not sharp, no text, lousy sound quality 6-5m3dd1pw 100m58s dvd unsharp noisy 3m3dd1p 101mip 105mif by Atlantic Film)
03 Speed (action thriller 1994) A smart psychopath set up a bomb in a bus, so it can't slow down... But the incredible unrealistic bridge jump scene, is the most silly scene in movie history and almost destroy the film, that otherwise would get 5 points and they had also 3 other roads or lanes to choose from, just before the jump (6s6dd1pvw 111min/play 116min/film)
03 The emerald forest (nature adventure 1985, 114-110min) Amazing film, based on a true story, with extraordinary scenes and nude nymphs from Amazons jungle (6s3dd1nvw 114m)
03 Emmanuelle (soft erotica 1974, 105-94min) Lovely scenery and a few delicious scenes, but very soft... Directed by Just Jaeckin (partly noisy 6/7m2ddpw 94m13s)
03 Overboard (comedy 1987, 112-100min) A mean rich bitch fall overboard and loose her memory, which our hero really take advantage of... Great fun! (often noisy 6s3dd1pw 111m50s, dvd very noisy 3s3dd1pw 108min/play 112min/film)
03 9 1/2 weeks (soft erotic drama 1986, 117-102min) Soft but thrilling sadomasochistic adventure, with lovely scenes... But partly slow (often grainy and bit soft 6s6ddxw dvd 4s3dd1pw 112min/play 116min/film)
03 The Blue Lagoon (1980, 104min) A romantic masterpiece, with lovely 14 years old Brooke Shields - about two kids, who got stranded on a tropical island and grow up there... This film got actually a lot more interesting in high DVD quality (6/4s4dd1pw 100min/play 104min/film)
03 Star wars: Episode IV (sci-fi adventure 1977, 125-112min) The epic first masterpiece, that many say is the best one... Got 16 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (dvd 6/4s6dd1pw 120min/play 125min/film)
03 Hot Moves (sexy teen comedy 1985, stereo 85-81min) Four nice Venice Beach boys, make a pact... With many really funny scenes and very sexy teen girls, who do very sexy stuff - with and without bikinis... And I would never ever say no to Heidi in heat... But some acting is lousy and the original film quality is partly horrible... Came finally, but very late on DVD (4m2dd1nw "region all" 85m28s)
03 Private resort (sexy teen comedy 1985) Two friends visit a dream resort, with Jonny Depp, many sexy babes and many silly funny scenes (5m2dd1nw 82min)
03 Pearl Habor (war 2001) Very interesting and partly magnificent view of the attack by Japan (7s6dd1pvw)
03 Peter Pan (animated adventure, fairy tale 1953, 77-73min, mono) A wonderful magical movie and a truly classic masterpiece, by Disney (5s6dd1p 74min/play 77min/film)
03 Finding Nemo (cartoon comedy adventure 2003) Many great scenes, in a fascinating setting... Got 162 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (6s6dd1pw 96min/play 100min/film)
03 Streets of fire (music action 1974) Wild music and action, like wild west in the city night (dvd not widescreen 5s3dd1p 90min/play 94min/film)
03 Bugsy Malone (music comedy 1976) A typical Mafia musical, very elegant filmed, where kids play all parts... Many great scenes (7s6ddpw 94min, some DVD versions are strangely in mono)
03 Die Hard (action 1988) Bruce Willis in an extremely intense "cat & mouse" fight, with ultra violent criminals, destroying a very luxurious business tower... But avoid the too short German TV and video version... Got 102 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (bit noisy 7s6dd1pvw 132m07s - dvd 6s6dd1pvw 127min/play 132min/film)
03 Wicked Lady (adventure drama soft-erotica 1983, 98-95min) An evil lady in 1800 England, with some great scenes and lovely scenery, even if I don't like Faye Dunaway... Finally on a DVD made for Spain with english sound (5/4z2dd1p 110min)
