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A splendid old micro HiFi system This was great info, if you wanted a micro system, with deep bass & clear sound... But this model was replaced 2001 with bigger ones and may now, be very hard to find!
Yes, I tested JVC ux-md 9000r, for a neighbor... It's an incredible miniature bookshelf unit, with CD, radio, MD recorder and two diminutive (even smaller) speakers... This machine is perfect if you want generous (but not very loud) sound, at your office OR as a second unit for the bedroom OR just love miniature stuff OR have limited economics...

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The incredible JVC ux-md 9000r micro system!

Following info, is also true for the extremely elegant "sister" unit (ux-7000r) without MD that have a big volume knob and speakers of shiny cherry wood... That unit is a lot cheaper and have optical out (plus tape in & out) so you can naturally connect a separate MD recorder...
I had to admit that I was first testing the interesting Sony 333, but I want to give very good advice, so I did also listen carefully on all other mini system (over nine units from JVC, Sharp, Pioneer and Sony) including Sony's slim line "boombox" with "standing" CD that have almost NO bass, at all...
I couldn't believe my eyes, when the microscopic JVC had the deepest bass and clearest sound (!!) of them all and it didn't sound any "boxy" either - even if you can't play very loud, with this black masterpiece... You can actually only play with very modest volume (type average talking level) if you want the full register - but then it play the 40 hz DEEP church organ, on my test MD in balance with the higher frequencies and better than anyone else... But the tiny single element, must then pump about one centimetre... Yes, a single element, also means great definition and more exact stereo imagery... My second surprise, was just the clear airy treble and the "boxy" free sound!
*You can play about twice as loud and full register, if you connect a separate active sub woofer, trough the sub line out and reduce the bass, from the micro speakers...
This machine was just sold out, for only $465 and the "sister" without MD cost only $350 here in Sweden... But the stupid remote, is plain ugly... Other vice, I love the look, with the shiny black (or cherry wood) speakers, even if the ergonomics stinks, with no volume knob (on the MD model) and all controls on the top, so you must see the top (to find the right of similar buttons) or use the remote... Find it and enjoy, if you never need to play loud OR help it, with an active sub!!

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