03 Duel (thriller 1971 by Georges Lucas) Intense film, about a salesman in an ordinary car - who get chased to near death, by a big rusty oil truck (dvd 5/6s6dd1p 86min/play)
03 ROME season 1 and 2 (historical TV series 2006, 600min) A fascinating and extremely well made series, that show ancient Rome more accurate than ever and I love the final scene... But most of the actors are slightly boring, even if some of the females look very good and there is many soft sex scenes... Then has it not the deep passion or lovely film style of Gladiator... And over half the series concentrate on the life of two rather ordinary fictive soldiers, instead of the more interesting legendary characters (7s6dd10+1pw 1191min - dvd 6s2dd5+1pw about 1149min/play 1197min/film)
03 The Fifth Element (sci-fi adventure 1997 by Luc Besson) Partly magnificent and partly silly future adventure (6s6dd1pvw 121min/play 126min/film)
03 Blue velvet (drama mystery soft-s/m-erotica 1986, 121-120min) A young man in an ordinary town, get curious on a young lady, with very dark desires (6/7s6dd1pvw 116min/play 121min/film)
03 Hollow Man (scifi thriller 2000 by Verhofen) Amazing thriller about a scientist who work with invisibility and finally try it on himself (7s6dd1pw 114min/play 119min/film)
03 AtlAntis - The lost empire (Disney animated adventure 2001, 92min) Magnificent story, nice animated and with many splendid scenes... But the "thrilling" roller-coaster pace, with many even more intense action, was often annoying the first time... And some parts was so incredible or over sized, that the story got slightly silly... Otherwise could it be one of the greatest animated films, ever! (6s6dd1p)
03 Barb Wire (action adventure erotica 1996, 109-94min) Pamela Anderson play a mercenary and the wild sexy mistress, of a rock bar... With many impressive action scenes... And the story is partly very inspired by the classic movie Casablanca (6s6dd1pw 95min/play 99min/film)
03 Stunt man (drama action comedy 1980, 135-110min) Smart story within a story, with famous stunt scenes and Peter O'Toole (very noisy 6s6dd1xw no text reg0 130m41s - dvd too soft 4s7dd1pw 125:16min/play 130:15min/film)
03 Show down in Little Tokyo (action 1991) Many great action scenes, when Dolph Lundgren fight a Yakuza drug lord (5s2dd1pw 76min/play 79min/film)
03 Beverly Hills Cop II (crime action 1987, 107-100min) Eddie Murphy come back to stop a crime wave, with fine action scenes (5/6s6dd1pw 99min/play 103min/film)
03 Goldfinger - 007 (action adventure 1964) The finest "classic" Bond film (6s6dd1pw 109min - dvd was clearly worse)
03 They call me Trinity (western comedy 1971, 109-105min) Cool western comedy, with incredible fighting scenes (4m1dd1pw 109min/play)
03 Tomb Rider - The cradle of life (action adventure 2003) The second film with a great mix of a female "James Bond" action and a modern "Indiana Jones" adventure, very well filmed... And the only way to stop an attacking shark, without any weapons, is actually to hit it's nose... But it's actually no sexy parts... Trivia: One of Angelina Jolie's stunt doubles was a man and the film was banned in China! (6s6dd1pw 113min/play 117min/film)
03 The Road Runner Vs. Wile E. Coyote (cartoon 1963, 110-94min) The classic PeepBeep wrooooom... Ten great scenes, plus four extra (was very hard to find on new dvd 5m2dd1n 109m55s)
03 Die Hard 2 (action 1990, 128-124min) Hired soldiers take control over an airport... Great action scenes (5s6dd1pvw 123min/play 128min/film)
03 20.000 leagues under the sea (adventure 1954, 127-118min) Walt Disney's mighty, magnificent and memorable under sea adventure, with the evil genius captain Nemo! (5/4s6dd1pvw 122min/play 127min/film)
03 Brotherhood of the Wolf / Le Pacte des loups (adventure 2001, 151-142min) A very well made and interesting historical drama, based on real events about a huge wolf like creature that was killing people 1765 in France... Many great scenes, but this film is also so different that it feels slightly strange (8s6dd1pvw 150m20s - dvd 5s6dd1pw 137min/play 142min/film)
03 Mechanic (action drama 1972, 100-99min) Fascinating story with Charles Bronson about a contract killer and his new apprentice, with no dialog for the first 15 minutes (5/3m1dd1pw 96min/play 100min/film)
03 The Red Baron (war adventure history 2008) Very interesting film, if you like war history or old airplanes (8s6ddpw 128m46s)
03 Rambo III (war action 1988) Rambo fight the Russian army in Afghanistan... Rather incredible, but well made and with great scenes! (6s3dd1pvw 97min/play 101min/film)
03 Great Balls of Fire! (music drama romance 1989) The great TRUE story of the wild musician Jerry Lee Lewis and his scandalous marriage with a 13 year old cousin, played by the lovely petite Winona Ryder (5s3dd1pw 106min/play 110min/film)
03 Once Upon a Time in America (mafia romance 1984 by Sergio Leone) A magnificent mafia film, with many great scenes and Robert de Niro - but it's also very sad and unhappy... Even the few happy scenes are bitter sweet, just as the extremely sad and beautiful music... Got 78 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (6s6dd2pw 220min/play 229min/film)
03 Cleopatra (historical mini series 1999, 180min) A magnificent film about Cleopatra's time as queen of Egypt, with many beautiful scenes and a true beauty playing Cleopatra... The film has especially excellent costume and settings, except a few models that look incredible cheap, even if it was made for television... The events in the film are also more historically accurate than usual, even if some details are wrong... They forgot especially to mention that she got 3 children with Marcus Antonius, who actually committed suicide when she message him that she died... And the film would get a clearly higher grade, if they did show the last hours sad and boring events, in fifteen minutes and more of the interesting events, before that (6s6dd1p 173min/play 180min/film)
03 Memoirs of a Geisha (historical drama 2005, 145min) A fascinating film of delicate beauty and romance, but a partly sad story (8s6dd1pvw 145min)
03 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (adventure fable comedy 1988) Amazing and quite impossible story, with many incredible scenes (6/4s2dd1pw 121min/play 126min/film)
03 Die Another Day - 007 (action adventure 2002) Many great scenes, but a rather crazy and mainly unbelievable story (7/8s6dd1pvw 131m27s)
03 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (sci-fi comedy 2005, 109min) Very "space out" story, with many incredible scenes and it is extremely well made... But it's a rather silly fable (6s6dd1pw 104min/play 108min/film)
03 Wild Wild West (adventure western sci-fi comedy 1999) Very strange story, with many fantastic scenes... And extremely well made (6/7s6dd1pw 102min/play 106min/film)
03 Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection (cartoon) A great collection of the classic and extremely funny "cat & mouse" chasing shorts, that would get a higher grade if I and everyone else haven't seen most of them so many times... Vol one (5m2dd1n 322min 2dvd) Vol 2 (5m2dd1n 320min 2dvd) Vol 3 (5m2dd1n 240min 2dvd) totally 882min / over 14 hours... Yes, I did order part one and got the rest by mistake!
03 View to a kill - 007 (action adventure 1985, 127min) Many great scenes and Grace Jones almost nude, but the plot is little strange (6s6dd1pw)
03 Moonraker - 007 (action adventure sci-fi 1979, 128-121min) The most spectacular Bond film, with out of space - over the top scenes (7s6dd1pvw 126m28s)
03 Star Wars II - Attack of the clones (sci-fi action 2002) The conflict leads to war, with two thrilling chase scenes and many magnificent views... But too theatrical speaking in some parts, that otherwise could be very romantic (dvd 6s6dd1pvw 137min/play 142min/film)
03 The Fast and the Furious (car action 2001) A fine high speed street racing film, with some silly action scenes... Trivia: Two of the girl stars had no driver's licenses when they got the role and something happens after the credits end (7s6dd1pvw 106m50s - dvd 6s6dd1pvw 102min/play 106min/film)
03 Give my regards to Broad Street (music 1984, 109-108min) Some magic moments and music, but many boring scenes (5/6s4dd1nw 108min)
03 Cherry Falls (horror comedy 2000, 94-88min) A very black horror teen comedy, with a wild twist... A mad sadistic killer begin to kill virgin teens, from a small town high school and everyone decide it's best to loose the virginity... Actually a very well made film, that is much more interesting than "Scream" with a cute heroine and a curious crime story - but it was also slightly too much violence for my taste, even if a lot worse scenes was cut out (6s3dd1pw 90min/play 94min/film)
03 The Prestige (drama 2006, 107-105min, mono) Two rival stage magicians engage in a lifelong duel of magic tricks, with many great scenes and very well made... Got 67 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (6s6dd1pvw 125min/play 130min/film)
03 The Quick and the Dead (western 1995) Interesting concept, extremely well made and sometimes thrilling (8s6dd1wp 107m46s)
03 For your eyes only - 007 (action adventure 1981) The softest Bond film, with Roger Moore (7s6dd1pvw)
03 The Sting (comedy drama crime 1973) A great story, where Robert Redford sting (con) a gangster, in the style of 1936 with Scott Joplin's delicate witty ragtime music... This is actually an exceptional well made movie, but I just don't like the characters enough to give a higher grade... Got 98 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (5s6ddpw 124min/play 129min/film)
03 Casino Royale - 007 (action adventure 2006) Very wild and raw. like "Taken" with some Bond flair (6s6dd1pvw 139min/play)
03 The da Vinci Code (thriller adventure 2006) A very interesting and well made film, even if the "hero" feel like a big baby (6s6dd1pw 167min)
03 Napoleon Bonaparte (historical mini series 2002, 375min) A deep insight in Napoleon's life as general, Emperor and lover... With three delicious ladies, as his greatest mistresses and last wife... A splendid film, about a rather boring man (5s6dd2pw 360min/play 375min/film)

02 You only live twice - 007 (action adventure 1967) An magnificent but very dated Bond film, with Sean Connery (bluray 7/5 - dvd too soft 4m1dd1pvw 112min/play 117min/film)
02 Paradise (adventure romance 1982, 100-95min) The truly delicious teen babe Phoebe Cates, get lost in an Arabian desert with a boy and they find a lovely oasis... The film is clearly inspired by Blue Lagoon and partly very elegant filmed, with many nude scenes and some cute love making, but it's also partly slow and boring (5m2dd1p 91min/play 95min/film)
02 ¡Átame! / Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (drama romance comedy 1990, 111-101min) A peculiar Spanish love story with abduction, bondage and passion (a bit noisy 5s2dd1pw 97min/play 101min/film)
02 Pirates (adventure comedy 1986, 118-107min) Another interesting pirate film, with many great scenes and delicious Charlotte Lewis... By Roman Polanski (hard to find dvd 4s2dd1p 108min/play 112min/film)
02 Salo - The 120 days of Sodom (drama 1975) Based on Marquis De Sade's book and made to illustrate the fascistic nature of evil... It is mainly a story about the corruption of absolute power, in a society with twisted moral... With the most extreme scenes in film history, like shit eating, many ways of torture and a lot more... By Pier Paolo Pasolini (6m2dd1pw 117min - dvd tinywide 5/3m1dd1pw 112min/play 117min/film)
02 Shogun (history drama adventure 1980) The magnificent tale about an English pilot that "discover" Japan 1598 with many rather great scenes (6/5s?d5p over 500min/play)
02 Millenium Trilogy (drama crime 2009) The truly thrilling original crime story from Sweden (bit noisy 7s6dd3pw 9 hours)
02 The man with the golden gun - 007 (action adventure 1974) A partly very interesting and partly strange Bond film, with Roger Moore (grainy 7s6dd1pvw dvd 4/5m1dd1pvw 120min/play 126min/film)
02 Cannonball run (car action comedy 1981) Crazy (3m2dd1pw 92mip)
02 Italian job (action 2003) Strangely interesting (6s6dd1pvw 106mip)
02 An American Tail (animated adventure 1986, 81-77min) Magnificent fable, with a lot of lovely scenes... Fievel was also the name of Steven Spielberg's grandfather (5s6sd1pw 80min/film)
02 Bullshot (action comedy adventure 1983, 85min) Extraordinary adventure, with the ultimate hero Captain Bullshot Crummond, set about 1915-25 and with many great scenes (2z2dd1p) Was on lousy DVD but are sold out and may never be on DVD again... More info!
02 The Godfather Trilogy (crime drama 1972, 1974, 1990) A bit slow and too easy to remember, for a higher "see again" grade... But this epic trilogy is a magnificent story - about how a strange moral and greed, can create extreme violence... Got 2 and third place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (partly rather noisy 7s6dd3pw - dvd 5s6dd3pw)
02 Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies / Monte Carlo or Bust (comedy 1969, 125-120min) A hilarious film about the 1920 Monte Carlo international rally, with many funny scenes... But it's often VERY sloppy made (5s2dd1nvw)
02 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (adventure 2005) Well made, with great and amazing scenes... Even the actors is perfect, for the parts... But it feels like more of the first film (6s6dd1pvw 150min/play 156min/film)
02 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (adventure 2004) Well made, with great and amazing scenes... Even the actors is perfect, for the parts... But it feels like more of the first film (6s6dd1pvw 136min/play 142min/film)
02 2 Fast 2 Furious (car action 2003) Another fine high speed street racing film, but with more silly action scenes... Trivia: The scene when the Corvette crashes into the Mustang on the freeway, was not planned and the Asian girl star had no driver's license, when she got the role (7s6dd1pvw - dvd 6s6dd1pvw 103min/play 107min/film)
02 Frivolous Lola (soft erotic comedy 1998, 105-102min) Very cute erotic comedy, by Tinto Brass about a slightly wild young babe who love to tease and especially want to know her finances capacity, before she marry him (4/5s2dd1pw 98min/play 102min/film)
02 Gone in 60 seconds - the remake (car action 2000, 124-117min) Thrilling, intense and deep car action, but the original was much better (6s6dd1pvw 119min/play 124min/film)
02 King Kong (adventure 2005, 180min) Jacksons version offer many splendid views and could be magnificent... But it start rather slow, before you get to the island and then are many action scenes incredible "multiplied" and speeded up, in a silly way... And most of the guns sound as popcorn popping! (6s6dd1pw)
02 Man on Fire (action drama 2004, 149-146min) An interesting drama documentary, based on a real kidnap event... Were a bodyguard truly revenge the kidnapping of a young girl... With many intense action scenes, but without any really great one and many short parts, are filmed in a very annoying "jumping" arty way (5s6dd1pvw 140min/play 146min/film)
02 Red Sun / Soleil rouge (western 1971, 112-103min mono) East meet wild West, when a Japanese sword get stolen... A thrilling, cool and amusing western with Bronson, Alain Delon and Toshirô Mifune (4/2m1dd1p 112min/play 117min/film)
02 Reform school girls (comedy erotica action 1986, 94min) Very sexy and violent prison action - when it was made - with the wild pop star Wendy O. Williams (4m2dd1nw 94min)
02 The Three Musketeers (adventure 1973, 107-105min, mono) The greatest version, with many fine scenes... Directed by Richard Lester (5m1dd1pw 103min/play 107min/film)
02 La Chiave / The Key (erotica drama 1983 116-106min) Italian erotica with a quite interesting (but also very soft and slightly slow) and elegant story about fantasies and games, directed by Tinto Brass... But the "Arrow" transfer to DVD was exceptionally bad, which was sad (4/5m2dd1pw 105min/play 109min/film)
02 RoboCop (sci-fi action 1987, 103-78min) A deadly wounded cop, become a powerful cyborg (5/3s6dd1pw 99min/play 103min/film)
02 A Nightmare On Elm Street (horror 1984) Freddy come and kill you, in your dreams... A famous horror masterpiece (6s6dd1pw 87min/play 91min/film)
02 Escape from New York (sci-fi action adventure 1981) The President crashes into Manhattan, that now is a giant "prison" and our hero is sent in to rescue him... Was extremely interesting when it was made, but is now little slow and simple (5/6s6dd1pvw 94min/play 98min/film)
02 Avenging Force (action 1986, 104-99min) A group of "important" men, with extreme political ambitions, have a private hunting club and they hunt people... They try also to kill a friend, to our hero and kidnap finally his cute little sister... And that lead to some intense, thrilling and interesting man hunting, at the beginning and end... But the story is partly silly (noisy 4s3dd1p 99min/play 103min/film)
02 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (drama 2000, 120-119min) A very romantic sword fighting film, but partly slow and or silly (5s6dd1pw 115min/play 120min/film)
02 Revenge of the Ninja (ninja action 1983, 90min) B film with a rather fine story, advanced fighting scenes and a sexy babe... But some fighting scenes are silly, parts of the dialog is very "woody" and some music is annoying (6m1dd1n 90min/film)
02 Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith (sci-fi adventure 2005) The last story from the second trilogy, get together with the last (but first made) three films and the action are partly magnificent... But I did not find any really great scenes and some key parts of the story, felt very strange (dvd 6s6dd1pvw 134min/play 140min/film)
02 The Image / The punishment of Anne (erotic drama 1975, 94-89min) A romantic S/M story, that is elegant filmed and show naughty games with a beautiful young lady (a lot more lovely, than she look on the DVD cover) but it's partly too slow, has only a few interesting scenes, some S/M scenes are silly (not authentic) and the deeply fascinating masterpiece "The Story of O" is dramatically better in every way, even if that one show much less ordinary sex and many critics regard this film, as the ultimate S/M erotica! (5/6s2dd1nw 94min)
02 Flash Gordon (sci-fi adventure 1980) With ultra delicious Ornella Muti, in some amazing clothes... Would love to kiss her and more, a lot more... But this is otherwise the worst made "A" class film I ever seen! (5s2dd1pvw 107min/play 111min/film)
02 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (adventure 2003, 251-201min) Part three of the saga... With some great moments and several magnificent fighting scenes, if you love massive slaughter of orcs... But it get a bit boring, when the hero crawl incredible slowly up the mountain... Got 9 place 2012 on IMDb list of highest rated movies (6s6dd1pw 192min/play 200min/film)
02 Addams Family Values (comedy 1993, 94min) Hilarious "romantic" comedy and horror (5s6dd1pw 90min/play 94min/film)
02 Quills (drama 2000) A very interesting drama about the last year of Marquis De Sade, with Kate Winslet as a lovely laundress girl... But the extremely well made film, is very loosely based on De Sade real life... So most of the "action" did never happen, De Sade did not commit suicide and sweet Magdeleine Leclerc was absolute not a virgin, even if she actually was 17 years old at the end... And she didn't die, either... She was in fact De Sade's last mistress, since she was 13 and they had often soft sexual "pleasures" of the classic kind, even if he was 69 years old... He did also teach the young girl to read and write... And his older female companion Constance, who was free to come and go as she wanted, did serve him faithfully to the end and had even a connecting bedroom... The theatre acts De Sade set up, was really terminated first one year before his death, but was mainly played by professional actors and he had also a private library, could continue to write, arrange balls and freely receive guests... They did actually hope (in vain) that he would be released soon and was planning to move together, with Magdeleine mothers approval, when he suddenly got sick 74 years old and died quietly in bed... So I suspect the film would been much better, if it was accurate and simply cover a bigger part of his adventurous life (6s6dd1pw 119min/play 124min/film)
02 Conan the destroyer (adventure action fantasy 1984, 104-101min) A real fantasy adventure, with many great scenes and a wild Grace Jones (4/5s2dd1pvw 100min/play 104min/film)

01 Highlander 3 - The Sorcerer / The Final Dimension / The Final Conflict (adventure 1994, 102-99min) A fine story with some excellent scenes, but slightly slow sometimes (7s6dd1pvw 98m53s dvd 5s2dd1p 95min/play 99min/film)
01 Sky Bandits / Gunbus (adventure comedy 1986, 105-90min) A hilarious crazy adventure that begin as a western, with two dynamite crazy bank robbers and our "heroes" continue soon as pilots, in the first World War... Some parts are made rather "sketchy" like a comic strip and the film is clearly inspired by "Indiana Jones" but the strange story is amazingly interesting and offer many great scenes... It would get a higher grade, if it wasn't for some too silly elements, especially in the air battle at the end... Trivia - They built enormous sets for war scenes and not just models, many real airplanes similar to those used in 1917 and constructed even complete buildings to explode (4-3s2dd1p) Not found on any really good original DVD yet and may never be!
01 Tex Avery's Droopy (cartoon comedy) The ultra cool dog Droopy, in 24 adventures - many is truly exceptional and some is not (6m1dd2n 200min)
01 Quantum of Solance - 007 (action 2008) Has a great name, a few great scenes and is rather well made, except following mistakes... The three main action scenes has too short flashy cuts, possibly to create a feeling of even more fierce action, that only is frustrating and especially very irritating to view... And the first two times, did I think it was the worst Bond film I ever seen... Maybe because it has a boring story, boring scenery, none of the gadgets and almost no babes... And the ugly new realistic "bond" is bloody 10% of the movie and reply less verbally than a parrot - for example when he get accused by his boss (several times) for acting insane, does he not even try to give any basic explanation - except looking like an angry nine years old and running away!! And he get naturally silly huge problems as result... (7s6dd1pvw)
01 A little shop of horror (musical 1986, 94min) Lovely, funny and terrific, with great music...
01 Honey I shrunk the kids (comedy 1989, 101min) A splendid crazy scientist comedy...
01 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (comedy 1988, 110-106min) Incredible amusing, in elegant settings and with Steve Martin...
01 Home Alone (comedy 1990, 103-99min) Wild scenes, when a boy protect his home from burglars...
01 Cars (animated adventure 2006) Some great scenes and an amazing animation technique (7s6dd1pvw 116min/play 121min/film)
01 Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back (sci-fi adventure 1980, 129-119min) A lot of slightly great scenes, but it's boring compared to the others (dvd 5s6dd1pvw 124min/play 129min/film)
01 The Phantom of the Opera (musical) Magnificent and very well made, but partly strange and slightly boring (6s6dd1pvw 136min/play 142min/film)

And a friendly WARNING about...
00 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (adventure 2002, 223-179min) Part two of the saga, that actually is incredibly boring and strangely enough, without any fine scene... Even the "magnificent" war at Helm's deep, is nothing compared to the last part... This piece will naturally make the story slightly more complete - but you will miss very little, except walking trees and many boring scenes, if you skip this part (6s6dd1pw sold it)

By the way... DVD films run 4% faster in the PAL system, so a 100 minutes film, play in 96 minutes as PAL video... Roger Moore is actually older, than Sean Connery... You may publish any part of this list, with a clear link... Copyright from 1996 by BB at Vantage Tech Magazine

Magazines The monthly magazines "HemmaBio" and "HiFi & music" has the deepest tests in Sweden, today... But otherwise is the English T3 a very nice publication, which present (but hardly test) the latest stuff, in all areas (!) every month...

Other sites Click here for the 250 highest rated films, by thousand of film enthusiasts.... But they are NOT graded in "great times to view" as above... And even if I really did like most of the top twenty, would I only like to see a few of them twice!

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